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Elegant Mexican Wedding Ideas

Updated on August 17, 2013

Beautiful Ideas For A Mexican Wedding

An elegant Mexican wedding theme is the perfect theme for the new Latina or anyone who loves the Mexican culture. With designs such as talaveras, papel picado and other traditional mexican floral art, you can have a beautiful wedding that is modern and yet celebrates your heritage or your love of Mexico.

Here I have gathered my favorite invitations, as well as spanish wedding songs, decorations, favors and traditional Mexican wedding essentials.

Folk Art Mexican Wedding Invitations

Mexican Ties Wedding Invitations

Fiesta Folk Art Wedding Invitations

Las Flores Bonitas Wedding Invitations

Con Amor Hand Painted Wedding Invitations

Mexican weddings are filled with beautiful traditions. The "arras and lazo" are two of my favorite. Below are some of my favorite items which will make this elegant wedding a true mexican wedding.

To find out more about these traditions, visit The History and Beauty of Mexican Weddings.

Elegant Decor For A Mexican Wedding

Make your wedding extra special with

customized, ready made or even make your own

Papel Picado Mexican wedding banners.

To decorate a Mexican themed wedding, it is essential that at least some decorations represent the beautiful culture of Mexico. Combine modern solid color linens, simple votive candles and flowers with coordinating Mexican folk art.

Find the perfect accent decorations for your elegant Mexican Wedding or get inspired by the colors, textures & designs of Mexican folk art. Try to find those which coordinate with your wedding invitation and wedding colors. Here are some of the best sites of authentic Mexican folk art for inspiration.

be inspired by the folk art of Mexico


The Dhalia Pinnata

is the national flower of Mexico.

Incorporate it in your bouquet,

as well as floral arrangements.

Mexican Themed Wedding Favors


Distintivos, also known as capias, are the traditional wedding favor given at Mexican weddings. They are small pin-on favors, which normally include a customized printed ribbon with the names of the bride and groom, as well as the wedding date. These can be easily made and can be coordinated with your wedding colors and theme. Visit our Easy To Make Capias page, to find supplies and complete simple instructions to make these cute favors.


Mexican wedding cookies are a great favor which can be made ahead of time or purchased. They are delicious and placed in a small box, will love.

more favor ideas

  • Lace paper dolliescones and add your favorite candy or "cacahuates".
  • Small glass jars filled with delicious homemade chile...add a tag with the recipe.
  • Small tequila bottles decorated with wedding ribbon & a tag.
  • Craft or waxed paper bags with aromatic mexican vanilla beans.
  • Mexican chocolate bars or small bags filled with ground Mexican chocolate.

Wheaton W216915 Clear Glass 4oz Straight Sided Jar, with 58-400 White Polypropylene Poly-Vinyl Lined Screw Cap (Case of 24)
Wheaton W216915 Clear Glass 4oz Straight Sided Jar, with 58-400 White Polypropylene Poly-Vinyl Lined Screw Cap (Case of 24)

Have a family member with a great chile recipe make chileros for you in these cute mini jars. Add a customized tag with ribbon or a coordinating sticker, etc. and use as a wedding favor.

Shop Succulents Rosette Succulent (Collection of 20)
Shop Succulents Rosette Succulent (Collection of 20)

These are beautiful and can be planted in tiny terra cotta pots. They can serve as place cards and/or favors.

12 Award Winning Mexican Vanilla Beans
12 Award Winning Mexican Vanilla Beans

Divide these aromatic vanilla beans and include in an unbleached was paper (below). Add a ribbon, tag or sticker to coordinate with your wedding. The aroma of the vanilla beans will truly bring out old world charm at your wedding.


Be sure to buy

Mexican Personalized Ribbons,

for your wedding favors.

Although a Mexican themed wedding can include english songs, as well as spanish songs for the reception, you should ensure that at least a few key songs are traditional spanish songs. Romantic spanish songs for welcoming the guests to the reception, the first dance and other key times of the wedding will bring to life the elegant Mexican theme.

Below, I have compiled a few of my favorite, including Sin Ti, which was actually my own engagement and wedding song. If you like them, you can click to buy them.

Mexican Flavored Signature Drink

Every wedding should have a signature drink. It shows guests that every detail was carefully planned and in addition, in many instances, it also saves on the liquor cost at a wedding reception. Don't miss this delicious Añejo Caliente Cocoa Cocktail as a wedding reception welcome drink or after dinner drink.

did you enjoy our ideas? - let us know here...we'd love to hear from you

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