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The Importance Of Communication and Interaction

Updated on March 2, 2015


In every person's life, communicating and interacting with others is very vital. It helps spread awareness, knowledge and helps build understanding among all the people around the world. Communicating and interacting helps a person to easily express his/her feelings, ideas, thoughts; it also helps to create a special bond with loved ones in a family, in a friend circle; it helps a teacher understand his/her students and what not. I have seen people who prefer to be silent all the time and I do not find that amazing about any person who is like that.

Being silent is not always seen as a negative quality in a person in certain situations. When one needs to speak he/she shall speak and when one needs to listen instead, then being silent is acceptable. Being silent is also acceptable when a person is speech-impaired.

When I was in school, I remember, there was a student who knew how to talk and he was a grade senior than me and teachers would always complain about him being silent even when they ask oral questions about the topics they studied in class. Extreme right?
You all might be wondering if he did not talk at all, how did I get to know that he can talk. Well, I heard him talk to his mother when she came by to pick him up from school. And by the way, I heard him say "yes" in a very low voice while I stood beside his mother looking for transportation.

I wonder what was his issue with talking. Oh well, he is no longer like that and apparently talks a lot with people now.

So, here is the thing, I want to talk about few environments and situations where a person SHOULD NOT be SILENT.

In a Family:

Between all the members in a family, I believe, there should be understanding and openness, and it is only possible through communication and interaction among all of them. Most people do not like the awkward silence in their house and to be honest, I love seeing everyone in my family happy and I love sharing things with my mother and my sisters and when it comes to my father, I mostly talk about sports or about some serious political issues of the world.

When everyone is laughing and smiling and talking about all sorts of things it could be something serious or something silly, that's when a family is interacting with each other and having a good time. I believe all families around the world have wonderful times together and there are times when they are all in grief. I feel it is also important for me to mention that, if one of the family members turn out to be upset about something, it could be about anything, that is when the whole family should sort out the matter calmly by talking to him/her about the particular problem.

I know there are people who cannot be free with everyone in their house but whoever they are free with they must share their problems and their thoughts on any matter, in order to feel better and somehow they will find a way out of the problems or have the courage to face the problems by interacting and communicating. At least, that is how I see it. I share my problems in order to feel better and less pressured.

Communication and interaction in a family is very necessary for everyone to gain family support for anything. For instance, I love singing and it is true, at first I had hard time convincing my mother and father to accept this interest of mine but when they heard my voice they finally believed that I could really sing. Now, I have family support which I need the most for my singing career and of course, for my education expenses.

Sharing your opinion about anything, with anyone you would like to share it with, would help you greatly on comprehending the topics on which you would be interested to have opinions about as well.

In a Classroom:

When students in a classroom do not ask questions to the teacher about the subject they are studying when they do have a lot to ask about it that means they are not used to interacting with the teachers. Talking to the teachers will help the students broaden their mind about a particular subject taught by each teacher. The students should not feel shy or embarrassed to ask questions.

Well, in a classroom being silent is justified while listening to the lectures of the teacher but when asked to discuss a topic, students must interact with each other and with the teacher as well.

Communication and interaction in a classroom helps every student to be sharp and fast in thinking and helps them learn to be confident with their presentations. While communicating with the teacher the students learn to talk the talk of a professional. The students who understand the importance of communication and interaction in a classroom turn out to be very organised and quite disciplined in everything. As they improve their communication skills they are also helping themselves learn to be a proper speaker which automatically increases their skills on entrepreneurship.

In a Friend Circle:

People make new friends when their thoughts, opinions, ideas match. People usually make 'like-minded' friends and yet, some people also turn out to be friends with those who are different than them but they talk about similar topics even with having contradicting opinions about it. The mutual respect and understanding must be there. I would say, the more you will discuss about any issue the better understanding and knowledge you will obtain about it. Interacting with friends help a person progress a lot in thinking and it helps him/her evolve to the next level of knowledge and consciousness.

I must say, there are some friends who are just mere people in a person's life, they do not play the role of a really close and understanding friend. So, when you do not have something in common with each other you should not forcefully impose your thoughts, beliefs or ideas on them.

Communication and interaction with your friends will give you a lot of answers. It gave me a lot of answers about many things that I needed to realise. Friends may try to make you understand a lot of things that may come handy in the future for you. And honestly, you may also find it helpful to talk about things you are planning to do with your friends that they have already done; interacting with them may give you ideas to finally set your work to progress properly.

Therefore, interacting with the friends might help you greatly.


Finally, I would like to say that whatever I mentioned above are few basics of communication and interaction and its importance in our lives.


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    • Sayka Shafrin profile imageAUTHOR

      Sayka Shafrin 

      2 years ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh

      Thank you. I'm glad I was helpful ^_^

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      great work got a lot of information off this

    • Zimmer Hossain profile image

      Noor Ul Huda 

      5 years ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh

      you're welcome ^____^

    • Sayka Shafrin profile imageAUTHOR

      Sayka Shafrin 

      5 years ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh

      Thank you! ^_^

    • Zimmer Hossain profile image

      Noor Ul Huda 

      5 years ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh

      Mashfique as an Example :p

      Great article Sayka :)

      Loved it :3

    • Sayka Shafrin profile imageAUTHOR

      Sayka Shafrin 

      6 years ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh

      Thank you, RedElf! I'm glad you liked it.

    • RedElf profile image


      6 years ago from Canada

      Thought-provoking and thoughtful - quite an opening dissertation for your first article here. Welcome to HubPages!

    • Sayka Shafrin profile imageAUTHOR

      Sayka Shafrin 

      6 years ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh

      I'm glad you enjoyed it, Dr. Makama!

    • Dr Funom Makama profile image

      Dr Funom Makama 

      6 years ago from Europe

      A fantastic share... Thanks


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