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My Parents Didn't Care For Me

Updated on October 28, 2014

God talks about it in His Word, the need for Christians to be a shining light to others. This,of course,refers to demonstrating and sharing God's Love in Jesus Christ. In much the same way America was once a shining light to the world. It's obvious that this was God's plan for America and the reason for His awesome blessings thru the years. America has been an example of freedom and opportunity like no other country in history. As a Christian nation America has ministered and witnessed God's love to the world in a tremendous way. However, America's light has been dimmed. Why? I believe it's because of pride. We, as a nation, have turned from giving God the glory to ourselves.

In recent years our freedoms have been diminished and for decades now our government has been allowed to dictate the direction of this country. We the people, by our ignorance and complacancy, have become compatable to their evil agenda. I do believe that God is in control but it looks like we're fixin' to get a spanking for our ever growing rebellious attitude. A spanking, i'm afraid, we'll never recover from.

In the past several years there has been many attacks on our beloved Constitution; attacks on our most basic freedoms for which it was written to protect. I believe that The Constitution is inspired by God. It was prayerfully created by godly men and written with Christian morals as it's foundation. Thru-out my life I have witnessed an ever growing rejection of God here in America. I have seen the Supreme Court and Congress twist the Constitution to say what they want it to say. Today high ranking government officials threaten our beloved Constitution even more. The "American" way of life is definitely in jeapordy.

As a Christian, a former United States Marine and a sworn protector of The Constitution of the United States, I do hereby exercise my First Ammendment right to express my opinion and to give praise to a living, loving God! IN JESUS' NAME!!

In the poems to follow I have related a story to explain what the poem means. Many of my poems are written with my grand children in mind. My family, for what ever reason, isn't very close. Perhaps, if they ever read them they will understand what's going on here.



My parents didn't care for me;

they left me to my own.

To make decisions uninformed

this kinda set the tone.

I was never taken to the church

where God may have set me straight.

Instead we always stayed at home

to rest and rec-create.

I guess they really didn't care;

I'm now an alcoholic.

They only used it socially,

but I just can't control it.

I didn't mean to hurt those people.

I guess I drank to much

of that bottle in the cabinet

I was told to never touch.

My parents let the public schools

get inside my brain.

Be tolerant and never judge;

just let the world reign.

I've read about the freedoms

that Americans once had;

of those who died for nothing!

What happened to us Dad?

We're in a terror war, I'm told,

with Americans to blame

An infidel he called me

So I shot him in the brain.

I guess they didn't care enough

to teach me all that well

the things that really matter

that would keep me out of Hell!

I know that's where I'm headed

if I don't change the way I think.

A fellow inmate mentioned Jesus

cause we're both here at the brink!

Yes, at the brink of execution

for the bad things that I've done.

My parents really let me down.

I've no where else to run!

As I look back for an answer,

A little church as I recall.

I felt it sort of drawing me.

Too late! I guess that's all.

But wait !

I do remember something:

It was Him who died for me.

As I recall, secured my pardon,

Jesus died to set me free!

Now I know the truth is Christ;

though my whole life's been a lie.

I accept you, Lord, my Savior

as it's my turn now to die..

My Parents Didn't Care For Me

But Jesus Did

My parents didn't care for me.

They left me to my own

to make decisions uninformed.

This kinda set the tone.

Gay rights, porn, school killings, MTV, drugs, tattoos, piercings, terror threats, bullies, abortion, illegals, internet, I phones, alcohol, evolution, TV cussing, bias media, big gov't. This is the World System taking over. In case you can't see it, we ain't getting better we're totally going into the sewer. Most of these things weren't around when I was a child and those that were, their evil went unnoticed. Hero's were real people not Hollywood phonies or promiscuous vulgar sports figures. The gay thing was illegal. Schools were safe and you could even pray there. Porn was rare. Tattoos and piercings were unheard of. Life was sacred and if you cussed you got your mouth washed out with soap. TV was black and white and we only had one, if you can imagine that! The point is, there is a lot more stumbling bumps for kids today than used to be.

Good parents must be aware of these miry pits. They need to be vigilant warning and teaching their children to help them avoid tripping and falling into any of them. Parents, your the example that your sons and daughters will follow. Sure God gave them a free choice. However, it's your job to make these bad things unattractive to that choice. Whether you like it or not, you set the tone for your child's life.

In the poem drug/alcohol abuse sets the tone for this youngster.

(A victory for satan)

I was never taken to the church

where God may have set me straight.

Instead we always stayed at home

to rest and rec-create.

Parents today have grown up under many of the influences listed above. We've grown accustom to many of them. In the process we have dulled our senses to the reality of how bad these things have become. We don't even realize, perhaps,how bad we've become. We tend to compare ourselves with others in the world rather than to God's example, Jesus Christ. We excuse ourselves as being not as bad as the next guy or girl. In order to make ourselves feel good about ourselves

we've lowered the standard. Well, guess what, our children will lower it even further! This worldly mentality evolves into a lot of bad habits which are hard to break. Temporary pleasures from, say drugs or alcohol, are very difficult to give up. Difficult but not impossible !

