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eye contact and attraction

Updated on November 21, 2011

Eye Contact Is A Powerful Attraction Tool

In this short article I'm going to explain the relationship between eye contact and attraction. Now before I get started, please understand that although this article is mainly aimed to help men learn how to attract women with eye contact, eye contact is something that both genders use to flirt and create attraction, so women should be able to benefit from this article too.

So was does eye contact have to do with attraction anyway? The answer is A lot! The way people look at each other, or don't look at each other can communicate more messages that are more powerful than words!

Understanding Attraction

Attraction is a complex topic to understand, and there is so much information out there on attraction that it is very easy to get confused. So for the sake of simplicity just remember that attraction is NOT a logical choice that people make,

We don't say to ourselves, "Oh so and so seems cool, I guess I'll be attracted to them now." Instead, it's something that we just either FEEL or don't on a deep instinctive level...

So when you see someone you are attracted to, what kinds of thought go through your head? For most people thoughts like, "does she like me" and "how can I show her I like her and get her to like me?" Are very common.

It's easy to over think these things, but that can be a big waste of time. And, luckily for us we can use our understanding of eye contact and attraction to answer these questions!

Let's run through these three questions and see what we can figure out:

1) Does she like me?

A woman's willingness to maintain eye contact with you can be a very telling sign that she is attracted. After all, most women will not lock eyes with a guy they have no romantic interest in. So, one very easy way to tell if a woman likes you is to attempt to establish eye-contact and see how she responds. However, you must keep in mind the fact that some women are shy are will not feel comfortable holding eye contact with you even if they ARE interested. It's pretty easy to tell if you are dealing with a shy girl once you get to talking to her though, and shy women are typically not scary women to approach and talk to.

2) How can I show her that I like her?

There are numerous ways to show a woman that you like her and are interested in talking to her/dating. In the early stages of an interaction, eye contact is a great way to signal your interest and give her a chance to respond before you approach her and start trying to engage her in a conversation. For example you could give her a quick once over and let her "catch you" checking her out... For a complete list of highly effective eye contact flirting techniques you can use to attract women check out my website.

Watch Mickey Rourke In Action In 91/2 weeks

3) How can I get her to like me?

Now this is the real question of the hour now isn't it! Every man on earth wishes he had the power to get the women he likes to like him back... But understanding how to create that instinctual, PRIMAL attraction in another person can seem like trying to understand how black holes work, or what came first, the chicken or the egg. The answer is of course far beyond the scope of this article, but here are some quick and dirty ways you can use eye contact to improve to way women perceive you...

First, try to be as comfortable as possible with your eyes. This means not looking around nervously, or staring at her and then looking away all quick. Those things will make you look like "nervous eyes guy" and that's not attractive.

Second, try to send a calm, warm vibe out through your eyes. I know this may sound a little "new-agey" but it's very real, there are many ways to look at another person and each of these "ways of looking" conveys a very different emotion. So, practice sending calm, warm vibes and also try out sending out any other types of "eye-vibes" you may wish to convey.

Third, don't overdo it with the eye contact. This is a powerful attraction tool, and when you first realize how easy it is to flirt with women and create attraction with eye contact you may inadvertently come on a bit too strong. Eye contact is one of those "middle-path" types of things like eating food, you've got to eat enough to nurish yourself but not so much that you get soft in the middle.

So, I hope that you enjoyed this explanation of eye contact and attraction for more information on how to make women approach you, please visit my website!


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    • profile image

      Sane man 

      5 years ago

      I was distracted in that video by the fact that Rourke lost his looks worse than Rick James did. Anyway, what if a girl you know holds eye contact in conversation, but in a way that is beyond normal/casual, i.e. unbroken eye contact for over 5-10 seconds. The catch being she has a boyfriend. Trying to get you into her for a self esteem boost?

    • profile image

      Chuck Dupre 

      8 years ago

      Good stuff, I want to get better at eye contact flirting but it makes me nervous:D


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