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Duties of a Bridesmaid in a Wedding

Updated on February 19, 2014
A cute little "junior bridesmaid"
A cute little "junior bridesmaid" | Source

You know that a bridesmaid is the young woman who is a member of the wedding party. She needs to wear a special dress and will accompany the bride during the wedding ceremony. There is no rule about the total number of bridesmaids. It depends upon many factors. Typically a friend, sister or young relative is given the honor of being a bridesmaid.

A bridesmaid has many duties to perform before and after the marriage. She is expected to show her multitasking and management skills. The long process of the wedding will go on for a year. There will be pre-wedding parties. You need to perform many things as a bridesmaid. To help you, I have enlisted the duties of a bridesmaid in the sections below.


  • A bridesmaid should help the bride during the pre-wedding arrangements. She can help the bride in writing the invitations.
  • The bridesmaid can also help the bride about the decorations during the wedding and the parties.
  • Choosing the wedding dress is also not a too easy task for woman soon to be wedded. You, as a bridesmaid should help her to decide which dress to buy for the great event. There are also accessories like shoes, jewelries etc to buy.
  • Other important pre-wedding tasks are helping to arrange the sits and decide who will sit where.
  • By being supportive and attentive, you can help the bride and her family about the things they will forget.
  • Arrange the bridal shower and the bachelorette party with other bridesmaids. Do not forget the fact that you all would have to bear the cost of these. If you are the maid of honor then you will have the most responsibility for arranging the bridal shower.
  • You need to keep record of all the gifts received at various parties (If you are the Maid of Honor or she is not apt for the job).
  • The rehearsal dinner takes place before the wedding day and the groom and his family takes care of it. It is a must for a bridesmaid to appear there.

The bridesmaids party
The bridesmaids party | Source

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On the Wedding Day

  • A woman wants to appear dazzling during her wedding. So, you need to help her to dress and makeup. Make sure to make the bright beautiful. Take care of the bride before the marriage and try to ease her tension.
  • Being the witness in a marriage contract is also a duty of a bridesmaid. It is a great honor, too! You need to be social and see everything and everyone is all right.
  • The bridesmaids will follow the bride during the wedding ceremony. They will assist her to keep her hard to manage dress in proper place. They will also hold her purse and the bouquet.
  • Bridesmaids should also look attractive beside the bride. So, make sure to groom yourself for the event and buy special dresses and accessories for the great event.

Dancing Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Cost of being a Bridesmaid

Being a bridesmaid is an honor and fun too. But like all good things, it comes with a price. You need to spend some money for the occasion. Some of the costs involved are direct and some are indirect. The expenses of a bridesmaid will be on

a) Arranging the bachelorette party and the bridal shower. The cost will be divided among the maids.

b) Purchasing the bride’s wedding dress, shoes and other accessories (sometimes).

c) Paying for makeup.

d) Paying for your own dresses and accessories.

e) Paying for the spa and other things.

At first look it may seem too much, but don’t be worried, the big cost of the parties will be shared by other maids too. Moreover, the whole process will take place within a long time period, usually 12 to 18 months. So, the costs will be spread around the time.

A 1929 bride with her maids...
A 1929 bride with her maids... | Source

The Estimated Cost

It will cost you some money. The true cost of being a bridesmaid has its price. But how much is the cost has a variable answer. Yes, it can vary from case to case depending upon many factors. Here I am going to give you an idea about the cost.

The travelling and lodging will cost you more than $500 if you are coming from a faraway place. Different pre-wedding parties can increase the amount. The bridesmaid’s dress is ugly but expensive. The average cost of such a dress is about S150 to $200.

You will have to treat your hair and nails. Do not forget the cost of the makeup either. All these need an amount of 50 to 60 bucks.

You need to purchase a good gift for the wedding, another one for the bridal shower and another one for the bachelorette party. Now, you can see that those gifts will cost you more than $200. Off course, you can control this amount by your choice of gifts.

Different pre-wedding parties are going to cost you some money. There are the engagement party, the bridal shower and also the bachelorette party. The last one will be most expensive. The total cost of hosting these parties will be about $200.


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