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Updated on August 22, 2012



Young innocence lost to the judgemental copycatting world of today, we are bombarded with young teens feeling that they have to follow the norm to fit in which has thrown the whole notion of self-value and self-worth out the window.

The young teenage girls in high school are hit so hard with peer pressure that they have forgotten their self-worth and are focusing on their value to young men in their high school.

Some are accepting their new position as being “wheeled”, which is the replacement for being a “girlfriend”. Being wheeled is the process by which a young teen girl does unmentioned things with a boy that may or may not even like her but she is not considered a girlfriend and the boy is free to wheel as many girls as he chooses.

Some young teen girls in high school are looking forward to becoming someone’s wheel and they try to become more appealing by wearing shorter skirts, and more revealing clothing. The more that they are willing to do, the more appealing they become to the young teen guys and somehow that seems to make the young ladies feel that they are loved.

Our young teen girls seems to have lost their self-esteem, self-worth and self-value, it does not seem to trouble them to lose their virginity in the backroom of a house party with a guy that may not even like them.

Their search for acceptance has overpowered their sense of self-worth and self-respect and created an overwhelming sense of desperation. It has become so bad for young teen girls that they are willing to throw themselves from one guy to another with no conscious realization of what they are doing to themselves.

It becomes even more alarming when they are so proud of what they have done that they share it with their other teenage friends as though it was an accomplishment. Even more brazen they try to belittle the one female teen friend that they have that disagrees with what they are doing and that has so much respect for herself that she takes no part in their ritual.

How do we get our young teen girls to start valuing themselves again, how do we get them to realize just how much more they are worth than what some young teen guy has valued them at?

It seems as though the fight to return our teenage girls back to their innocence has become a fight against our teenage girls themselves and it is a battle that is proven hard to win.

Where did we lose our young teenage girls when it comes to their self-worth and self-value.

It is as though these teenage girls no longer see themselves as the beautiful beings of creation that have a brain and a voice and the ability to make choices in their lives. They no longer have to be plagued by insecurities and doubt, they don’t need the validation of anyone else as to what they are worth and they can validate themselves.

Where did we go wrong as parents or as a society and what can we do or say to get our teenage girls to realize just how special they are? We need our teenage girls to stand up and shout, “I am someone special and I won’t allow anyone to treat me like I’m nothing!”

What happened to our young beautiful little girls that when they were born we looked into their cute little faces and had so much hope and promise? Our little girls that are the princesses of our lives, that we protected and oh so delicately cared for, are lost.

How did they lose the sparkle in their eyes so much so that they no longer see their own self worth, their innocence and their vulnerability? They are priceless beyond belief yet they have become so short-sighted in their views of themselves that they refuse to accept that within their own self-package that they are valuable, they are special, they are someone worth protecting and respecting.

Fitting in has become their new norm and at whatever cost that may be and the cost is usually their self worth.

The lost innocence of our teenage girls is a fact, we are often confronted with it, it is in our face and we can no longer deny it, is it too late to save them?


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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 5 years ago from The Caribbean

      It is not too late to save our girls. Having seen the problem, now we must create the solutions. Thanks for presenting the challenge.