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How to choose a Birthday gift for your girlfriend?

Updated on March 9, 2009


Are you among those who forgot the birthday of your girlfriend last year? Then it is the time to be prepared with a gift well in advance of that special date to avoid last time embarrassment. Certainly birthdays are more special and meaningful occasions that require paying attention to. What should be a perfect birthday gift for her? What are her expectations? These questions create dilemma and it is quite troublesome for most of boys to choose a suitable gift for the woman of there heart. But don’t worry; there are always certain gifts that your girlfriend will certainly love!


Girly like flowers especially the roses. She will certainly appreciate if you gift her bouquet of roses. Along with the bouquet of roses you can also pick out a small stuffed teddy bear to go along with it. A small little card inscribing “I Love you” in your own handwriting will add spice to your gift.


It is the truth that girls virtually always like getting more perfumes on their birthday. Perfume for a girl always makes a special gift and no one can go wrong with it. Then what are you waiting for? Splurge and buy two bottles of fresh & romantic perfume and get them nicely packed specially for her.


Girls are passionate about music. A gift pack of newly released romantic songs CDs can also be a good option. You already know her taste of music, singers and songs. Utilize your in hand knowledge and leverage it to design a set of beautiful CDs. Move and step forward towards winning her heart.


Girls also love to receive gift certificates on their birthday to their favorite store. In my view beauty care and apparel are just two areas of stores that she will absolutely love to get a gift certificate for. You can also gift personalized coupons that would also look sweet and romantic to her. You will have to be creative enough to come up with what the coupons will be for.


A word of caution


Please ensure that you do not gift her same thing that you gifted on her previous birthday. In nutshell, all of the above birthday gift suggestions are perfect for the girl in your dreams. By choosing any of these, chances are there that you will be right on the target.





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