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How to make a celebrity fall in love with you

Updated on May 7, 2015

I really do not want to sound like those who promise millions within a day, I understand it’s not that easy to have a celebrity by your side, but I also know that celebrities are people just like others who fall in loveand sometimes get rejected. It is not going to be simple making a celebrity fall in love with you; in fact, even them knowing that you exist might be hard. However, with a few tricks laid down in this article, you can make a celebrity run after you as they are possessed.

Your celebrity can be a musician, a politician, an actor or actress, a broadcaster or a boss in a major company, the tactic to use may vary depending on the nature of your target celebrity though many times the steps are the same. Here are some of the tips which may keep you moving the road of your dreams.

The beginning

First of all, lay down a credible strategy, what do I mean by this?, You should choose a target whom chance can bring or take your way, if you stay in Kenya or Uganda, it will not be so wise to choose a target celebrity as Angelina Jolie or Justin Timberlake, those are dreams which may never see the light of real life. Get a target that you truly admire and you can create a moment near them.

Be a friend of their friend

It is not very easy getting very close to a celebrity, but it is not impossible either. There is a trick young people normally use, if they want someone, they can begin with being friends to those who are close to their targets and within a few weeks, they get into direct contact with there targets. In most circumstances, though not all, a friend of your friend is always your friend. So this trick may work well as an opener of gates to meet your target celebrity. If that friend of the celebrity hangs out with you target, hang out with them. For the first time, you will be introduced as a friend by that friend of the celebrity. That will be enough, you will be were you want, the next time you meet, you will be familiar to the celebrity and you may be able to even call them directly.

Hang out places

You may not get the chance of being a friend to a friend of your target celebrity, but that’s not all. Yu should make sure you find out the place where your target celebrity normally hangs out from. If it is a musician or actor you may also need to find out where they normally perform from. When you get that information, make that place your favorite hang out too. Always sit close to where they sit and do not unmasked your plan so soon. You may get a chance and they come to your table but if they do not, then read on

What to say to a celebrity

This is the biggest steps of all; when you finally decide to make the awaited move, do not slobber in front of them. Don’t make them think it is the biggest chance of your life, try to show you are not an easy person and you do not laugh with anyone. In fact, make it look like it was a mistake to bump into them though you should never let them think you are a person of a high class if you are not. I don’t know whether you are getting my point, let me repeat this for you, do not let a celebrity think that you laugh with any one, try to show you are a hard target and this will intrigue them to learn more about you. They may wonder who you are, why is the person so hard? Can I be close to them?

Life of a celebrity

You must make sure you know a lot about the lives of your target celebrity, if they are politicians, ask them about there electorate and their plans concerning future elections, try to show you can help since politicians need such things, if your target is a musician, learn many of their songs and ask them questions in that line, ask them about the motivations behind their songs but remember only to appreciate but not to sound like you are mad about their songs.

Now it is you

If you have reached that far, you can make everything, at this point, you must be having their numbers or contacts, you must have been able to make them feel you are friends and you have access to calling to them. Life and chance will be by your side and you may at this point unmask your secrets. Wish you luck


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    • profile image

      gabby 4 weeks ago

      i have a celebrity crush on Jack dylan grazer, im 13 and worry i dont have chances with him because he is too famous for me.

      i even had a dream with him and im really sad, cuz i know he would never notice me. he is all i think about every day. im not MAD to have him. but im really in love.

    • profile image

      Ava 3 months ago

      I'm madly in love with Finn Wolfhard.

      Now, it's not just some typical celebrity-crush, I am actually really like him. Now, I know we'd never be able to be together. The age gap isn't huge, he's about a year older, but it's the distance that's the problem. You see, I live in Sweden. IT'S EVEN ANOTHER CONTINENT, FOR GOD'S SAKE!

      So NOW I need help with getting over him. Please, help me. I'm having actual anxiety

    • profile image

      someone in love 2 years ago

      The celebrity girl I love so much...Twitters a lot, FB too - and I find out that...she's only human too. In the sea of humans - it is very difficult to shine out. I may give up - I may never give up - sometimes it is good to give up - sometimes not - when is which good? Humans are like that - we want to stop death and don't know why we live in the first place.

