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Daisy Wedding Theme

Updated on February 7, 2018
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Online wedding planner for over 10 years. My goal has been to show everyone the best way to plan their wedding without breaking the bank !

Best Daisy Wedding Ideas

Daisies have always been associated with weddings. While you might think that daisies are just for a country wedding, that is not necessarily true. Gerber daises have color hues that make you think of fall colors. The white daisy makes you think of the sunny days of summer. The Gerber daisy comes is so many bold vibrant colors that make a defined statement. No matter what your daisy style, bold or casual, there is a daisy for you.

With daisies, if you are using the real flower, they will last nicely through your entire event

Best of all, daisies are available year round, and are very reasonable in price. So they are wedding budget friendly.

How To Use Daisies In Your Wedding

Either Casual or Formal Wedding

Daisies are really perfect for either the casual or formal wedding. The use of container makes a large difference in the kind of look you are creating

For the casual wedding, you can use containers that reflect a country or casual look. Daisies are perfect for the morning wedding or brunch wedding

For a more formal look, mix daises with other flowers. You can use the typical white with yellow center to add a little color to a white palette. Or you can use the color of the gerber daisy to add a touch of color to any bouquet or centerpiece

For a winter daisy wedding, add some red roses and some babies breath.

Think pastel gerber daisies for spring and the fall colors of gerber daisies for fall

Daisy Wedding Colors

Choices For Your Daisy Wedding

Of course the first thing you will think of is the pure white and yellow of the white daisy. But beyond that there are plenty of choices in the Gerber daisy choices. And there are even more colors within the other daisies.

Gerber Orange, yellow and red

Shasta The white daisy with the yellow center

Black Eyed Susan yellow with black and brown center

African pink purple and white

The meaning of the Daisy-charming, innocent, loyal, cheerful

Daisy Floral Wreath - So Easy To Make

This wreath only requires some silk flowers and a wreath form. They can be done with the white daisies or with gerber daisies. Your choice. You just need a wreath form in the size of your choice and the flowers to cover. I would glue them on. You could also add a ribbon for hanging. Great for the door on your reception venue or behind the bride and groom

Daisy Wedding Theme Tip One Potted daisies anywhere at your ceremony or reception makes a wonderful touch to your décor. Consider using them for your centerpieces. They can be planted at your home after the reception

Daisy Wedding Favor Ideas

  • Use daisy seed packs for your wedding favors Put them into a favor bag and add a tag that says, "Let love grow"
  • Make up candy bags and add a daisy to dress up your bags
  • Individual Daisy Flower Favors Buy individual tiny flower vases. These can be found in a dollar store. Place some small pebbles at the bottom of the vase. Add a single silk daisy or a real daisy. Add a bow. If you would like to use these as an escort card, add a tag with the guests name and table number
  • Daisy Votive Candle Favors Place a white votive candle in a favor bag in the color of your choice. Tie a silk daisy to the bag. Add a tag if desired
  • Daisy Votive Candle Holder You will need a frosted or clear votive holder, Yellow checked ribbon and a silk daisy. Measure the ribbon around the votive holder and add extra ribbon to make a bow. Hot glue the ribbon around the votive candle holder. Make a bow. Hot glue the silk daisy to the bow. Add a votive candle. Set on tables with loose silk daisies spread around

Float Some Daisies For A Sweet Centerpiece

Float Some Daisies For A Sweet Centerpiece
Float Some Daisies For A Sweet Centerpiece

Easy Daisy Centerpieces

DIY Daisy Wedding Ideas

If you like do it yourself projects like I do, then why not add a personal touch to your wedding. Each of these projects is easy to do and will save you lots of money. Supplies are easy to find and will not take you forever to get done. Besides adding a personal touch to your daisy wedding, they will save you money !

Easy Daisy Centerpiece Or Decor Idea

This ideas could not be easier. Use a cake plate and place some candles on it. Surround with real or silk daisies. These could be used as a centerpiece or as a décor item. You can borrow cake plates or look at your local thrift stores for reasonable cake plates.

Daisies In Your Wedding Party's Attire

Adding daisies to your wedding attire and that of your wedding party is simple and easy, Of course, start with your primary and secondary colors. Use the colors you have selected in the ties and vests on the gentlemen in your wedding party.

Have your flower girl in a dress that reflects your theme with a daisy print. There are so many party dresses that reflect your casual theme. The best thing about those dresses is that they can be used again. Have her wear a ring of daisies in her hair with ribbons cascading down her back. Think of a country basket filled with daisies for her to carry.

Here Comes The Daisy Bride

When it comes to bridal attire, you can in fact add a few touches to your wedding clothes to carry your theme. Stick to a more casual or simple dress, You could in fact consider a tea length dress or a short wedding dress. Add some daisy touches in your wedding veil. Or you might consider adding a pair of daisy lace gloves to your outfit. A few touches add just the right touch to your theme

Add Touches Of Lace And Ribbons- DIY Daisy Bride

There is such a wide selection these days of both lace and ribbon. And for the DIY bride, the choices are very reasonable. I suggest that you start with your local dollar store. You are going to find really affordable and great choices for your centerpieces. However, if you see a vase or container that you like, you have to get them when you see them, because with dollar stores, you never know if they will be there the next time.

Check out your craft stores for ribbon and lace. And don't forget your coupons. Every week most of the box stores have coupons that can apply to your purchases, Know in advance what your primary and secondary color is. Create a list of your projects and the list of what you will need. Know how many yards you will need and add a yard or two to account for waste or mistakes.

Although I do love mason jars and they are so very popular right now, you don't have to limit yourself to them. Look around and see what's available. You will find, even in silk there are so many terrific options for your theme !

Escort cards can be so easy to make ! Select a set of escort cards-purchase the amount you will need. Glue a small daisy on one end. Just right in the name of your guest and their table number. It's that easy. Place a small bouquet or a candle grouping and you will have a delightful setting to greet your guests

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