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Design A Engagement Ring Online

Updated on November 15, 2013

Design A Engagement Ring Online - James Allen

Looking for a ring! It's exciting and scary at the same time. You can design a engagement ring online from the comfort of your home.

A lot of women like to be involved in picking out or designing the ring, after all we plan on wearing it a long time.

James Allen creates the most beautiful engagement rings adorned with perfectly cut, high quality diamonds. You can design your ring in 3D (which is very cool). They have a team of quality experts and professionals on site to help their customers and their needs.

You will pick the shape of diamond or gem you want, the size, what type of metal it's made out of and move on from there to put it all together.

We are going to talk about the different styles and settings, and how you can begin designing your special ring right now.

Dancing Engagement Rings From James Allen

How To Design A Engagement Ring Online
How To Design A Engagement Ring Online

How To Design A Engagement Ring Online

James Allen Makes It Easy

The first thing we will do is click on select a diamond and pick what shape you like. There are 10 shapes to pick from:

Round, this one is the most popular. Princess, second most popular for it's square shape. Emerald, is kind of shaped like a football field with long lines cut through it. Asscher, this shape includes the princess, emerald, asscher, cushion, and radiant cut all rolled into one. Oval, because of it's cut looks bigger than it is. Radiant,takes lines of a square or rectangle and cuts off the corners. Pear, is shaped like a tear drop. Heart, shaped like a heart. Marquise, is long and skinny with points on each end. Cushion, this one is a square cut with rounded corners.

We can rotate the diamond to see what it looks like (it's very cool). After we pick the shape we will pick the color of diamond you want. It starts at D and goes to K with the last one being fancy.

From there we will move to clarity the first being IF which is flawless, and moving down the scale of the eight WS1, WS2, VS1, VS2,SI1,SI2, to the last one I1 which has flaws that can be seen.

The only way to pick these is to just look and pick one, because I know all of these letters and numbers can be confusing, relax and breath it really isn't that hard you will be fine.

Next we move to the cut, there are only four. True Hearts which is the very best, Ideal which is second in line and excellent quality, very good which are very close to the Ideal only cheaper, and last is Good which is above average and a great value for the price. As you change to each one the price by the diamond will change so you can figure out your price range.

Last but not least for the diamond is the size or carat, this one will be easy...well maybe. There is a slider we can move to change the size of our diamond. As we change the size, again the price will change with it so you know how much it will cost for what size.

When you have the one you have designed click on the picture and on the right under the picture you will see a box that says select this diamond click it and add it to the cart.

If you have any questions about the diamond or anything else you can just click on the little man that says talk to a diamond expert. You can click on chat live, send a message or request a call. I have talked to these guys ans gals and they are so nice and so patient. I was hesitant to chat because I don't like it when people are pushy, they were very helpful and gave suggestions.

Picking the setting you can go back to the home page or you can just hover over the words engagement rings at the top of the page and click on start by choosing an engagement ring. So now we can pick the kind of setting we want and the type of metal we want it made out of.

There are eleven different band styles to pick from: Solitaire, Pave, Channel Set, Side-Stone, Three Stone, Mixed Metal, Tension,Halo, Vintage, Wedding Set, and James Allen.

Just click on the style you like and then to the right you can pick the type of metal you want it made from. Then you just need to look throught the pages to see which one you like.

When you find the one you want just click on the image a new page will pop up, under the picture to the right will be a box that says select this ring just click it and add to cart. You can buy it now or save it for later.

That's all there is to it. See it wasn't that hard to design a engagement ring online was it. = ) You did great!

What You Should Know About Designing A Engagement Ring From James Allen

Design a Engagement Ring Online
Design a Engagement Ring Online

Price To Design A Engagement Ring Online

Can I afford an engagement ring from James Allen?

People have the notion that engagement rings are supposed to be expensive. That is absolutely wrong. James Allen engagement rings offer an array of engagement rings, ranging from $180 to $8000.

The company offers several payment options such as credit card, wire transfer, personal checks, money order or PayPal. James Allen also offers easy financing programs, which gives their valued customers flexibility and convenience.

The company provides fast and free shipping for both domestic and international, regardless of any amount.

All items are safely insured and securely packaged. James Allen also offers 100% refund or product exchange within the 60-day satisfaction period with no questions asked. Lastly, James Allen provides a lifetime warranty on all their engagement rings and jewelry.

I Designed A Engagement Ring Online - I am over the moon with this ring

Have You Designed An Engagement Ring Online? - Tell us your story

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    • MomOnTheGo LM profile image

      MomOnTheGo LM 4 years ago

      @anonymous: That's great! They have other great rings you can design other than just engagement rings.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I was looking to design a ring online. I clicked over to James Allen to see how it is a really cool site. I ended up designing 3 different rings and I have them in my cart...I can't decide which one to get. I will ask my husband to be which one he likes.