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depression of the youth

Updated on December 1, 2010

Today I went to meet with my friend at his home but after going there I have heard a bad news which was not expected by me. Now I am so much tensed about that matter that I want to share it with all of you.

My friend took rent of a house and he also took his friend with him because the cost of that house was much.his friend’s name is John. Actually the matter I want to share with you is about john.Normally john is a simple guy.He is so innocent that you can not imagine. But today he has committed a crime and that is he has tried to kill his girlfriend.Now I think you all understand what I want to say.

But I want to share. John had affair with a girl named Anjali. He loved her so much.Anjali also loved her. But from some days before he heared that Anjali has a relationship with another boy.When he heared this news he became so much angry and asked Anjali about this matter.But Anjali said that the boy is only her friend. But John did not believe it and he started to follow Anjali.He was upset hearing the news. He started to drinks more and also started to take drugs.But today he went to Anjali’s school and saw Anjali very close with that boy. seeing this John became more angry and was not able to control himself. At the spot he found a knife and went to Anjali and without talking with her John attacked her and Anjali was injured then that boy came to stop him and John attacked him and tried to kill him.At that situation one teacher came and tried to stop John but John again attack that teacher with that knife. The condition of that boy is so much bad that any time he may die. Cops came to that place and arrested John is at the custody.


My friend was sharing these with me. When I was listening I was so much depressed that I can not express.My friend was also tensed because now the cops will come to him to investigate the matter. He was upset. Though I am a student of law I just said him to say everything true what he knows about John. I said him not to worry.Then I was not able to control myself after listening this matter. Because John was a simple boy but how could he? Just I was thinking and came to my home.

Now I am thinking about John, Anjali, the boy and about the teacher.Whom I will blame now. I am not understanding.

Who is really guilty John or Anjali or That Boy ? Because what john has done , has done because he was depressed. But was Anjali right Or was that boy right. I can say only that the teacher was right ,He had really no guilt. But from my sense John,Anjali and that boy all are guilty and more guilty is the environment, the situation, the tradition. Because from one sense They all are innocent and from another they all are guilty.

Here John’s problem is he loved the girl.And was not able to control after seeing Anjali at that situation. Anjali’s problem was She could discuss all these matter with John before and that boy is really guilty because he knew about John and Anjali’s relationship but he came between them.And the real problem is of the situation.

Because in this modern age we are becoming worse that animal.One animal does not kill another animal of it’s species But people are killing people. At any kind of matter we are becoming upset. We can not control our mind. We break our relationship for very small matter. We have forgot to think about our future.Now what will happen to John.

Can we protect this youth from these unexpected things.We should think about this matter now I can not write because I have no language.


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