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Dont Worry so Much

Updated on February 1, 2014

Don't Worry So Much!

So many men and women wonder when they will get married and have children?

What is wrong with the people I date?

Why can't I get a date?

Why can't I meet someone nice?

My clock is ticking and I have no prospects?

Where are all the good people?

Is this another bar night with the fellas/girls when I'd rather have someone special to spend my time with?

Why do I continue to attract the same losers?

Why can't I find mr/miss right?

How many activities can I engage in to ignore the romantic part of my life?

The random thoughts of single people.

Recently I encountered a woman that had the perfect summary response to unspoken questions:

Don't worry so much.

Like a light bulb her revelation was so simple, plain, and yet crystal clear. She said focus on your career and there is no such thing as too much education. As we sat and discussed an overview of her life and choices, reflecting her lifetime as if I was watching the movie Titanic featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, I was amazed. Behind her smile and loving words I looked into the blue eyes of a woman who was no doubt a beauty and spicy lady in her younger years. Reflecting over her decisions and providing guidance, I felt her words penetrate my soul in some sort of way. All my random thoughts were silently answered without an answer and my soul content.

I wondered if she ever regretted not having children in her lifetime so I asked. She replied “they are expensive.”

How wonderful. To be at ease with all decisions and choices making peace with the path you have chosen without deep regret is a lovely peace to have.

On the eve of Valentine's day for the single person or just another day for those who stress about meeting the one and having a family: chill out. Focus on your goals and prepare for what you desire. Being at ease with oneself and okay with your life attracts peace within yourself and allows you to interact beautifully with others. Life is full of so many riches and love.

The love of your family.

The love of your nieces and nephews. (For those without kids, take an active interest, and give love.)

The love of your friends.

The love of others when your volunteer.

The love of your religion/religious family.

Sometimes one can be so blind to the love all around us that surrounds and embraces us without appreciation or acknowledgment. You are blessed.

Our conversation came to an end and she told me; you are such a beautiful person with a good spirit. Everything will work out okay. I felt like God allowed me to interact with a little angel that placed a gift from the creator in the form of a sweet older lady who reiterated priorities in life are most important. More importantly she whispered in my ear..........Everything will be okay.

Don't worry and put your priorities in place!


What are the effects of worry?

  • absent minded or neglectful of your health
  • depression
  • decrease in a fulfilling sex life
  • absent minded or neglectful
  • prone to infections / lower immune system
  • increased risk of stroke and stomach ulcers


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