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Talking To Women!! On Their Level...

Updated on June 5, 2014

Capture Her With Words

Capture Her With Words
Capture Her With Words | Source

Turning Her On to You!!

Men think that women seem to appear distant in our society. Is it the anxiety that a man has toward women, or is it just an intellectual action to be able to communicate with a woman? The women whom some men think are inaccessible are wrong. All women are just human beings that need affection and conversation with men, just as men need this attention. To start a conversation with a woman and keep going is a problem and takes effort on the man’s character. A man has to take a stand and convey a sense of emotional comfort to a woman he has never met and make her laugh. This is key in the way to meeting a perfectly lovely looking girl. Women love men that make them laugh and experience emotion in a positive manner. Here are a few steps you should need to approach and get this women to either have dinner with you or maintain a long conversation with yourself.

At first you see this girl that attracts you. What do you do? You go right up to her and create a small discussion of what is taking place. For instance, a bookstore is a fantastic place to meet women and ask her questions that relate to books, for a female friend of yours. This is an excellent start, it ensures a few things to this person. One, is your looking for a female friend, which shows that you have other female friends. The other is your compassionate in remembering this friend of yours. This plays upon this women’s emotional state that you care. This women will be glad to assist you explore a book for your friend, and ask you questions as to what she reads, and you have the conversation started.

Emotional Conversations

Emotional Conversations
Emotional Conversations | Source

Believe In Yourself, She Will

The other part to this meeting a strange, modern women is to retain certain body language. Keep your distance and don’t infringe on her personal space. We all have this area and only enter it if you think she is leaning toward you. If so lean toward her and touch her hand or shoulder creating a bond, but then letting go. Keep a pleasant smile on your face all the time, as this shows kindness. Create a feeling inside you in the beginning of how you want to visualize yourself in meeting this woman. The conversation with this woman will flow so easily that it will make you happy that you came up to her to talk.

You must believe in your actions to have any success with any woman. Confidence is crucial as well as keeping her laughing and smiling. Light conversation with two people is pleasurable for her, and it will get you her number. This is your next step is keeping her interested in what you have to say and why she should be interested is a factor involved to getting a date with her. You will instinctively know when you hit it off with this women. If not, you’re thinking negative, and this will appear and turn her off. Staying in an upright position with your body and leaning inwards and moving your lips and head are vital to keeping her guessing about you. Women like to be intrigued by a classic man. Women get hit on consistently, and you want to be aware that pickup lines do not work on meeting women. They have heard them all, unless you can incorporate some humor in this way of speaking at the same time. Take control of the conversation, and then when you have her name, ask her for her number so you can meet up with her for coffee or a quick lunch.

Emotional Relationships and Words

Logical, and Emotional States

Women are logical and emotional in nature. This is to say if you touch her emotionally with a issue that strikes up a certain visual representation of her and you being together then you have her. It is not as complicated as one may think. Talk about her rings or jewelry and tell her how it reminds you of something incredible in your life, like a trip to Paris and boutique shopping. Be on her level, not on your level. Inform her about how her eyes emphasize her clothes and that the colors are beautiful and look extremely cute on her. If you can get this out of your mouth, she will be like butter in your hands. You will have her number, by just asking. Once you have this piece of the conversation coming to an end, get the number and walk away, then call her or text her in a few seconds to prove she gave you her number. Make a joke about what you are doing and set a time up for dinner or lunch. She will laugh and give you a time to meet.

It is precisely this simple and works all the time. You have to be on her emotional intensity and keep it real all the way through. Conversation with men and women can be exciting and lead to a sexual encounter if a statement is real and passionate to that individual. Therefore, collect this information and if turned down, she was only one girl in a million, do it again with women and it will work. Women like to talk about themselves, and they will give you clues as to what they are interested in. Go ahead and try this method out, and have a enjoyable girl in your arms tonight.


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