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How Can I Demonstrate Love to My Partner?

Updated on June 25, 2011

Rewards above and beyond your greatest expectations

Loving your partner has potential for granting rewards above and beyond anything you can long as you continue to realize there are TWO of you in the relationship - that the needs of your partner are as important as your own.

Love truly does make the world go round and to be part of such a loving relationship - that no matter what a day brings you can find a reason to smile - is one of the greatest blessings a person can ever receive.

Continue reading! You may discover something you didn't realize. It may even spur you on to come up with ideas not mentioned here. Whatever the case, it is imperative to demonstrate love to your partner. In the hectic pace the world has become, it's vital to slow down long enough to let your partner know that s/he still captivates you and stirs your inner passions.

Exploring places together

Taking time to get away from the real world for a while

Living one day after another without any change can grow mundane in the most loving, and interesting, of relationships; change has to occur so life doesn't become stagnant, boring, and common place.

Visit new places even if they are closer to home or visit some of the places you have seen but haven't been to see in a while.

However, if it's not a possibility to get away, pack a picnic lunch, sit in your back yard, enjoy the fresh air and spend time with each other even for a little while.

Go on a date; get a coffee and donut at Tim Horton's. Get an ice cream sundae at McDonald's and savor every bite...or go for a walk in your own neighborhood and talk about things you enjoy, your hopes and dreams, places you'd like to visit some day.

Relax together

We all need time for ourselves but taking time to relax together is essential to any relationship.

Caring for each other

Ultimately leads to sharing

It's impossible to truly care for a person without sharing with them, in many senses of the word.

While caring brings about a sense of responsibility towards another person, the act of sharing allows a couple to relax in mind, body, and soul.

Something as simple as sharing a soda, bowl of popcorn or piece of pie brings a sense of unity in a relationship; it delivers the silent message, "What's mine is yours."

Sharing living space - making room for what's important to each other without murmur and complaint - states, "You are important to me."

Sharing your concerns and fears with each other, regardless of the subject nature, says, "I am glad you trust me with your innermost thoughts and feelings."

Sharing your happiest moments and greatest triumphs says, "I'm so glad I can share this moment with you; I couldn't have achieved it without your support."

Sharing your body with each other will come, at some point, which will provide an ultimate experience, enhanced greatly when the facets of a loving relationship are already in place.


can be a scary word for many people but there are people who deserve our commitment and devotion.


Strive to remember that commitment is not based upon feelings; feelings are temporary. Feelings are governed by the weather, payday, vacation and so on.

Commitment is a state of being - a state of mind - something you choose to be regardless of what is occurring around you or who comes into your life.

However, despite your commitment to your partner, you must protect yourself and your children at all costs. Never condone violence and abuse; it never pays.

Learning about each other - It's a requirement for any relationship to be successful

What's the best way to learn about your partner?

See results

Blended families are

becoming the norm.

Respect others

Respect their property and their space

Mutual respect for others, their space and their property is a must; also, both sets of children must be in agreement with the new relationship which has formed for the relationship to have any hope of being a success.

In the case where children belong to one partner and the other partner doesn't have children (or has grown children,) as long as the step-parent is willing to love the partner's children as his/her own, everyone's lives can be enhanced and enriched by the union.

Blissful moments
Blissful moments

Growing together

Takes time, energy and compromise

At the moment you decide to live with your partner - whether in a common-law or married relationship - many things take place, seemingly overnight. Beds are shared - a nice thing - but so is every other area of the home: the washroom, the computer room, the family room, and so on.

There are more chores arising as a result of multiple people living in a house and, because people do things differently, conflict can arise. For example, a husband can be adamant about where he likes to place things while the wife complains that he's a "neat freak."

Conversely, a wife may need to spend an hour on the computer after dinner but the husband feels she should relax with him instead, especially since they've had such a long day already and barely had the opportunity to see each other for more than a few seconds at a time.

It's called "compromise" and it comes along so much easier when members of a couple truly understand each others' goals, dreams and desires.

For example, if you would like to spend an hour together later in the day, help each other perform tasks which need to be completed in advance, whether mowing grass, preparing meals or doing laundry; in so doing, your minds are relaxed when you go for a drive, take a walk, or relax in the yard.

Concerning relationships in which children are a part - on many occasions, even the children can take part in getting things done so that everyone can do something later. Also, when Mom and Dad go out to get time to themselves for a little while, the children enjoy having the house to themselves without having to complete a bunch of chores.

When your partner knows something is important to you and grants you the opportunity to do what needs to be done, love is demonstrated. When your partner encourages you every step of the way - whether you are soaring the mountain tops or foraging the valleys - it is demonstrating love toward you.

However, the important thing is not to shift your focus solely to commitments outside of your relationship; it will suffer. Though your partner is willing to give you the space you need, don't take that as a license to ignore him/her for long stretches of time. Try your best to involve your partner in what you are doing; in areas where that isn't possible, take brief intervals to connect. Sometimes when I begin to write and I fear it will totally engross me to the point I lose track of time, I give this warning: "I'm going to write now. If I get lost, you know where to find me." It generates a smile.

