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Updated on September 27, 2012

Chnlove is a scam

I want to help men avoid this website. It is a scam. It is very expensive and you will only loose your money and get nothing in return. I will tell you my story with Chnlove. Then if you decide to go ahead with buying credits, please realize the only thing you'll get is an ego boost if you believe the lies..

There are plenty more like myself with a bad experience with CHNLOVE and their affiliated dating agencies.

You can read them all here by clicking on: HUNDREDS OF COMMENTS ON CHNLOVE

My actual profile on Chnlove

107 admire letters received so far using this TERRIBLE profile and counting!

So... I've decided to write a profile no real women would reply to.

If they did, they would certainly comment on the content.

Here it is...

"Read carefully,

If by chance you are a real lady, delete your profile immediately. All agencies are deceiving the men on this website. The success stories are fake. You are wasting your time here. Your agency is writing the letters for you and impersonating you on this site to make men spend money. If you spent money on the professional pictures and agency services, you also wasted your money.

To the agency employees...

Since none of you agency employees actually read my profile, I assume you will continue sending me letters that have not been written by the ladies in the pictures. You should be ashamed of working for your company. You write the profiles for them so that I never learn anything real about the ladies. You do nothing honest and continue to charge ridiculous fees for these services. You will say anything in the correspondence so men will continue spending money. You use every devious excuse to avoid communication outside this website. You are worse than prostitutes. At least they are honest about what they offer. I wish you a miserable life in your crowded polluted city. I hope you die alone and miserable."

I know, I know... pretty drastic, dramatic and nasty. My profile has not been flagged. No letters mention any of the content. Despite this letter, I get admire letters every day from ladies who claim to be fluent in English saying they actually read my profile many many times and that's why they "chose to write me".

mail order bride scam
mail order bride scam

How Chnlove appears to be a good dating site

Chnlove has a great website

When you get to their site you will read "Meet Thousands of Beautiful Chinese Single Girls". This statement is half right. (I will get to that later)

Creating a profile is relatively simple. Of course, your next step will probably be to start searching for the women of your dreams.

Chnlove is easy to navigate. You will like the options it offers. But you will probably hesitate when it comes to buying credits considering what it costs. But, don't worry! Chnlove has a very convicing approach for you to take out that credit card.

The Chnlove Experience

what you can expect from Chnlove

Step 1.

One of the first things you will notice on this Chnlove dating site is how often you get "Admire Letters" from beautiful ladies. (6 letters every day!)The letters are all similar. "I am very excited to find your profile", "I have read you profile many times and it gives me a special feeling", "I like you very much", "Love has no boaders and doesn't care about age, distance or looks", "I am a great cook", I love to travel, sing, make you a beautiful life" etc. You will also get constant chat requests which will cost you an average of $3 every 5 minutes.

Step 2.

Eventually among all the pretty ladies, there might be one that makes you buy credits to respond to her admire letter. You will probably be amazed at how quickly they talk about "our future".. You will be surprised at how quickly she starts using the "L" word. Many say they don't need anything from you as they are already financially secure. Others will tell you how lonely they were before you came along. The letters will usually be short and will not answer all of your questions. Nonetheless, they will say beautiful things and always send you gorgeous pictures to keep you coming back for more.

Step 3.

If you decide to fly out to China to meet the "future mrs.", odds are, when you get to the dating agency, she is nowhere to be found. They will say "we have other ladies you can meet because yours in unavaiable". You have now waisted thousands of dollars and a flying home alone.

Chnlove typical video

If you want to watch any video of any women on this chinese dating website, it will cost you 2 credits ($3.99 to $7.00 per credit depending how many credits your buy at a time).

That's right, $14.00 American dollars to watch a video like this one.

My Experience with Chnlove


Eventually among all the pretty ladies, there was one that finally made me buy credits to respond to her admire letter. We communicated for 3 months. I spent around $500 in credits (because each letter I send costs credits as well as each letter SHE SENDS!) No matter how many times I requested that we communicate outside Chnlove, she always had a good excuse. "The last guy sent me nude pictures of himself", "I am not ready", "I have an old computer and no webcam... maybe in 3 months"..."Don't we need Chnlove if we can get married in the future?"

I gave up on her and starting looking at more ladies. Then something funny happened... 2 of the letters I received (admire letters) were almost identical! I wrote to to Chnlove to let them know that I had serious doubts about the authenticity of the letters I received. Their reply?

Here is their response word for word:

"How are you? This is Tina writing back to you. Hoep this mail finds you well!

From your message, we know you are wondering why there is the same paragraph in different ladies' reply to you. We can fully understand your feeling at this moment. And just now, we also received the feedback from the related Dept.. As advised, after checking with these 2 agencies respectively. it somes out that , the paragraph in concern is actually from the Internet, since the ladies think this paragraph can express their meaning and feeling at that time.

From our observation, because of unexperienced in online communication, many ladies especially the middle-aged do not know how to express their feelings to a foreigner. To attract the gentlemen's attention, they will search for some lyrical English paragraph on the internet with the translator's help (the translator may translate what the paregraph means to lady). If the lady thinks that paragraph could express her feeling, she may use it in her mail. So, this may be the reason why some letters from two different ladies look a bit similar. Hope you could understand.

Dan, some ladies may use certain methods to attract a gentleman's attention and obtain his reply. Of course, the ladies may also ask for advices from their translator, while sometimes, the translators had not done a good job as Love Guidance. We have talked to the agency's manger. He will pay more attention on this matter. Thank your for bringing this matter to our attention.