      I have had some replies on social medias (with so many other people) - but don't feel special for her. Anything more I would do - might come up as stalking. So, for all of you too - think twice before you do stuff - you would not like it if some dork from high school came to your door unannounced...

    • profile image

      lee bella 2 years ago

      am in love with a korean celeb named lee min ho;the thing nw is am living in a county that he will never imagine;nw i think i should go to him lee just wait a little bit am coming for you.

    • profile image

      Adrienne Lim 2 years ago

      I really really like Louis Tomlinson from One Direction but he is way to older than me he is 13 years older than me i think its so imposible that he would like me back but i know im 2 young to know about 4ever . but i dont really like him but when my cousin die who has a crush on him i just fall inlove at him but i dont really know why . i just think its true that he can be my soulmate.

      And i wish all of your dreams come true guys just pray god is listening :D :)))))....

    • profile image

      Kurt 2 years ago

      I'm madly in love with any female celebrity help.

    • profile image

      barbra.j.n 2 years ago

      I love william levy. But I don't know if I could even ever be his friend! I wish ,God could hear my prayer andi just get to know him and meet him one day in person. I think then I will feel alive

    • profile image

      stephanie 2 years ago

      Well im in love with a celebrity and ive never loved a Guy sooo much like how i love him.And its Harry Styles,but the fact that his famous and im not famous makes it soo damnn difficult huh it seriously sucks and im tired of it.i hate my life i just wanna be famous since i was a little girl and still i do.I admit it that im never gonna meet him even though me amd my friend itzel we are plannig to meet harry and niall horan its just impossible and it breaks my heart.

    • profile image

      Fangirl 3 years ago

      im in love with this guy named luke hemmings from 5 seconds of summer and he's like so hot so yea

    • profile image

      Rosemary 3 years ago

      I want to meet Troy Glass

    • profile image

      Ashley 3 years ago

      I am in love with the celebrity! I found his phone number to get in touch with him and be his friend! And then later I guess he will like me! He answers me but I barely know what to talk about to keep the conversation move on!... He's 20 but anyways... I don't know what to say to him! Any help??

    • profile image

      someone in love 4 years ago


      I think that sometime - you will (I will) need to get "physically" close to the person and be able to say "hello". I've been back on this page so many times now. A lot of things makes sense (article on top) however, like I said - love is not 2+2=4.

      I also think that if you can create something out of passion for the person you feel so much for - it will make a wonderful calling card. A painting of them that you can send - writing a classic song for them - and so many other things you could do - poetry, ect... People in love (I know) have this "kind of adrenaline" that powers them to do magnificent things for the one they love - accomplishments that "regular people" (people who just get fat and watch tv) can't do. People in love like we - sort of have an extra sense...

    • profile image

      Katie 4 years ago

      Hey, I love ronan parke, you may not know him but he came 2nd on britains got talent, search him up :) well anyway, he lives in the same country, kinda. Well I live on the wirral and he lives in NorWhich. I tweet him all the time but he never notices me. Can u post one about getting a celeb to notice you on twitter.

      :) :) :)

    • profile image

      someone in love 4 years ago

      Ok...long post. But...good post.

      I am REALLY in love with a celebrity - which I don't wish to say the name right now (will be back on this). I don't have many friends to say the least. And the of course, I'm told that this is infatuation. So, I tried to think things over. Thought was that I should at least consider everything. "My" celebrity is a woman - I have downloaded many youtube interviews and downloaded movies and shows she was in.

      To be honest - it comes down to 2 things - 1-I am getting more infatuated or; 2-(which I believe to be THE answer) everyone (even actresses) have a way of "being" 0f "communicating" - even if they are acting. They have their own way to move their body - hands, feet, a twitch of the eyebrow and - isn't this what in "real life" the "thing" that makes us fall for someone?

