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How to approach women

Updated on May 19, 2010
Best way to approach a girl.
Best way to approach a girl.

 As you may already know, women are not the easiest creatures for most men to figure out. We all know that there are times when you are left scratching your head, wondering why women do the things they do.

You also know that being around beautiful women is much better than being around a bunch of guys. So, somewhere along the way, you have to learn what women respond to and how to create attraction. That is, IF you want to really succeed at getting the attention from women that you crave.

A lot of men have a little bit of fear that they associate with approaching women. And this feeling usually escalates when it comes to a really beautiful woman. Your heart races, your hands sweat, maybe your mouth gets dry and you lose all train of thought.

Because of this, most guys naturally shy away from approaching women that they really are attracted to. Maybe they approach a much more average girl that they feel comfortable with. Living your life at the highest levels, means you have to break out of those comfort zones.

In this case, it means that you have to learn how to approach women.

One of the things that commonly gets looked for in this case, is pickup lines to use on women. I have to say that in my own experience and in seeing other guys that are successful with women, you might as well forget about pick up lines. They hardly ever work and even if they do, they don't really create that feeling that easily attracts and seduces women.

You want her to feel caught up in the moment or swept off her feet. Why?

When she feels this way, she will be less likely to shut you down. See, women are naturally resistant to guys that approach them. They have to be. Especially good looking women. They've been approached since they were a teenager and they know that most guys approach them just to get in their pants. So, they can easily shut you down if they know that is what you want. And they will if you try to use pickup lines.

A much better approach is to use a more natural conversation to create attraction. Make her laugh. Make her smile. Get a real interaction going on. What you want to be able to do is to get her to zone in to you and zone out anything else that is going on around her.

This creates that “love at first sight” kind of feeling. And let me tell you, women find that feeling intoxicating. If you can make her feel this way, you are going to get further than any other guy that approaches her. And if you can make that feeling strong enough, clear a path to the bedroom!

What you have to avoid is boring conversation. Work, family issues, these things are boring as hell and they do nothing to create sexual chemistry. If you don't create sexual chemistry, at best you will just be creating a friendship. And once you get placed in the friend zone, it hard to get out.

Don't out yourself there. Get the conversation going and stay away from the pick up lines. Let the amateurs and wanna-bes use those. You will be the one that she thinks about in the end.

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