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dealing with sex phobia

Updated on May 22, 2012

Dealing With Sex Phobia

The sex phobia is the worse form of disorder in sexual life and thus reduces the interest in love making. The word "Phobia" comes from the Greek word ‘Phobos' which means "fear" and thus we can say sex phobia means fear about having sex with the opposite gender. In general sex phobia is the fear of sexual copulation. The main cause of sex phobia is due to witnessing any kind of sexual trauma act through media or in the real life or a victim of sexual trauma such as molestation or rape particularly at the earlier age. There are some people who fell that having sex is a disgusting or a horrifying experience and avoid having sex. Also there are many more minor causes of sex phobia for men and women.

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Common Symptoms

The most common names of sex phobia are fear of coitus, fear of sexual intercourse and coitophobia. The common symptoms that occur due to sex phobia are irregular heartbeat, breathing problems like rapid breathing or shortness of breath, deadness, nausea and sweating. The symptoms may vary from person to person and different symptoms are also possible for different persons depending up on their cause of sex phobia. The cause of sex phobia depends on the person and the way the person has experienced the sex trauma

Today there are lots of potent drugs prescribed by the doctor for sex phobia, but these drugs only gives solution to the symptoms by providing temporary chemical interaction to suppress the symptoms. These drugs don't cure sex phobia. The best thing to cure sex phobia is to consult a specialized sexologist. The treatment for sex phobia is given considering the sexual trauma. Also some medicines like anti-depressants are used to treat sex phobia. But most of the sexologist specialist prefers to give sex therapy. The sex phobia is treated as abnormal attacks by getting the person exposed to their fears slowly and continuously, so that the fears disappear under the guidance of the sexologist. The sex therapist starts the therapy treatment by analyzing the reason for avoiding sexual contact with their partner due to sex phobia and discussing his or her sexual history and personal history. This gives a clear picture to the sexologist for the cause of sex phobia. Based up on the discussion with the person affected with sex phobia the sexologist gives some treatment which includes setting goals, doing home exercises individually or with the partner when required. When the persons affected with sex phobia proceeds with the treatment they experience some improvement in their sexual life with their partner in their own pace depending up on the individual. Thus at the end of the treatment there is a good improvement in the sexual contact with their partner by feeling comfortable and staying in control. So setting goals and achieving it is the most important thing that has to be considered while undergoing treatment for sex phobia. Psychological treatment is the best way to treat the persons affected with sex phobia, thus influencing the sexual thoughts and feelings. If sex trauma is the reason for sex phobia it has to be clearly discussed with the sexologist and sex therapy is given to the affected person by the sexologist. When it is found that the sex phobia is between the partners because of communication problems or relation problem, relation therapy is used between them.


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