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How to get your boyfriend to stop watching football

Updated on February 29, 2020

Fight Fire with Fire

For some women, football just isn't appealing. Millions of men watch football, some spend the entire season glued to the television, radio and newspapers. So what are we to do, those of use who find the game disinteresting? Why, fight back of course!

Dig deep for ideas, ladies, I know I am trying hard to find three very good ways to peel his eyes off the television for more than just a run to the fridge for more beer.

One crazy football fan!
One crazy football fan!

The Practical Answer

First, let's be practical. If you are having issues with feeling ignored or cast aside in favor of some form of entertainment, you should have a nice calm talk with your significant other.

The fact of the matter is, football is not as important as a relationship. Thanks to the wonders of TiVo and other program recording methods, no sport program should ever replace quality time with the one you love.

So, the first and best method of getting his attention if you're having issues with his football habit is to open up and talk to him. Be positive, don't accuse him of anything, don't get angry with him. Just talk. It's good for both of you to get your feelings across and let each other know where you stand in this type of situation.

Just explain things!
Just explain things!

Let's get creative.

Now, this option may seem a bit sexist, but have you considered replacing one passion with another? The fact is, as his lady love you should not have to compete with a sport event for his attentions. This option is an extreme, and may not work every weekend. Superbowl weekend? No chance this will work.

By now you should know what team your boyfriend/husband really favors. Armed with this knowledge, go on a little shopping trip and buy a jersey from one of those sports stores at the mall. Bring it home, and use a sharp pair of scissors to cut a slit on both sides right along the hem. Don't be afraid to cut the jersey, you'll be putting it to good use as a distraction for him.

Once you've cut two slits about three-quarters of the way up the sides of the jersey, fold it up and put it away for game-day. When game day arrives, make sure you set the mood for his football filled afternoon. This includes acquiring his favorite snacks, beverages, and even a little leeway on the household chores so he can just relax and have a good time before you try this trick.

Now comes the hard part. Sit with him and watch the game. This is mostly so you can keep him stocked, dote on him and the like. Wait until the second quarter starts and go into your bedroom. While he's hooting and hollering at the game, strip down and put on the jersey. Break out the perfume he loves on you so much, and you're ready to go. If you can, time your distraction for just when he needs a refill on his drink. Sneak into the kitchen and grab him a fresh soda/beer/etcetera and approach him from the side.

Lean down and hand him the drink, then give him a little wink as you come to stand within his view (but don't block the TV!)

Five bucks says his jaw hits the floor, and that's when you climb in his lap. You figure out the rest, but I nearly guarantee you've got his attention now!

The WRONG Answer

So, he's glued to the subject of football, and it's got you angry, hurt, worried and generally upset. Here are a list of things you should NOT do:

  1. Disconnect the TV and hide it on game days.
  2. Cancel your cable television service.
  3. Threaten him in any way (i.e. "It's either the football or me, pick one.")
  4. Put the maturity filter on your television to block channels which play sports.
  5. Yell, fight, cause issues.

Just as you have things you find interesting that he wants no part of, the opposite will be true of him. Learn to compromise early, and let him watch the game. With your man distracted, you can catch up on things that he gets in the way of, like redecorating, pampering yourself, or time out with your friends. You shouldn't have to suffer in silence, but there are definately better answers than throwing a fit.


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