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To Love a Russian

Updated on April 8, 2013
Russian Love
Russian Love | Source

To Love a Russian

In my many years, I have always dreamed of falling in love with a Russian women and sweeping her away to America. Well, dreams can come true and though not fully, the Russian women I met was already in my city. Loving women from another country is quite exciting and fun. There are movies she has not seen that we take for granted and places she has not been that are off limits to her in her country. There is nothing better than at least knowing a girl from a third world country where tough times, just possibly means that the family unit is stronger than the American way. There are cultural differences, of course and they are widely varied. Yet , a kiss is still a kiss and the feelings of blood rushing to your head is still an act of God that can happen with women from any country . Therefore, why does dating a girl from Russia or the Ukraine make any real difference? Let me see if I can explain in the next few words.

I am almost fifty years old and to love a Russian women or even find one where I live was incredible.. I am healthy and very youthful by looks and how I act. Possibly the mystery of the Russian women is in James Bond movies they have always titillated me into thinking about being friends or more with a Russian women. I know from studying the Russian women that they value family more than we in the United States and divorce is unheard of and not practiced as it is here. In other words family is important to these women and men in Russia. Women in America have added stress, are divorced and my age have several kids in my town and they have let their physical appearance go to pot. I was very blessed when I answered an ad in a Craigslist personal I had submitted and found the girl of my dreams. Yes, she is Ukraine and very intelligent and funny. These women are not stupid and not just for sex. sexy yes, but these eastern block women are very intelligent and are very inquisitive.

After a few emails, I asked her for a date and we set out upon this date. If you’re a man and have received emails from Russian women that want to come over to the United States and send to you personal emails. Possibly you may know, I was having a hard time believing this was for real, a girl from Ukraine wants to go out with me and she was pretty, no way. I have met several yet they were all wanting cash to come over here to the states. This girl I met was for real, and she turned out to be exactly what her pictures portrayed, what a sigh of relief. Very immaculate and articulate she is and so smart, with an accent that makes a male squirm in his seat and wondering if love might be in the air. I have never felt this way about any women in my life. Of course, I was looking for what the bad was going to bring, yet there was none to be brought from her. She dressed as women on a semi-formal date should wear in my opinion and it was a short dress with high heels and a very sexy walk to go with this pair of legs of confidence as she walked into the restaurant. Heads were turned as she went to the ladies room, because of the proud way in which this lady from another country, yet an American now, held her poise.

I admired her strong sense of desire to be a part of a conversation and not nagging or baffling as American women seem to be at times. She was non-threatening and very enjoyable to speak with. She did not care if I was a janitor or a executive with a major company. This woman liked me for me, no one else. The full attention she proceeded to give me just made for more conversation and joy for all. I was tired, yet taking in every moment of this new found friend , because I have not known such friendliness.

There was no fear of if I was a bad guy or if she was a bad girl and no worry about if she would make it home or if I would make it home ok. It was two adults enjoying a night out and just speaking a different language at times. This was most interesting as we progressed to the night. We decided at about ten in the evening to grab a bottle of wine and go to my house and watch a movie. Nothing to unusual about this except, she never saw, “There’s something about Mary”, and she wanted to watch romance so we watched this show. It was interesting to note she was all smiles and laughter through this show, and I have to laugh with her, as she was contagious to be around. She would look into my eyes at times and little kisses came off without a problem. Very romantic and majestic I thought and in reality just because she was from Russia or the Ukraine made really no difference. She was a lady that stood her ground and let this man show her a good time without any problems.

I hope to date this lovely Russian some more and maybe proceed further. For those who are still reading this , I want to say she is about thirty eight , so no I am not robbing the cradle. Yet to fall for a Russian was and is the best experience I have ever had in my life and possibly my future. Please go with you heart in your mind and seek out these relationships or pray as I did for this one. God does answer prayers. He answered mine and sometimes I forget to thank him.


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