      I have a plan - which I have put in motion (no, no - no kidnapping or anything that crazy) - something that will "illustrate" how I feel - something flattering to her. There are still a lot "hows" and "whens", ect...

      Someone about said "improbable" - I wish. I feel it is "impossible". And yet - what do you do? Take a substitue love? I would rather die alone, a "heartbroken Romeo" than never had this feeling that I have inside of me. I may (or prabably) never meet this wonderful lady but, I can still love her, I can still dream between the time I lie in bed and fall asleep that we are holding hands on the couch and having discussions. I truly believe that the reason that God gave me eyes was because he gave her life...

      If you have this feeling like I do and would like to talk - I welcome you to do so - I will truly respect the way you feel. LOVE HAS NEVER BEEN ABOUT BEING RATIONAL OR COUNTING THE ODDS OF "IF".

    • profile image

      someone in love 4 years ago

      Testing if my signing in is working.

    • profile image

      Nedmccann 5 years ago

      I really have a crush on chloe moretz I'm in love with her I write to her on twitter a lot but she's not replying I whould really like to meet her i think she's buitifull I pray to god that one day I could be really be close to her but I don't think it would really happen and plus I live in London I look at videos of her on YouTube I love her so much

    • profile image

      Kikuchi 5 years ago

      amazing! can make a hub with a tutorial to reach fame and fortune? with music if possible

    • profile image

      MarlainaEvett 5 years ago

      Please help

    • profile image

      butz 5 years ago

      There's a difference between being in love with someone and being obsessed. Be realistic. You have a better chance of winning the lottery 5 times in a row than making a celebrity fall in love with you. Some people become obsessed with certain celebrities (like actors for instance) because the way they perform/act/etc. They fall in love with the character, not the real person. Don't let your love for the entertainment they give you confuse you into thinking you're "in love." I'm not saying it will never ever happen, ever, but it's highly unlikely you'll get them to even notice/remember you, let alone fall in love. (It's hard enough getting regular people to fall in love with you).

    • profile image

      Hooligan 5 years ago

      I fall in love with bruno mars..he is 26 so way older then me but i want to marry him still useable, he has right now a girlfriend but i don't care :D...and a other big problem is that he lives about 1000 kilometres away from me.. i really dont know if it's possible to fall in love with a celibrity if you never meet her/him but i know that i love bruno :)

    • profile image

      Dreamer 5 years ago

      I really want to met Carlos from Big Time Rush but, I live way on the other side of the states. I sent him a letter and I'm still waiting for him to write back.

    • profile image

      Amonymous 5 years ago

      Im sure you all are super excited about your celeb crushes but some of you sound really creepy to me so imagine how you'd sound to the celebrity.This article is very detailed and from what I can see its accurate. I dated a sports celebrity for a few months and we met through a mutual friend (the article is accurate) and even though he showed interest in me I pretended like I didn't care. For some reason my ''play hard to get'' was a challenge for him and he kept trying to take me to the movies or to parties he had but I would let him know how nice he was to offer to invite me to events but I'd make up an excuse to keep from going! Well one day before he had to leave for training camp he called me and asked me to go for a walk with him and I finally agreed. It took me so long to say yes because I knew that the only way I could truly have his attention was if he wasn't in a place that required others to be around us all the time. We went on our walk and talked to each other about basically everything! We dated for 5months but I decided that his lifestyle wasn't the life I could handle but we remained friends. Even to this day I can call him for anything even if its just to talk:)

    • profile image

      jade 5 years ago

      I really love cameron boyce but im in texas and he is in california what should i do????

    • profile image

      Newb 5 years ago

      I am back again xD i don't want lera now i want Selena Gomez

    • profile image

      Teresa 5 years ago

      my celebrity crush is 6 days older than me but lives in Oakland, California and I live in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania plus he is the oldest son of Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong how in the world am I able to do any of that considering he is a drummer for Emily's Army I am a drummer for The Famous Dark Knights my band just formed and we don't have much skill in playing instruments plus I don't even know if he or his friends would ever like me and plus I am shy so...

