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Double Standards Between the Sexes

Updated on December 5, 2014


O.K. maybe a lot of people will agree that seeing a man try on women’s underwear is creapy and perverted, right? And a lot of people also believe that women wearing men’s underwear and clothes in general is sexy, right? Well, today I saw a video titled “Women try on men’s underwear for the first time” and some of the comments left on this video include women talking about how they do it all the time for comfort, how they sleep in them and whatever. Just the same, there is a video on youtube titled “Men try on Women’s underwear for the first time” and people’s comments included women stating that they should show it outside of the sheet like it was with the women, to which I must reply *ehem* “Why don’t the women peel back the undies and show off their vaginas? You approve of a man’s balls hanging out of the women’s underwear but you won’t show your shit will ya?” and they also were talking about how sexy it would be for the guy to do that, others were saying how disgusting it was. Now please tell me, as my reader, do you think that if a man were to go onto the first video I mentioned and make a comment about a woman looking sexy in those, he would be a pig and to the feminists out there, he would be a rapist, and if he were to say it’s disgusting then he would be considered sexist. The funny thing is, I think that most men know I’m right, because the majority of comments I have seen on those videos were from women!

Now I’m going to take a bold step and say I thought some of those women that tried on the men’s underwear looked sexy in them. That’s right, now I know already there is going to be plenty of people telling me “oh you’re a pig, you rape us. It’s the next anti-christ! He paid us a compliment!” and I accept this, I welcome it with open arms, please please leave as many comments as you wish.

He DID go through it, just sayin
He DID go through it, just sayin

Labor and Ball Pain

I have read multiple times and heard even more about women saying things like “we’re stronger than men because we can give birth” or “let’s see how tough a guy is during labor!”. Well let me say this, I would gladly sign up to take the pain of labor, in fact, since the majority of mothers have birthed up to 3 children, with some exceptions that have done more or less, I would sign up to experience it several times. I don’t usually hear people say things like “lets see a women experience the pain of having balls dangling there” because then they would be sexist, then they would be shot down being told that its nothing like labor, well let me ask this, from the time a woman is born to the time they are a teenager, most girls don’t go through labor pains, when they get older they still could choose not to go through labor pains. I admit that accidents may happen, maybe you don’t believe in abortion and what not, or even rape, which I sincerely hope never happens to anyone! But no matter what, labor is really more of a choice and only lasts for a period of time before you can say “neva doin that again!” but a man has to constantly protect his “soft spot” from harm, day to day we don’t know if someone else is going to purposely or accidentally harm us, you think because we don’t scream and make such a big deal out of it that it isn’t just as painful? Ask the scientists that say the amount of pain you register in your brain during labor is EQUAL TO, and sometimes LESS THAN the pain a man feels when hit in the balls! The reason we don’t react like that? We get used to it! You try having a little bag hanging down between your legs, and for every time it gets hit even a little bit, you might as well just have a baby!

I actually posed this exact dilemma to a few women I know, I would tell them all about how similar being hit in the testicles is to labor pains, and a lot of the responses I got were similar. “The difference is that you’re a man”, “it’s different for men”, “you don’t get it and you never will because you are a MAN”. I would turn the tables, I would say “You just don’t get it because you’re a woman” and I was told that I’m a sexist, selfish pig. Again, I turned the tables “Well then your sexist selfish bitch for your comment” and I was just flat out told I am WRONG. Tell me that isn’t a double standard and I will tell you you’re WRONG!

If you think that wasn't a double standard, please click here.


Who wants to tell me that only men crave sex? Anyone? Well if you do, you wouldn’t be the first. Do a lot of men enjoy, and sometimes crave sex? Hell yeah, I mean it feels good, right? Now, I wanna know how many of these next questions you say no to… Do a lot of women enjoy sex? Do some crave it? Does it feel good? Well if you said no, then you are dead wrong, in fact I have known more women that craved and were addicted to sex than men. That is only who I know, I don’t know the statistics really. I do know that when a man has a lot of sex, he’s an addict, if a woman does it a lot, she’s a whore, that simple, right? NO! Have sex, have fun, if you don’t wanna have sex then who the fuck cares? Women, if ya don’t wanna participate in sexual intercourse, then keep your pants on and your legs closed. Men, if you don’t want to have sex then don’t take your dicks out until ya gotta pee. It really is just that simple, if you’re a sexual person then find another sexual person to be with.


Before you read this, please note, I am not necessarily talking about you personally. I don’t care if you’re gay, I don’t care if you’re lesbian, in fact if you are then more power to you! This world is not an easy one for homosexuals, but more-so to homosexual men. I don’t get how a couple of men who are lovers is disgusting but a couple of woman lovers is sexy. Can someone please explain this to me? I don’t know, is it that you can’t handle the thought of guys doing anal? ‘cause here’s a news flash for you, more straight couples participate in anal sex than gay couples do!

Not that I agree with it, but I also understand the religious point, I get the whole “sex is for baby making and two men can’t make a baby together” I also believe that if you’re gonna see it that way, then it’s the same with women. I personally believe that if you love a person enough then you should spend your life with that person. I am spending the rest of my life with a beautiful woman that I love, should I deny that of someone else simply because the person they love is a member of the same sex? Well if so then I will just have to continue living my life the wrong way.


This part should be simple to understand. Can a man rape a woman? YES. Should he? NO. Have men raped women in the past? YES. Does that make it right? NO!

Now let’s turn it around, shall we? Can a woman rape a man? YES. Should she? NO. Have women raped men in the past? YES. Does that make it right? NO!

See how that works? Just because a woman might be smaller and weaker than a man doesn’t mean she can’t rape him, and sometimes the woman is actually bigger and stronger than the man. Let me start with the first part. A man that is large and strong could also have a very soft heart, maybe that man simply doesn’t want to harm a smaller woman, no matter what. Now, let’s say a woman comes along and decides to take advantage of his soft heart, so she climbs on top of him, rubs against him, and before you know it BAM! No matter how many times he declines, she keeps on going until she’s satisfied. Now, is he wrong for not trying to push him off of her? Is he wrong for not hurting her to get him off of him? The law states that a sexual act is to be considered rape the very second one of the participant’s declines but the other one continues.

Well, that is my rant about double standards in the world, I will be posting more from time to time but for now, I’m spent. I welcome all of your negativity as well as positivity in the comments section below. Thanks for reading!

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