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how to be a gentleman when dating women

Updated on November 25, 2009

If there is one dating tip I could offer when dating women, it would be to work toward being a gentleman to your lady. Being a polite gentleman to a female is very easy to do, and women love it! Not only does it show you have class, but it's just the right thing to do. I can't think of much else in this world where you get such a huge return for a small investment. With a very small amount of effort on your part, you will set yourself apart from the majority of guys. It will make your girl very happy and increase your chances of hitting it off. Read on!

Tip #1 - Open doors for women

This tip is a no-brainer; guys should open doors for women. You should open doors not just for your date, but all women, young and old. It's the polite thing to do. Anytime I open the door for a female, I ALWAYS get a positive reaction from her. They act surprised, as if no other guys have ever done that for them. Not only should you open doors to buildings, but car doors as well. Opening car doors will score you a lot of points because it is less common than opening building doors. I opened a car door for a girl I was hanging out with recently. She told me that nobody has opened a car door for her since her high school prom (she is 23 now). The key is to be consistent. Try your best to remember to open doors for her everytime.

Tip #2 - Tell her you are thinking about her

A girl loves to know she is on your mind. The best part is, this tip takes two seconds to do and does not cost you a penny! A lot of guys think that it isn't masculine to tell a girl you miss her. This argument is not true. Let her know you are thinking about her. I promise you will get a positive reaction.

Tip #3 - Walk on the side of the street closest to the road

Always walk on the side of the road closest to the street. This polite deed ensures that if a car comes flying off of the road onto the sidewalk, you are the one who will be hit while the girl is safe. While the chance of this happening is slim to none, it is still the gentleman thing to do. If you make a conscious effort to consistently walk on the sidewalk closest to the road, your girl will notice and be very thankful.

Tip #4 - Buy her flowers every once in a while

Guys, in case you haven't received the memo, girls love flowers. I have NEVER met a girl who does not like flowers. Still, most guys fail to acknowledge this fact and never buy flowers for their girl other than Valentine's Day. I found the best reaction from a girl is if you give her flowers "just because." In other words, give her flowers on a random day of the year. Tell her you were thinking about her so you wanted to get her flowers. Also, flowers are great if you are in trouble. If your girl is mad at you, a sincere apology with flowers stands a better chance of being accepted than a sincere apology without flowers.

Similar to never buying flowers, you don't want to buy flowers too frequently. If you buy your girl flowers too often, she will get used to it and expect them. You want to keep her thinking and surprise her every time. There is no set guideline as to how often you should buy flowers for your girl. A good rule of thumb is to surprise her with flowers or another gift every 2-6 months.

Any more tips?

There are many more ways to be a gentleman. These four tips offer a starting point. Being a gentleman is easy to do and the rewards far outweigh the effort you put in. Your girl will be very thankful. She will be proud to say she went on a date with you or that you are her man. As much as a girl likes a gentleman, it is important not to be overly nice. There is a difference between being a gentleman and being too nice. In my experience, girls do not like when guys are overly nice. It shows a lack of self-confidence. A good combination is to be a gentleman while still challenging her. I will save this discussion for a future hub, so check back soon! Also, if anybody has more tips they would like to offer, girls and guys alike, please express them in the comments section.


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    • profile image

      mtintah 5 years ago

      this is wats up!

    • MrHACCP profile image

      James Flynn 7 years ago from Musselburgh

      Totally agree, the art of chivalry is not dead!!