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Daisy Flower Facts and Meaning

Updated on August 22, 2010

History and Etymology

Daisies are one of the most popular flowers. They are simple yet sophisticated and are commonly found around us. Since the old days, daisy plant has always been considered as a supreme flower and they belong to the group of the flowers that have played significant roles in human history. The name ‘daisy’ came from Anglo Saxon words ‘daes eage’ meaning ‘day’s eye’. This is due to the fact that the flowers open at dawn, just at the time, when the day is about to begin. The flowers originated in Central, Northern and Western Europe, however now they are grown throughout the world.

Daisy Flower

Physical Appearance

The flower is made up of a yellow center and is surrounded by white petals. The petals can be pink or rose color as well. They are perennial bloomers, meaning they bloom yearly. Daisy is actually not one flower only. Daisy is made up of two flowers, namely disk floret and a white ray floret. It is a perennial plant, which has evergreen leaves and form a basal tuft. Daisy flower plant has a prostrate or spreading growing habit. The daisy can grow about 12 inches tall and its evergreen leaves form a rosette or tuft at the base. The stalks of the flower are about 3 to 4 inch long, which is more than its leaf length.

Uses of Daisies

The flowers are used by children to make daisy chains or garlands. Daisy leaves are edible, hence are often used in salads. The flower itself can be used to make herbal tea and honey. Florists love to use lots of white and yellow daisies when making bridal bouquets. Daisies arranged in woven baskets are also very popular. The astringent properties from common daisy were used in traditional medicines. In the northern US, English Daisy is a serious weed. Daisies normally do not need any fungicides or pesticides as they are not very often bothered by disease or insects. Some of the most popular plants in home garden are in the class of the daisy flower. The plants have earned their popularity indoors and outdoors by their attractive blooms and their ease of growth. Those who are new to home gardening will find these plants easy to care for.


Daisies represent purity, loyal love and are symbol of innocence. It also can symbolize new beginnings. The flower is also said to be the ultimate symbol of inner sanctity. The plant was revered by the Church as the Virgin Mary’s flower and that is why pictures of the Virgin Mary were often decorated with daisies. It was also believed by some people that after the death of a person, a daisy flower begin to grow on its own if the decaesed had been a good man. The daisy is a fertility symbol in both the Christian and pagan traditions. A crown of daisies and wheat (symbolizing purity and abundance) is worn in Greek marriage ceremonies.

The flowers are also a symbol of death and at one time they were placed on the graves of children. In some regions, daisy flowers are also known as ‘thunderflowers’, this is due to the fact that the peak blooming season for these flowers is summer, when thundershowers occur very often.  In earlier days, maidens wore daisies to decorate their hair. Till today, a daisy flower is used by many people to express the language of love in a special way and it is commonly related to the fifth wedding anniversary. The “she loves me, she loves me not” famous method of pulling petals from a flower to tell love’s fortune was first used with the daisy.


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    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 

      7 years ago from North Carolina

      Loved the hub. I'm a huge fan of the daisy. It is, without a doubt, my favorite flower, and anyone who knows me, knows this fact. Thanks for the great info.


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