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10 Church Wedding Decorations & Ideas

Updated on January 28, 2014

There is truly no better place to have a wedding under God than in a place of the Holy Spirit Himself.

Churches are already beautiful with their cathedral ceilings, stained glass windows and tall steeples, not to mention that many already know where this venue is as it is a common place of gathering on a weekly basis.

You may be asking yourself how you can make it look even better for a wedding.

In this guide, we go over church wedding decorations for the pews, pulpit, tables and outdoors.

You can also check websites, such as Pinterest, for additional ideas on how to create the following church wedding decoration ideas.

Floral wedding wreaths.
Floral wedding wreaths. | Source

Outdoor Church Decorations

The outside of the church will be the first glimpse your guests have of your wedding's theme. Luckily, it doesn't really need much decoration, as most of the focus should be inside.

There are some very necessary things you need outside when it comes to church wedding decorations:

  • Flowers and tulle: Decorate the stairs and railings with flowers and tulle to give an elegant appearance to the outside without breaking the bank.
  • Wreaths: The doors to the church should have beautiful wreaths hanging up. These can be made by hand in many different ways. From flowers to feathers, you can make it match your theme. Pinterest has a plethora of ideas for wreaths!
  • Signs: This is for those who might not be aware of where the church is located, you will need a few of these to use as a guide into the church from main roads. Use balloons to make them more eye-catching, and make sure the writing on the signs is bold enough, and dark enough to be read from the street.


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Indoor Church Decorations

Now that your guests have arrived, they'll be escorted into the main sanctuary of the church. There are plenty of things you can do to decorate the church to fit your wedding's theme.

Here are a few of the most common decoration ideas:

  • Pew Bows: You can buy these, but I recommend making them as they are so easy and cheap to make. Use tulle, ribbon and your flowers of choice. The bride will be walking down this aisle so it should look as perfect as she will!
  • Fabric aisle accents: This can be done with tulle or a pretty, lustrous fabric such as silk. It can be a standalone aisle decoration or used in conjunction with the pew bows. However you decide to have them, it’s easy. All you do is make sure you have many yards of fabric, and swag the fabric all the way down the aisle from pew to pew.
  • Arch: Arches add a beautiful touch to any wedding. Whether you decide to have one at the entrance, or at the front where you will say your “I dos,” it’s a good idea to have one. They can be made out of balloons that coordinate with your wedding colors or for a more elegant look, you can buy the frame from a store and dress it with flowers and pretty fabric.
  • Pillars: You can have pillars lining the aisle, topped with flowers or even at the front by the pulpit. These make excellent accents for any wedding theme.
  • Aisle runner: Every wedding needs one of these and even an aisle runner can be decorated, believe it or not! You can order them custom to have the bride and groom’s initials on them, or use flower petals along the sides. (But save some white space for the flower girl to add her touch, too!)
  • Flowers: What would a wedding be without flowers? Flowers should be included in the majority of your decorating, in large pots on the pulpit and even lining the pulpit, all the way to the doors in the back. Use fake flowers if you plan on DIY decorations as you don’t want to be making decorations too close to the wedding.
  • Engagement picture: If you have a picture of the proposal, or had an engagement photoshoot done, use one of these pictures for a more personal touch. Place them on tables around the room, surrounded by flowers, of course!
  • Tissue paper pompoms: These can be bought from the store and require a little bit of easy assembly, but the are rather inexpensive and look beautiful. You can suspend them from the ceiling, place them on top of pillars, or line the pulpit. However you decide to use them, you really cannot go wrong!

Churches are already perfect in all their Holy beauty, so decorating will just add to this beauty.

The great thing about having a wedding in a church is that you can decorate a little bit, or go all out and it will look perfect no matter what.

If you have trouble thinking of how you want to decorate, say a prayer and it will come to you in His time.


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