    • profile image

      Grace 5 years ago

      I am a huge fan of Cameron Boyce. The actual good thing is he lies in LA, and so do I. He's in my grade and is my age. I have tried so many ways to meet him and to connect with him. I even wrote a song for him. He's my life and if I met him once I already know what I would say. The problem Is I I know no one who knows him. :/

    • profile image

      leesa 5 years ago

      hehe i already hav a super cleb boyfriend without reading this

    • profile image

      prp 5 years ago

      I am madly in love with a Korean celebrity.... i really want him...and i am a Nepali....After reading this I have decided to go to Korea for my further studies... hoping for a chance.... Thanks a lot....

    • profile image

      Neel 5 years ago

      I am in love with Lindsey Stirling but shes American and I am Indian. I reall want to get a hug or to hold her hand let alone get her autograph.

    • profile image

      lissy 5 years ago

      It's hard when you're celebrity is.canadian, and you live in England

    • profile image

      newb 6 years ago

      hi i am back any ideas plz

    • profile image

      newb 6 years ago

      i wanna meat a russian celeb Lera kozlova she is a singger she is so hot plz healp

    • profile image

      Madsi 6 years ago

      Hope this works!

    • HattieMattieMae profile image

      HattieMattieMae 6 years ago from Limburg, Netherlands

      hmm..I agree celebrities are not really interested in falling in love with their fans. If I was one, I would treat them with respect, and thank them, but of course you have to many people that are out for the money, scam you, stalk you, and paparazzi. Your personal life is already being watched, I think most of them know to act professional and see their fans as just that fans, but there has to be a line somewhere that you have to draw. There is to many people in the world to please them all, or get to know them all. Even if you would like to you can't. I met celebrities, but I think it was mostly being in the right place at the right time, and treating them like a normal person. This hub just reminds me of some of the scams I get in the email. You should never manipulate people to get what you want. They will see right through it, and nothing is really going to get you noticed. They get tons of letters, etc all the time. Even Eminem understood his fans expected to answer all his letters, and it is merely impossible. If you watch the stan video he sings about this. I wouldn't set my eyes on falling in love with celebrities. If you fall in love with one it would be interesting because I think you'd have to be in the right place at the right time. I don't think you can really network to fall in love. lol I think when it happens it happens. There is no way to guarantee love will happen with a celebrity even if you meet them.

    • profile image

      Nora 6 years ago

      I really wish Alan Rickman would fall in love with me, because I'm seriously in love with him. I'm only 16 and he's like 65, so I don't know what would he say if I said I want to marry him and everything like that. Age is not a problem to me.

      I know it sounds impossible. But I just love him.

    • profile image

      Emma 6 years ago

      i hope this will work :) but im kinda young and they would take it as a joke but maybe!!! yes THEY because i don't knoe who i like better, JOHN OR EDWARD???

    • profile image

      sach 6 years ago

      thanks. I really hope this works. I don't have big targets like you said. Just a star in my country and in the same age. Though she's kinda high classed than me, i mean im just a normal guy and she's a star after all, isn't it? I know she suits me well and even if she loses all her fame oneday i would still love her even then. So really pray this will work. Thanks again. :)

    • profile image

      Zil 6 years ago

      I want to meet Josh Groban.....I feel like we'd get along really well. Even if it's just as a friend. I'm just sick of feeling used and mistreated by people. He seems like a good, sweet, devilishly funny guy.

    • profile image

      DebbieEdwards 7 years ago

      With reading your post I want to be encouraging but I must say, I'm a bit dismayed by this because what stands out inside the fine print is "deception". It encourages plotting and planning to draw the attention of someone that already has to be so careful who they surround themselves with. It is interesting...I have friends who are very high profile; actors, musicians, even people who have part of the supreme court as attorneys. The thing that is difficult is knowing who to trust. For me, being part of broadcast media along with the other work I do that allows me to travel abroad teaching, I have personally encountered individuals who have tried to attach to me with the intent of boosting their own career, or worse, pulling me into a relationship with them due to infatuation. This is so common and of course being in these industries creates a hot bed for fantasy to rule the stage rather than practicality. I agree there's nothing wrong with expressing admiration and adoration but to "plot" an intimate courtship outside the realm of things naturally falling into place I feel is counterproductive to both the person pursuing the "celebrity" and the "celebrity". Dangerous waters pool around that.