Growing together does not occur overnight but it is worth the effort to give it your best shot, especially if it's someone you love in the deeper recesses of your soul.

Photo credit: Soul Mentoring

I love you:

the most beautiful emotionally charged words a person can hear.

In your own words...

tell that special someone how you feel.

These greeting cards are beautiful and offer a beautiful way for you to tell someone how much you care. For further details, feel free to click on either of these greeting cards.

Golden Splash, as this photo is so aptly named, is also a Pigeon Lake sunset photo; it continues to fill my heart with a song of thanksgiving and joy.

There's something about the photo that captivates me and throws me back into another time and place - another lifetime, or so it seems. The sun spreads her rays across the sky and lake so that the human eye is basked in sheer radiance. Could anyone ever ask for a greater gift than to watch this spectacle unfold?

Darkening clouds over Pigeon Lake - it's at this point when I know the sun won't be around much longer. Sadly, I know I will sleep through its counterpart - sunrise - but I'm thrilled at having had the opportunity to experience this particular sunset - and watching its various phases.

I enjoyed the opportunity to watch today preparing to say, "Good-bye," in preparation of welcoming tomorrow with it's hopes, dreams and possibilities.

I love you

Some people hear it too little whereas others hear it so much it becomes routine; they don't even notice when it's being said.

Support your partner

At all times

Your partner is the other half that makes you whole. Often you are the only person your partner can fully rely on in a crisis.

You may not agree with decisions your partner has made, which led to a personal crisis; however, exercising support for your partner - especially when others are present - is imperative; it presents a united front, limiting opportunities for others to try causing discord between you and your partner.

Anything needing to be discussed can be done so at home, in private.

Love is not something to be taken for granted nor should words of love be spoken as though delivered by a sense of duty or obligation.

Thou Shalt Nots

There are numerous ways to kill relationships to the point a person no longer wants to look at a person she/he used to cherish.

If you love your partner with every fiber of your being and could not imagine living life without him or her, consider the following points - in no particular order of importance:

  • Thou shalt not feel your family is more important than your partner's; both families should be treated equally even if you feel closer to one family.
  • Thou shalt not go under the assumption that your needs are more important than your partner's; you may have different needs at different times but each need is important and should be addressed.
  • Thou shalt not try to "change" your partner so that she/he becomes more like you. Behavioral patterns may, or may not, change over time but changes can't be forced upon a person's "core."
  • Thou shalt not allow jealousy to dwell in your relationship; if your partner has never betrayed you, don't live each day believing she/he will.
  • Thou shalt not only do the things "you" enjoy; compromise and learn to take part in some of the activities your partner enjoys.
  • Thou shalt not make decisions for your partner; your partner is capable of speaking his/her own mind and should be granted the opportunity at all times.
  • Thou shalt not always make presumptions about how your partner may, or may not, feel; the wisest course of action is to ask a question.
  • Thou shalt not lie to your partner; it shatters trust, which takes forever to re-build.
  • Thou shalt not put another relationship above that of you and your partner, especially when you are married; you can still have close friends and maintain wonderful relationships with your children and other family members. However, in your heart and soul, you should always feel aware of your partner, even if she/he is not in the room.
  • Thou shalt not broadcast troubles in your relationship to the world at large; the only thing screaming and yelling at your partner - in a public setting - accomplishes is embarrassing both of you.
  • Thou shalt not travel only to places where "you" want to go; consider your partner's preferences as well.
  • Thou shalt not say, "This is mine. Leave it alone;" be willing to share and make compromises as the need arises.

Love is felt deep within ...and the words "I love you" should be spoken as though coming from the deepest recesses of a person's soul.

Souls Uniting

By spending time with your partner and taking the time to really get to know him/her as life changes and unfolds over the years, your soul will be enriched and your life will feel complete.

You'll look back upon some of the greatest moments of your life and realize that most of those moments were shared with the person you love most in the world - the person who has been your anchor through many of life's storms, the person who has been your shield from adversity, the person to whom you once pledged your love.

I would love to hear your ideas about this lens - what you agree with or disagree with.

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      8/9 is pretty good! Nice Lens.

    • AuthorNormaBudden profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      @CarolynPile: I am so happy to hear that. You made my day as much as if you told me I had been blessed by an angel. I hope you do become such a person and have a relationship worthy of your commitment and devotion. :)

    • CarolynPile profile image


      8 years ago

      Thank you for posting this lens. It helps me describe who I want to be.

    • AuthorNormaBudden profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      [in reply to Jewelsofawe]

      Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    • ZenandChic profile image


      9 years ago

      Lovely lens!

    • Kelsey-Budden-16 profile image


      9 years ago

      Dude, Mom, Person, whatever lol I have to say that this lens is off the hook! It's awesome! Why do I think this? It shows that you are loyal, loving, caring, and you have trust with your mate. It's nice to have all that and know it's not just for a little while but for eternity.

      I love the pictures! :-) I also like the part "I love you". I don't treat any part of it with more respect but that's the part I really like. I think the quiz is pretty cool too!

      5 *'s!!


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