Our country, as well as the home, is founded on good morals. I don't mean man-made morals as in "good" but God-made morals as in "Holy." God's Word teaches that our own good works are as filthy rags and will be burned up. He goes on to say but if any be done in Jesus' Name will last forever.

God rested on the seventh day as He commanded us to do the same. Parents who honor God by their obedience, thanksgiving and praise of our Lord Jesus while resting in Him consistently honor their children. Do you love your children? Love God first!

The person in the poem was a victim of lazy parents, such an easy pit to fall into. Today we have all sorts of things to entertain our children. Perhaps the worst of these is the TV. Mom, have you ever plopped your child down in front of the TV and popped in a tape or turned on some so called children's program? You know, to keep their mind occupied? Did you really know what you were showing your child? These programs are designed to teach and form that child's mind in a particular way. How subtle and tricky is that ?? Then as the child grows older and watches regular TV programs with no control the problem "snowballs" big time! Because, guess what, same thing only at an adult level. If the content suggests anti-moral or damaging attitudes the child should not be exposed to it period. Without the proper discernment your child will be hooked! Thoughts become actions. Actions become habits. Habits become lifestyles. In other words, that which parents allow into their child's mind will one day become their child's lifestyle ! This is why the World System is doing all it can to get inside your child's mind. Violent, promiscuous, greed, hate, homo-sexual, murderer, rapist, take your pick, parents, or just let the TV do it for you. It may come back and bite you some day! You might want to check out Romans 1 in the Bible.

Parents, get off your lazy butts and get the kids in a good church program where they at least have a chance. Good church fellowship is invaluable for supporting good morals and for your family's survival in this evil world. Not to mention it teaches them about God's Love for them. How cool is that?

(A victory for satan)

I guess they really didn't care.

I'm now an alcoholic.

They only used it socially

but I just can't control it.

Here's a classic case of (what the fathers allow in moderation their children will allow in excess). Again, referring to the list of bad influences above, this young lad battled with many of these issues. All kids have troubling questions. Questions like where did I come from? where am I going? Who am I? Sex? What's my purpose? These are very heavy questions even for adults. The answers can come from one of two sources ,The Word of God or the World System (satan). You can probably guess where this young man got his input for his decisions concerning alcohol. The Bible tells us that the flesh is weak. It's only through Christ and His strength that we can deal with these issues effectively .

Another victory for satan.

I didn't mean to hurt those people.

I guess I drank too much

of the bottle in the cabinet

I was told to never touch.

This unanswered issue culminated in tragedy as they all do in one way or an other. This one being an automobile accident caused by a drunk driver which ended the life of an infant child.

It was homecoming night. Most all of us have been there, caught up in the fun and excitement of the whole school coming together to cheer on their team. Sometimes teenagers do stupid things to show off, especially when they don't know any better.

This seventeen year old took some of his father's whiskey to help him celebrate.

It's not known whether he had a good time or not that night because he couldn't remember. It wasn't till the next day when he woke up in the hospital in police custody and was told the heartbreaking news.

After leaving the school that night alone after his friends tried to stop him. Too proud to listen to them he left the school falling-down-drunk! Not even a mile from the school he passed out at about 40 mph and ran a stop sign at a busy intersection.

His car broadsided a minivan carrying a man, his wife and two children. One of the children was an infant.

(Another victory for satan)

My parents let the public schools

get inside my brain.

Be tolerant and never judge

just let the world reign.

The public school system is a government controlled entity. Unless you've had your head in the sand for the last three or four decades that should say it all! Our gov't has failed miserably at just about everything it's tried to do since I can remember.

They have violated the Constitution on several occasions ignoring the Christian faith while allowing godless influences to flourish. Gay rights, porn, sex education, eastern religion, and perhaps the worst one evolution. Just this passed week the courts up held a school's right to disallow wearing an American Flag on a Mexican holiday. How patriotic is that? !!!! We sure don't want to hurt anybodies feelings!!! No not all schools are this bad yet, but just give Uncle Sam time. When God is gone evil will fill the void! Like Krustchev said "you're only one generation away from communism. First step; control the schools.

Trash in trash out........

(satan wins a big one here)

I've read about the freedoms

that Americans once had

of those who died for nothing!

What happened to us, Dad?

In the years ahead, if we're still here, our children will only be able to read about the freedoms we now enjoy. Those freedoms that are so quickly slipping away. The Bengazi cover up, the IRS cover up, countless lies, cover-ups and scandals are all evidence of our rapid decline. Yes, many brave men and women have given their lives for these freedoms. I'm satisfied that a lot more who have sworn to defend the constitution will rise up and possibly die as well in the near future. The constitution is being ignored and even trashed by our own government . They have taken our religious freedom, our freedom of speech, our privacy right and now they want our guns! If they succeed we will all have died for nothing. Once freedom is lost it's almost impossible to regain it.

