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The 3 Essential Love

Updated on May 4, 2011

The 3 Essential Love

Almost everyone that enters into a relationship or marriage falls under 1, 2 or all 3 essential love;

  • Practical Love
  • Passion Love
  • Genuine Love

And believes their love for one another will never fail. Yet according to statistics in America out of every 2 marriages there's 1 divorce. This is a result of building a foundation on the wrong type of love.

For instance it wouldn't take a couple a very long time to discover that a passionate relationship which compasses around sexual gratification alone, in itself is not sufficient to sustain and establish a successful relationship. Even though passion is a vital element within a relationship structure.

Unfortunately a lot of couples begin their relationship or marriage based upon this type of love and thinks this is the only type of love is needed.

Now lets take a look at the 3 Essential Love which are unique in their own way:

Practical Love

This is the type of love where a boy meets a girl and tell her "I love you," and then she blushes feels all excited and get emotionally work up, heart pumping etc. this kind of love stimulates all 5 senses.

This love is also based upon beauty, he or she smells good, sounds good and looks good. Find the person is pleasant company, makes you happy, funny, a good conservationist, have a great body shape, happens to enjoy the same things you like to do etc. etc.

Many relationships start with this type of love by falling in love with the appealing outward appearance or attractions of others.

Under the umbrella of this practical love one can find themselves enjoying the parts of the other person life that brings them joy and make them feel good.

Though this love is the foundation of many relationships or marriages it doesn't stand during tough times or when the person changes their personality or lifestyle.

As times goes by he or she changes their lifestyle, views on things of life, she decides to cut her hair short when he likes it long or change her wardrobe and decides to wear loose clothing, when he likes seeing her in tight clothing or he used to be clean shaven, now he wears a beard, he never smoke or drink now suddenly he picks up new habits, the places you love to visit together that makes you happy, now he hangs out with his friends that you don't approve of the places.

As time progresses and the relationship is aging the more changes will be made.

Now is where the trouble begins by falling in love with changeable things!

When the foundation of the relationship was built on practical love of characteristics and things founded to be appealing and attractive at that point in time.

With the lack of what you first fell in love with, day in day out day feelings grow colder and weaker until you begin to ponder what you ever liked about that person in the first place.

Now you are off to seek for a new lover.

Therefore without any doubt practical love alone has trouble maturing and lasting for many years.

Passion Love

Passion is an essential love that focuses more on the emotions than practical love, its a type of love that keeps a person “keyed” up to high rates of vibrations known as: enthusiasm, creative imagination, intense desire for sexual expression and love.

Its a type of love that makes someone say; Hey baby you really turn me on, the Greek call it Eros love a sensual and physical form of love that often produces ardent physical involvement. Eros love heighten ones senses and stimulates body and mind. Its a type of love that hungers for the other person to stimulate and satisfy their sexual urges.

The human mind reacts to stimulation, the best and most powerful stimulation is SEX. The desire for sexual expression comes at the top of the list of stimulations. Sex is the most intense and powerful of all mind stimulations.

If passion alone exists in a relationship and it does not consist of genuine love this usually gives way to lust, disgust, distorted, repulsion and can be totally destructive.

Genuine Love

Genuine Love is completely different from practical love and passion love. Its a love that has no boundaries, It means I see a need and I want to meet it. Instead of taking for itself genuine love seeks to give to other. It motivates others to reach their heighten potential in life.

Genuine love does not consist of any qualification, a long list of things one must have or expect to get back something in return for love.

Genuine love doesn't say I want you to be my lover because you are so beautiful and I want people to see us together, nor does it seek love from someone who only has wealthy possessions, true love will give and never take, genuine love because its pure its duty is to fulfill. It doesn't look for outer appearance alone, but also seeks for the character that lies within.

Genuine love will last and grow old forever, under any weather and or condition, it will embrace even if character or lifestyle changes, because true love, loves from deep within, true love don't tell tales or play games.

Any relationship or marriage that have a combination of the 3 essential love; genuine love, practical love and passion love will have all necessary ingredients to sustain a happy, healthy and enjoy a successful relationship.

I wish your relationship be filled with passion and genuine love.

All the best!


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    • Sharon Douglas profile image

      Sharon Douglas 6 years ago from GA, United States

      Hello Noorin

      Thanks for reading my article, voting it up and for following me.

      Have a bless day!

    • noorin profile image

      noorin 6 years ago from Canada

      Hey Sharon, Voted it up and will be following you =)