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creeps? dating etc online number 4

Updated on December 28, 2012

Guess I need to learn how to screen them

I am ready to meet a new guy but got to be sure they are from the right site etc. I went on a site called and boy they are true winners (sarcastically speaking). I guess they do not want anyone to know what is going on. My friend discussed when parents are involved in a women's life they should be basically not in the way. Well. I see what he is up to now haha. He may be just as creepy as the rest. Why do guys hate parents being in way. They are concerned for the women's safety if she dates creeps who want something from them. I am not sure it is a good idea to trust anyone fully these days.

Watch out if you give too much to someone. He seems to want something from someone else. Never me. He knew I 'liked' him at one time but does not care. Which is why I may not even see him for awhile. It is always someone else. Maybe he will learn if I ignore him for awhile and end up going for someone else. It is ridiculous for him to take so much yet never give back.

I called him on this. You do not 'take' in friendship you have to give a lot. He never gives material wise (which I am not asking for) or just friendship wise. It is time I move on.


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