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Dating Beneath Your Level

Updated on March 23, 2014

We've all heard the term blue blood in our history classes. Blue Blood referred to nobility. Nobility, defined by wikipedia:

a social class that possesses more acknowledged privileges or eminence than most other classes in a society, membership thereof typically being hereditary. The privileges associated with nobility may constitute substantial advantages over or relative to non-nobles, or may be largely honorary (e.g. precedence), and vary from country to country and era to era.

When dating someone to you seriously consider someone's class/social level?

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Levels in Dating

We've all heard the phrase a "2 can't get a 10" or “he/she is out of your league.” These phrases were based on looks alone when they were uttered however in 2014 I ask if people recognize leagues. We all know opposites attract and we are aware that the inside (heart, character, values, love) of the person is what matters most (year right!) when dating but we must realize that there are levels.

Dating level is your level with regards to your accomplishments, class level, and environment. While not everyone is an individual, one can wonder why over the past few decades anything goes in dating.

Levels are more than your job title but include social graces, how you choose to carry yourself, proper use of language, etiquette, and appropriate attire fitting for your age level and/or environment. Mixing classes can often create a sense of one party continuously correcting behavior while the other party feels “less than” and devalued. It can create resentment in a relationships even when “suggestions” are provided carefully by the administrating party. What may be normal to one person (i.e. goal setting and reading to improve oneself) can be a painful reminder to the other party of what they lack in their life

The ultimate question;

Do these relationships last and/are do these marriages work?

Let's explore why people are settling when dating.

Fear of Being Single Leads People to Settle for Less in Relationships

Released: 12/3/2013 12:00 PM EST
Source Newsroom: University of Toronto

Citations Journal of Personality and Social Psychology-Dec-2013

Newswise — TORONTO, ON – Fear of being single is a meaningful predictor of settling for less in relationships among both men and women, a new University of Toronto (U of T) study has found. The results are published in the December edition of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Leagues and levels – The relevance when dating.

Maybe she's not intelligent, well read, cultured, or lacks social graces. Will that work for the CEO who has business meetings, black tie dinners and affairs to attend? How will her destruction of the English language, not using the proper fork at the table, or not being able to relate to your colleagues will work. She wants to go to the club and you want to take an art class. She might believe showing off her assets everywhere is most important but you are aware of the embarrassment it brings you at business events with wives, husbands, and attendee's in sight. You know that look that is given that says: “Really. That's who you are dating?”

Maybe he's not intelligent, cultured, and lacks social graces. You have to ask yourself are you comfortable in his world and can he be comfortable in yours? You and your friends have sushi, vacation to different places in the world, enjoy attending seminars on various topics. He only wants to eat chicken wings at the sports bar and have a beer.

Blanked statements:

Men have married beneath them in an attempt to feel needed, be providers, and be in a position to “show” a woman the improvements he makes to her life.

Women have married beneath them out of desperation to be loved and/or to create a family.

We are discussing the rule and not the exception to the rule. While we observe people coupling up in crazy relationships you wonder how long opposites can remain attracted to one another. How can one feel comfortable achieving less or being a failure when they face the person who achieved? How long can one feel happy for someone success when they have never achieved any success themselves? How long can the person next to you resent your success while feeling inferior to your accomplishments without secretly delighting in every downfall that befalls you?

For men to take a back seat to a woman's financial success; they must be unique and grounded in themselves as an individual. More-so than women, it crushes a man's ego to be on the losing end of the team. Despite how hard a woman may try not to have him feel like a failure, those men will view everything as a power struggle, the reality of how the partner feels is a factor that will ruin the relationship.


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