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★ Creative Date Ideas | Fun and Different Activities for Couples ★

Updated on February 16, 2016

Unusual & Imaginative Ideas for Date Night

If you are looking for date ideas which are a bit different to the usual bars, clubs, pubs, shopping, cinema etc, then you have come to the right place!

On this page you will find loads of quirky and interesting ideas to impress your date, with inspiration including extreme sports, craft classes, zoos and picnics.

Having a few 'regular' dates first will allow you to get to know your partner and discover what activities they would most enjoy doing in the future. Then you can be more adventurous with your date destinations.

I hope you find this page useful :-)

Choose a Romantic Setting


Best Date Idea Books

Books are a great source of ideas and are handy to browse through when you need some inspiration. Here are some of the best examples:

Date Idea List 1

- Laser Quest or Paintball

- Roller disco/roller skating rink

- Ice skating

- Mystery tour - take your date on a tour of your favourite places or places of interest (like local curiosities, landmarks, parks, fun shops, the best pub etc.)

- Music festival or concert

- Play a 2-player sport like tennis, badminton, squash etc.

- Dance class

- Pub quiz

- Craft class such as pottery, stained glass, screenprinting...

- Cookery lesson

- Take the tourist route - act like a tourist in your own city by going on a tour bus or organised trip

- Casino - but don't spend too much!

- Aquarium

- Zoo

- Art class such as watercolor painting or life drawing

- Bowling

- Hiking/walking in a scenic area

- Theme park

- Adventure activities such as suspended obstacle courses you can find in some woodland areas (search for 'Go Ape'), or take a zip-wire thrill ride over a ravine - just search for activities available in your local area

- Beginner lesson in a sport such as snowboarding/skiing/surfing/windsurfing etc that your date (nor you) will have tried before

- Extreme activity such as sky diving (or a sky diving simulator), bungee jumping, off-road driving, rally car driving, go-karting, quad biking, zorbing, luging, parasailing, paragliding, gliding etc

- Theatre (and you can both get dressed up for the occasion)

- James Bond night with cocktails, casino gambling and a little black dress/suit.

Romantic Meal at Sunset


Date at a Public Event


Horse Riding Date


Date Idea List 2

- Art gallery

- Organized adventure activity where you need a guide or teacher e.g. potholing, caving, scuba diving, sailing, abseiling

- Golf game (or crazy golf)

- Climbing wall

- Restaurant - but go somewhere you wouldn't normally e.g. try a cuisine you've never tried before, go to a pricier place as a treat, go to a restaurant which perhaps as musical entertainment while you eat

- Camping - a romantic night under the stars

- Picnic with a thoughtful food selection - perhaps make the food yourself. Take a frisbee, ball game, kite or something else for after-lunch fun

- Home or beach BBQ

- Movie night

- Drive-in cinema

- An outing on bicycles

- Road trip - go to a destination a fair distance away

- Go and watch a sports match

- Look for local events such as fairs and carnivals

- Fun fair

- A day at the races

- Go for a late night drive on a warm summer's night - put the windows down and turn the music up, then stop and have snacks and wine and perhaps a dance!

- Go geocaching

- Photographic trip - if you both like photography, take your cameras on a walking tour around places of interest and take fun pictures of each other too

- Pay for a photo shoot

- Ghost tour around a haunted house

- Go to a pantomime at Christmas

- Put together a treasure hunt

Date at a Fun Fair


Date Idea List 3

- Wine tasting

- Go to a lake and rent a rowing boat/pedalo/canoe

- Build something yourselves in the yard such as a teepee or treehouse

- Create a Giant Snack together!

- Museums

- Food factory tour e.g. Cadbury chocolate factory

- Themed indoor picnic - could have a beach theme with deckchairs and sunglasses, or romantic theme with candles, strawberries and Champagne

- Watch a sunset on a beach, hill, the top of a tall building or from a tent in your yard

- Go to an arcade

- Horse riding

- Hot air balloon ride

- Comedy club or gig

- Circus

- Cook a slap-up 2 or 3 course meal for your date...this is guaranteed to impress!

- Fishing

- National park/forest walks

- Maize maze

- Join in with a flash mob

- A local castle

- Visit the set of one of your date's favourite movies or TV programmes if they are local enough e.g. King's Cross or castles for Harry Potter, Central Park for Friends etc.

