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How to Get A Good Divorce Lawyer

Updated on December 13, 2010

Divorce Problem & Solution

When you come into this page, you might have problems with your marriage. When the time comes that your marriage shall be put into an end, you really should think about the alimony you deserve after you have done so much for your family, probably you might also want the child custody. You really need to take actions rather than wait for God's blessing. That is, to present your case to an experienced local divorce lawyer, talk to him or her, what needs to be done to get what you want. Yes. Here's just the place to get the solution.

  • Do You Hope to Present Your Divorce Case to Thousands of Lawyers FREE & CONFIDENTIAL?
  • Do You Hope to Get A FREE Consultation from An Experienced Divorce Lawyer?
  • Do You Hope to Get Multiple Experienced Divorce Lawyers to Choose from Based on the Free Consultation they Offered?
  • Do You Hope to Compare the Candidates By their Working Years & Service Charging Rate?
  • Do You Hope to Get A Local One to Meet in Person Next Day?
  • Do You Hope to Save Thousands of Dollars to Get A Premium Service?

If Most of the Answers You Give are "YES", Here is the Right Place You Are Looking For!


To get divorce is a complex process, especially you need legal protection on your own interest, like alimony,petition and child custody, so all you need is a local experienced divoce lawyer to get everything done for you on your behalf. However, it might cost you $250/hour to hire a 5-year-experience divorce lawyer doing the consultation for your specific case in any state of US,which is very expensive. What's worse, it's often too late for you to realize that the lawyer who is working for you is not the one you like or trust, probably just because his professional consultation doesn't impress you and you still have to pay for his bad service.

To get rid of that, you can simply present your own divorce case to us who have thousands of all level lawyers all over the country registered. We keep your information absolutely confidential to them except the case details. After your successful submission of your case, couple local lawyers of your zip code will review your case thoroughly and offer you free professional consultations. Then you can choose from couple of local lawyers by judging their quality of consultation they offered free for you . That can save you a lot of time and trouble and thousands of consultation fee. You Compare them By the Service Charging Rate & Service Quality. Finally you get your Preferred lawyer on Behalf of you to Get What You Deserve.That would be the Best Experience using our free legal service here.

Click Here to See the Step By Step Tutorial to Present Your Case(Highly Recommended. With Words & Screenshots)

Or Click Here to Go to the Case Presentation Free Legal Service (You Might Miss some Important Instructions.)

Divorce Basic Knowledge You Need To Know

 Divorce is a court procedure that dissolve a marriage.
When a divorce is finalized, each person is then free to remarry if they choose. All states require the spouse filing for the divorce to be a resident of that state. Understanding of the Divorce Chronology can better help you to understand the process.
"Fault" & "No Fault" are Different Types of Divorces:
Every state has their own divorce procedures. Most states adopt the "no fault" (also known as no-contest) method of granting a divorce; however while many keep contested or "fault" type divorce laws in force.
Obtaining a legal separation could be the 1st step if you think you need a divorce. Should domestic violence or spousal abuse, or any threatening behavior be an issue, then a court restraining order may be what is needed to prevent these behaviors from reoccurring. Spousal support is an issue that a lawyer may be best suited to handled. An attorney may also be necessary if there is a need for an enforcement decree or order. A pre-nuptial agreement you might influence your divorce settlement if you entered into one when you were married.
If children are part of the marriage, then there may be a need for one of the parties to pay ongoing child support, and child custody or child visitation may be issues that need to be arranged. Court ordered mediation is another possible way to resolve marital issues.


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    • TroyM profile image

      TroyM 6 years ago

      Very useful, nice article.

      Keep it up!

    • wARtist profile image

      wARtist 8 years ago from China

      Present your specific divorce to case to get the alimony you deserve. Just to help the children.