    • profile image

      Ka$3y 7 years ago

      I hope this works, I really wanna meet Tom kaulitz nd I'm going to there concert so I hope this works :)

    • profile image

      Casey  7 years ago

      Hope this works :)

    • profile image

      Adam Spooner 7 years ago

      To meet Christina Ricci properly (not just a brush of her arm from behind a fence) would be a dream come true. I think she is amazing. She is different, but in a good way. She is extreemely talented. She plays very complex, layered characters which proves she has true talent. Ricci deffinatly doesn't get enough recognition. But I live in britain and she is American. So to pursue this dream it would mean a complete life change for me, and that would be difficult. But who knows, maybe some dreams do come true.

    • profile image

      antonea christian 7 years ago

      dear jaden,i realy like you will you please give me 5 free concert tickets ,5 backstage passe,5 vip tickets anyway tell me about yoursel do you like animals my name is antonea ariana christian i know your name so you do not have to tell me because i am not slow i love your movie it was cool and i love you to and i know your number i been calling you for how long i really love you i wish i can see you because you really like me lovealways antonea christian

    • profile image

      Bossbish 7 years ago

      I really want to meet Idris Elba or Drake. However, Idris is on my mind now!! I'm all the way in Canada. Hopefully, I'll get my ass to the US one of these days and my dreams will come true. *Fingers crossed*

    • profile image

      Jessie Stewart 7 years ago

      I sooooooo want to meet Garrett John Hedlund, I am truly in love with him, I even looked it up whether or not it is possible to be in love with sum1 u never met. But we have alott in common, and I always think of him wen I go to sleep. I'm not a psycho fan, I just want a chance with him, if he doesn't see myself and him going another Ill let him go. I just want him 2 be happy with whoevers hes with. Plus I always told myself if I ever meet him like wen i pursue my career, or if I go to sumthin like comic con where hell be. I wont even act as though im a fan, yes ill ask 4 autograph but im not gonna cry or scream. Ill just stand in "awe" and work my magic. MWAH! Love u babe!!

    • profile image

      BrunoMarsLover 7 years ago

      Well by teh name youeve proberly guessed it i really think that me and bruno mars would fit brilliantley tbh hes such a nice down the earth guy and that what im looking for i think that im the kidna girl he would as well.. but he lives in america and i live in the uk i don't even now if he likes white girls.. /: i hope to meet him soon

    • profile image

      someone special 7 years ago

      i really want to meet jaden smith, but i live all the way across the country from where he lives, and it seems so hard to get noticed by a celebrity if security is holding you behind fences and railings. but you never give up on your dreams and pray to God because you never know. He works wonders.

    • profile image

      yeayea 7 years ago


    • WRITIN'BOYZ profile image

      WRITIN'BOYZ 7 years ago

      Actresses will write and send photos that have your name on it and their signature;but that is about as close that they will permit.They appeciate their fans but they have to be very careful in dealing with fans,for many of them have become victims of psycho fans,so I understand both their side and the fan side.I LOVE Marcy Rylan,Jennifer Gareis,Michelle Raysmith,and Crystal Hunt;but I don't worship them,nor do I put them on a platform of superwomen,for that would be unfair to them and frustrating for me.This article is a real eyeopener.Great.Celebrities, have their own circle of family and friends - and are understandibly cautious of any outside admirers.I see no harm though, in loving them, by daily interceding for them and their families and writng them - if you really admire them that is.

    • world of the wise profile image

      world of the wise 8 years ago from World of the wise

      thank you dia

    • suziecat7 profile image

      suziecat7 8 years ago from Asheville, NC

      This is an unusual Hub. Very nice.