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Cute Things to Get Your Boyfriend

Updated on July 12, 2013

To have a boyfriend and to maintain him are two different things. In order to make your boyfriend to be closer to you, you need to do some cute things that will always make him happy and you will remain safe when you are with him and when you are not together. He will remain yours if you make sure that you do these cute things to get your boyfriend closer to you.

Make sure that you send him some messages at the times you know that he needs you and he is thinking about you. You can send him some text messages before he goes to bed if you are not together. Messaging is one way to express you feeling towards him and it will definitely settle into his mind.

Here are some text messages to send to a guy whom you love:

>>>> Your hand is my best thing that I can hold.

>>>> The world seems so perfect anytime I spend some time with you.

>>>> Can I be your nothing since nothing last forever?

>>>> The more I see you, the more I love you Sleep tight Romeo.

>>>> Miss you my king.

>>>> I will see you my Prince.

>>>> U are my rock Boy.

>>>> I wish you were here.

>>>> I hope you are feeling me as you read this.

>>>> My love for you is a journey which started at forever and it will never end.

>>>> You rock my world boy.

>>>> Can’t wait to stay together with you for rest of my life.

>>>> You are the reason that I breathe, you can sometimes take my breath away.

>>>> Read this and know the sender is your greatest lover.

>>>> I hope you are taking care of my heart because you went with it.

>>>> The first time I saw you, I was scared,. When I talked to you I was scared holding you, when I held you I became scared to love you. And now I love you, am scared to lose you.

>>>> Am waiting for the next time when my lips will touch yours.

>>>> You never skip my mind every moment of my life.

>>>> In case you ask me why am so happy, I will give you a mirror.


All these are cute things to get your boyfriend and upon getting these kinds of text messages, he will always stay closer to you. Text messages are one of the greatest forms of communicating love and the care that you have for him. The power of a message is that great as it sticks in the mind of a person for a longer time and your boyfriend will always be thinking of you. Another way to make your boyfriend to stick to you is by sending him love quotes or talking to him in some kind of cute love words.

Here are some cute things to get your boyfriend in terms of love quotes:

>>>> The greatest things in life cannot be seen, that's why I always close my eyes whenever I kiss you.

>>>> If kisses were made to be water, the sea will be yours, if hugs were to be leaves, the tree will be yours, and if love was made to be time, I will give you all the eternity.

>>>>There was a day that I wished for a star, and you came to me.

>>>> Being with you makes me feel once in life, I don't work so hard to be happy, I just find myself happy.

>>>> When I was a young girl, I stuffed bear which had all my secrets, wiped my tears away and shared all my adventures. I never thought there would anyone who would take this place until I met you.

>>>> Anytime I hear your voice, I hear the reason for me to keep you forever.

>>>> If I was asked to choose loving you and breathing, I will take the very last breath to say just "I LOVE YOU"

>>>> When in love, you can’t sleep because the reality is sweeter than the dreams
before we met; I never saw the reason for one to smile with no reason.

All this are cute things to get your boyfriend love you more. There are other quotes as well as love text messages that can help you to greatly bring your boyfriend closer to you. Just make some trials and you will see how much magic they can bring to your relationship.


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