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DIY Homemade Gift Baskets For Men

Updated on March 7, 2014

Thoughtful Gifting

You may think that guys are hard to buy for. But really, they're not. You just have to home in on their interests and you'll find that you can compile a gift basket that's better than any gift you'd find on a shelf in a store.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Follow His Hobbies

Start by making a list of everything your guy likes. Is it dad? Does he like golf, football or soccer? Is he a movie buff? Does he have a techie mindset and love video games and computer geekery?

You can craft an entire gift basket around your recipient's hobbies and likes.

Movie gift basket from All About Gifts & Baskets
Movie gift basket from All About Gifts & Baskets | Source

For Movie Lovers

Say you have a movie buff on your gift list. You can really get creative. Grab a big tub-sized bowl or two. When your gifts are packed up they will look like awesome movie themed gift baskets. And when they're all unpacked, your recipient can use it for holding popcorn while he watches his flicks.

Pack the bowl with goodies like microwave popcorn pouches in different flavors. Don't forget kettle corn and even the nacho flavors. Get a variety.

In addition, get some popcorn seasonings. They are right near the popcorn in the store and come in flavors like cheese, extra butter, and ranch. You sprinkle them on top of popped popcorn for accent flavor.


Movie Basket Fillers

Now comes the really fun part. Pop some air pop popcorn without butter. Pack the bowl with the popcorn. If you use buttered popcorn, it will cause grease to get all over the other items in the bowl. Or, you can use peanuts with the shells on for your packing material. It's more fun than just using tissue paper.

Next, choose some videos to include. A good place to buy videos is at the discount store like Walmart or Target. They often have discount bins where you can get great DVDs for just a few dollars. They may be older titles, but there's sure to be some fun stuff there. If you'd rather, you can give a gift card for Netflix or another movie subscription. Don't forget TV series when you consider your gift. Was your recipient a fan of Seinfeld or ER? They now sell entire series on discs.

After you've got your basics, your movie basket will need some filling in. Go for Snickers, Almond Joy or whichever candies your recipient loves. You can add bags of sunflower seeds, nuts, caramels or any other munchies for the movie.


For Sports Lovers

It's so much fun to create gift baskets for men by theme. With so many different hobbies and likes, there's no reason why each person on your list can't get a homemade basket from you that's unique and plentiful.

Say you've got a sports nut on your list. Make up a basket with treats you'd eat at a sports event or tailgating party. Then include tickets to a big game and offer to go with him or have him bring a friend. There's always a great gift basket idea waiting to be made.

Carry Out Your Theme

Tailor to one theme and your basket will look cohesive and well-thought out. You don't want it to look hodgepodge, so always tie any gift basket together with a unifying theme, color, or content. When you do that, your whole basket seems like a solid gift with a purpose rather than individual items randomly thrown together.


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    • vibesites profile image

      vibesites 4 years ago from United States

      Almost all men like to tinker and fix on things, so a handyman kit is really a good bet! A very complete set of tools will surely make him drool. :)

    • janices7 profile image

      Janice S 6 years ago

      You can't go wrong with a basket or box full of snacks! So many great ideas in this hub.