In the meanwhile, I have forwarded your case to our Billing Department. To express our gratitude for your support, they agree to present you 2 credits as a special offer. Hope you will find your ideal mate soon in our site.

Thanks again for your support to our service. Please feel free to let us know if you have additional question or concern. We'll be glad to help our sincere clients."

I won't comment on the content of the letter. You can make up your own mind.

I'll just say that my BS detector was going off like crazy.

Since that time I have stopped using the site.


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The Most Important Thing About Chnlove

If it seems too good to be true.

(i.e.: gorgeous single ladies send you constant letters, profess their undying love for you and want to move to your country and be your devoted wives)

Then it probably isn't true.


- The letters are all fake and written by dating agency staff

- Chnlove denies all responsibilty

- The associated dating agencies supply the correspondence and profiles

- The ladies have no idea the agencies are impersonating them.

related reading material

worth a look?

Please share your story with this chinese dating / mail order bride website.

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    • profile image

      Peter Staker 3 years ago

      It's a scam, the profiles are fake and its likely your talking to an interpreter. when they sell you an address its often a fake address too. I know this because after using chnlove for some time I've met some of the ladies from the pictures (through other sources) and chatted to them on chnlove and wechat, I,ve also visited the fake addresses. If yout still not convinced read here

    • profile image

      DulaDula 3 years ago


      It is not only Americans cheated by Chnlove Date, but also all people, around the longitudes and latitudes. I'm from Sri Lanka and I was cheated twice by these fraud characters. One is Lecea (P476323) and the other one is Chenqiao (P919525). Fortunately, it is less than hundred thousand dollars that I have wasted to appease these brutal criminals! After exchanging many letters consuming a lot of 'credits' I asked from both of them to send some realistic photos. Suddenly Chenqian got angry and stopped writing to me. The other one sent me a request to make a call and I accepted and made a call at due time. A female answered from the other end and she didn't know who I am. I asked from her either email address or telephone number, using my little knowledge of Chinese (she was very bad in English!). Then she asked why should she give her number as she doesn't know me. I was helpless and before enquire whether she doesn't know me via Chinlove Date, line was disconnected consuming a big amount of dollars. This clarifies someone else of the distant agency scammers of Chnlove has pretended like these photo-holders and acted the play. So I wrote to Chnlove 'custom caring' thieves about this cursing not only this criminal business, but also their mothers. What else we can do.............? Finally I have to bear the psychological and financial loss. It is a big social service to get killed this group of mafia by another more brutal mafia thugs.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago


    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      @anonymous: Hi TeeEll,

      I have been on the site for 2yrs now & am still unsure of their authenticity.What did it cost you in the end before you found your wife?I live in Qld too.Regards,Greg

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      gmail me to check out how to scam free credit from CHNLOVE

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Was on Chnlove for about 8 months. Selected 4 women I wanted to meet. Went to China and met 3 of them. Married the last one. We now live in Brisbane, Australia together. She is a doctor. The moral? Select the ladies very carefully. Look for educated, professional women over 30 and demand natural photos.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      This has helped me heaps, was 18 when i first join'd chnlove, was still studying an don't even have my own house yet. ive always loved asia an there people so i certainly felt good about myself that 20-25 y.o "model-like"girls wanted to come to new zealand an marry me lol. im glad i was poor an couldn't afford to spend a dollar on the website to reply to them. . one day i will get over for holiday an meet some girls the old fashion way :P

      Thanks guys

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I registered on chnlove 4 years ago and have a detailed study. Is not a pretty picture - only the touched-girls (photos) are!

      The latest scam is to add more much younger girls 18-21 with a preference of men any age up to their 50's to suck in even more deluded males with their unused Viagra supplies.

      Yes, the videos are farcical. Would not want to watch for free except to see the girl is nothing like her profile photos.

      Read the forums on the site. Seems there are just a collective few who are regulatory sucked in to wanting to believe is real, even though time and time again on there they have been warned on all pitfalls and dirty tricks employed.

      Total. waste of money. For £2500 including flight, can spend several weeks in China, or Philippines, or Thailand, and many girls will approach any decent looking white man that appears single : No agencies, No internet; just good old-fashioned chat-up and more besides!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I think you are nearly 100% correct in your assumptions re ChLove web site. What they also neglect to say on their dating web site is that no way, will you be allowed to make direct contact with any of the ladies - why....? despite all their excuses, the real reason is 'they want your money' right up to the time when SOME of the dating's have actually led to a wedding (For which ChLove collects a lot of accumulated money). Of course it should be appreciated this company has a lot of organizational overheads and costs to cover, especially to sustain the costs and expenses of paying the various agencies they represent all over Asia, Eastern Europe etc, but should these overheads be at the expense of, to say the least, somewhat dubious real connections and associated translated letters....? Certainly, as I have eventually found, one of the lovely ladies I did get quite close to, told me that she was, strictly; not allowed to divulge any of her direct contact information to me because ChLove barred them from doing so.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      @scampolice lm: try farangdate from Thailand, its free to chat, you can pass on email and phone numbers.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I've had the same problems with chnlov,Also DO NOT USE it's a big scam there with their ladys please avoid these scams from china

    • scampolice lm profile image

      scampolice lm 5 years ago

      Any one else tried dating foreign dating sites?

      Good stories, horror stories, all stories?


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