- Go planking - Click here for inspiration

Ice Skating Date


The Beach at Sunset


Date Idea List 4

- Go to a deli or speciality food shop (Selfridges is good if you're in the UK) and buy a selection of the weirdest food that you have never tried before, then take it all to a bench/picnic somewhere and have fun trying everything

- Go to a charity shop/thrift store and choose outfits within a theme to look as outrageous as possible! The theme could be 70's, 80's, prom, goth, tourist, hippy, biker chic etc or you could pick the most clashing outfit you can find - then walk around like that for as long as you dare :-)

- Go to a quiet place and draw each other's portrait

- Play cards and board games

- Go to a fortune teller and both have your fortunes told

- If you can sing or play an instrument, maybe serenade your date at their door or in a quiet place

- For an anniversary or occasion you could set up a scavenger hunt for your date - with clues leading your date to places you have visited in the past plus places that mean something to both of you (first date, first kiss etc). You could leave a little gift or rose in each place and the clues could be written, a sound clip or text sent from your phone, or they could be photographic

- Take a night-time trip in your pyjamas. Take sleeping bags and blankets, park up somewhere with a nice view and snuggle up to watch the sunrise or look at the stars

- On a warm sunny day, rent a cool/sports/vintage car

- Dress up and go to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show

- Create your own photo shoot outdoors. Seek out weird or interesting buildings, sculptures and other locations and take photos of yourselves. Take a tripod if you've got one, or ask a passer-by to take the photos. You could also take props like these or these.

- Similar to the above idea, you could video yourselves hanging out at different locations (perfect for combining with a road trip), pulling silly faces and generally having fun, and then after the date edit the video into short clips from each location/the best bits, and string the clips all together with a soundtrack of your favourite song.

- Video game night

Wind Tunnel Free Flying

For an unforgettable date without the risks involved in skydiving!
For an unforgettable date without the risks involved in skydiving! | Source

Date Idea List 5

- A fake holiday at home: pick somewhere your date has always wanted to go - Paris, New York, Australia etc - and stick to this theme. Be as cheesy as you like with decorations, fancy dress and even an accent! Then cook and serve themed food.

- Go fly a kite

- Hire a tandem bike or a segway each

- Teach your date about a hobby or interest of yours, whether it's fishing, stargazing or guitar playing.

- Create photo evidence suggesting that you went on an adventure that didn't really happen - such as going on the run from the law!

- Go for a swim

- Bake something fun, try out a complicated recipe, or perhaps make pizza together

- Hike to the top of a hill or to a pretty location and present a surprise Champagne picnic to your beloved!

- Go to a planetarium, or go star-gazing

Date Idea Videos

Do you try to impress your date with unusual activities?

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    • Kailua-KonaGirl profile image

      June Parker 4 years ago from New York

      Great ideas for a romantic date. More guys need to read these lists for ideas!

    • profile image

      datingmagic 4 years ago

      great date ideas and something for me to consider in the programme we use to get them to love you forever, the romantic sunset had me.

    • profile image

      kriskappa 4 years ago

      Very nice lens!

    • adammuller003 lm profile image

      adammuller003 lm 4 years ago

      these are wonderful prompts for sparking the spirit. "Pocket"-ed this. :)

    • profile image

      AmandaJon 4 years ago

      Useful and informative lens!

      Very good and unique ideas for dating.

    • JeffGilbert profile image

      JeffGilbert 4 years ago

      There's a lot of great ideas here. Some that my girlfriend wouldn't do even if was paid to do it... :) But yeah, great lens, a lot of information!!

    • uneasywriter lm profile image

      uneasywriter lm 4 years ago

      Good ideas. Sometimes the simple and old fashioned works well too!

    • profile image

      CristianStan 5 years ago

      It's not the fancy outings, or the expensive restaurants that will

      impress someone, it is the closeness and how personal of an experience

      they had

    • Howcanigetagirl profile image

      Howcanigetagirl 5 years ago

      I have no idea where the nearest wind tunnel is but it certainly looks fun!

    • glynisd profile image

      glynisd 5 years ago

      Some nice ideas! I've never even heard of wind tunnel flying before - but i may well look it up! :D

    • mantasticman profile image

      mantasticman 6 years ago

      Great Stuff! thanks

    • JackNimble profile image

      JackNimble 6 years ago

      Very cool Lens! As a busy husband I can always use some helpful ideas to make date nights with my wife more interesting, fun, or romantic. Thanks!