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Five Things Which Make Distance With Your Patner

Updated on June 1, 2009

We know that due to lots of work our life become so stressful, only moment spent with our partner can make sense of relief.

But when these moments to prove stressful than what can be more wrong than it. Sometimes husband and wife can not understand why are they get irritation. After all, what is the reason for complaint between them. Small things that make couple aside from each other and married sex life is affected.

Someone to compare

comparison of your partner with any other person can be create complaint of frustration. To compare two people is not right. To suggest your partner that look at the person's way of wearing cloths, learn the way to talk, or compliment about his/her beauty. This can be arise sense of frustration within your partner. Sex life effecting from such things.


Your wife is telling you something, but your attention is toward a tv news. Your husband ask something to you, but your attention to the phone conversation with your friend. Deaf ear to your partner is not right thing. If someone is telling you something, then they try to it they do not realize that you are not leasten him.When your partner are talking to you, at that time your attention should be on their side.

Time for the family

Today's busy life has been a difficult task, but save to enough time for my family is very important. At the same time, it is also important that you follow the time. It should not happen that a party in your house and you're going to be busy at the office. The right balance between work and family is a importance of happy married life.

Comment on your partner in front of others

Suppose you went to a party with your your partner and While negotiations with friends have started to comments on your partner. Many times it is happened inadvertently, but it should refrain. refrain from criticizing to your partner in front of another person, why not how close friends, doesn't matter.

Complaint only complaint

You always have so many complaints to your partner. I mean to say that you complain to your partner or other people or things, but it make you irascible. Apart from all these to keep the references of old things is wrong. If the matter is months or years old, don't remember it to generate stress.


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    • profile image

      masmasika 7 years ago

      Good hub about relationships. These are all true and partners must avoid doing them. Thanks for sharing.