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Long Distance Relationships (LDR)

Updated on February 22, 2013

Would I do it again?

Yes! The first time it was not planned nor would it be planned another time if it should happen. Its like meeting someone who lives near you. You do not plan to fall in love with a certain person. It just happens for whatever reasons.

I feel that anything is possible if you really want it bad enough. But as in any relationship, BOTH of you have to want to do whatever it takes in order to make it happen.

I found my way to Catawissa, Pa by building a relationship online. I am not a person that does these sort of things. I meet people on the Internet and chat like I am doing by writing this with you.

I have met 3 people (one lived near me in NJ) in person whom I met online. I have many friends around the wonderful World Wide Web. Both male and female of different age groups and racial backgrounds.

Yes. I know people out in the real world as well. The difference with my friends in my "real world" and my Internet friends is mainly one thing. The people I know in my real world seem to have one thing in common; they tend to always want something from me. Money, money for drinking, money for gas, and always something that cost money.

My Internet friends only want friendship. The old fashion kind. The kind that only requires time sharing.

What about the dangers?

There is danger in everything about conecting with people, online and in real life. There are many forms of the risks that are taken in building any type of relationship.

I grew to know these people online and on the phone on a daily basis. I feel that I am a lucky person when it comes to knowing a person. Yes I do take risks but I approach them with caution. This is apart of everything in life.

I have always went with my instincts and they have never failed me. Risks are taken daily by everyone.


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    • 4tune profile image

      4tune 6 years ago from Michigan

      I would never do it again myself, There is too much that can be hidden, You can be an open book while the other hides too much,waste a lot of time dreaming or even caring about them all for nothing.

      I think women are more capable of it then men are, They can feel absolutely nothing and say your a friend, then find out they did not even consider the friendship to be all that much either.

      After that I would avoid it now .. Was a hard lesson to learn, even as i know a few get lucky with it, I just don't trust it .. Meet me in person then maybe I will really know you mean what you say, until then I would not trust men online to have any real feelings for me.