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Inexpensive Wedding Favors

Updated on September 10, 2014

Creative and inexpensive wedding favor ideas

Wedding favors are so much fun but often the overall price of each wedding favor can be overlooked and this adorable gift can often become very expensive depending on how many guests you have. So, I created this page to inspire you to create or purchase favors that will make a huge statement but will not break the wedding budget. In this page I will feature favors that are considerably inexpensive to purchase or simple to create, but I will only showcase favors that truly make a statement and will be cherished by every single guest. In case you are planning your wedding soon be sure to draw few fun ideas from this article. Be resourceful, be creative, be inspired and most of importantly treat your guests with a inexpensive wedding favor that relates to your essence and the feel of your wedding. Even tough this selection on wedding favors can be individually cheap they can be crafted and given with lots of love and that is what matters after all!

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Last Updated: 05/26/13

Favor 1 - Kissing Couple clothespin

This adorable favor is really inexpensive but certainly very creative. With a brush, black, white and red paint or ink, and a bunch of clothespin is all you need to create one of the most adorable wedding favors I have seen. In addition to being adorable this clothespin will also be a perfect way to hold a thank you for those present at the special wedding day

Favor 2: Candy Coated Apples

Delicious and fun, this wedding favor will not only become the conversation piece of the party, but it will also come in handy when your guests get a sugar crave the next day. This fun wedding favor is not only easy to make but will also look spectacular when placed in series on a table. They will really pack a punch without spending a lot. The only to make sure is that your Favor is fresh and made to order for the party.

Favor 3: Mini Flower Bouquet

With materials costs less than $1.50 per favor, This adorable mini flower bouquet can not only be created for many guests but can also be customized using the colors you choose for your wedding decor. Pink, green, red, yellow or even a mix of colors will created the most adorable mini flower bouquet wedding favor.

Favor 4: Heart Sachet

Another great idea and quite inexpensive is to give away little heart sachets raped on bridal stool. This unique little favor can be used by your guests in drawers and other places to give the area a nice scent.

A interesting favor like this will most certainly be kept forever!

Favor 5: Cinnamon bunch

Adorable little cinnamon bouquets, rapped with ribbon and adorned with flowers and a thank you message. This unique wedding favor is a great option for a winter wedding with an earthy theme. Set them up in a cute little basket form a country and charming feel. They will also smell amazing!

Wedding Favor tutorial

Favor 6: Mint planter

Simply and earthy, this option is really great for couples that want to spread the love for nature and have an earthy theme to their wedding setting and party. Great for house, farm and country weddings this option is not only very meaningful because guests can always replant the little vase and remember the special occasion for a long time, but it is also a very inexpensive option for a wedding or baby shower favor and can often be customized with ribbons and colors you choose.

chocate box favor
chocate box favor

Favor 7: Chocolates

chocolates have always been a delicious wedding tradition and giving them as a wedding favor is one of the most appropriate and inexpensive option. A simply little box adorned with a detail that depicts your wedding decor and one of few chocolates placed inside together with a thank you message will be a touching wedding gift to every guest. After all Who doesn't enjoy chocolate? In addition of being a tasty favor the idea of placing the chocolate in a decorated box will great an amazing table effect and will look simply amazing placed either on the table setting or placed altogether on a special wedding favor table.

Bird feeder
Bird feeder

Favor 8: Sweet Bird Feeder

Another great and very sweet idea is to handcraft adorable heart shaped bird feeder. You can use cookie cutters as a template and use sticks or ribbons to make them easy to hang.

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