What happened to us, Dad?........Do we win? or do we lose?

(Another round for satan)

Continued in next section.

We're in a terror war, I'm told

with Americans to blame.

An infidel he called me

so I shot him in the brain!

Yes, we are at war but it's not politically correct to admit it. We might hurt someone's stupid feelings! Iranians declared war on us many years ago and our government chooses to ignore it. They are fighting us thru terrorist attacks and we pass them off as domestic attacks. Give me a break!!! Our children are growing up into a very dangerous situation that we are failing to prepare them for! Currently illegal terrorists within our borders actually have more rights than American citizens. They can even vote. How corrupt is that???

In the poem our severely confused young man, we'll call him Andy, has a confrontation with two of these illegals. A small caliber gun is involved. It takes place at a local bar where Andy frequently hangs out.

Two Muslims men entered the bar obvious looking for trouble. Andy was at the bar watching what was going down when one of the Muslim men made eye contact with him. The Muslim, apparently insulted by Andy's stare, started toward him like a crazy man screaming , INFIDEL! INFIDEL! Well, it just so happens Andy was packing. Inside his pocket he had a 25cal automatic in his hand ready to fire. The little gun was only accurate to about 5 feet and they were just about that close. Andy pulled the gun, aimed it and squeezed off one round. The Muslim dropped to the floor dead instantly with a bullet between his eyes. The other Muslim stopped and turned his attention to Andy, now standing there with a smoking gun. Startled by the gun shot and enraged at his friend now sprawled out on the floor, he began shaking his fist and screaming at Andy in his own language. Andy had no clue what he was saying. Then there was that word again, INFIDEL! Andy shot him too. Another one round kill with that little gun, right in the brain.

(We'll call this one a "draw")

I guess they didn't care enough

to teach me all that well

the things that really matter

that would keep me out of Hell.

Well, Andy's bad habit put him in a place where he shouldn't have been. Yes, all of this could have easily been avoided.......

Andy, thinking he was in the "right" by way of self defense, stayed put and waited for the authorities. Well, the police came. They arrested him for murder and threw him into jail. Andy was convicted of a hate crime, if you can believe that! Evidently those Muslims had some kind of minority status, ya know like the gays have. Andy was quickly found guilty by a bleeding heart jury and was sentenced to be executed. He was sent directly to maximum security prison to remain there until he is put to death. He was now in Hell on earth!

This "Hell" doesn't even compare to the "Hell" in the poem!

(A big one for satan)

I know that's where I'm headed

if I don't change the way I think.

A fellow inmate mentioned, Jesus

cause we're both here at the brink!

Confused, terrified and without hope Andy attempts to adapt to an unimaginable situation. In his constant despair all of his time was spent wondering where did he go wrong? Knowing that his alcohol addiction was obviously his biggest reason for being there. He thought back about all the times he would watch his parents take a drink or two and their problems would seem to disappear. He still didn't understand. Why couldn't he have been more like them? Well, it didn't matter now. Both him and his cell mate had only two days until their execution. It's time for them to pay for their mistakes. Andy was like a dead man already but his cell mate was coping with the situation much much better.

About a month before Andy's cell mate made a decision accepting Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. Now he spends all his time reading the Bible and even praying! His dread of dying has taken on a whole new perspective, now he sees death through the eyes of Jesus Himself. No, he's not looking forward to it but his fear has been changed to anticipation. Andy, so focused on his own fears and regrets just doesn't know what to think about his cell mate's insane transformation and his obsession with this Jesus guy!

Two days

(satan's round, for sure)

Yes, at the brink of execution

for the bad things that I've done.

My parents really let me down

I've no where else to run.

Andy has all but given up on himself. He is about to hit bottom! Here he is only 22 years old and he has taken three lives and caused so much heartache for his family and loved ones.......Suddenly, that baby child comes to his mind. It was five years ago now. It still haunts him like it was yesterday! Andy totally looses it . He collapses in tears and uncontrollable weeping from the excruciating pain of that one memory alone. He wishes he were never born! He's convinced that Hell is where he's headed and perhaps where he belongs!

One day

(A solid round for satan)

As I look back for an answer

a little church as I recall

I felt it sort of drawing me

Too late! I guess that's all.

Exhausted from his grief and all the unbearable pressure on his soul, Andy's mind stumbles on a memory from his childhood. It was a church. The church where he attended Vacation Bible School at the age of six. A bus from the church came to his neighborhood and picked up all the children who could get permission from their parents. His mother let him go. He couldn't remember ever having more fun than he had that week. He wanted to go back. It just seemed the right thing to do. He asked his parents a few times and they always had an excuse not to go. Soon he forgot about it. He thought if they'd only listened to him things would be much different. Too late now he thought. It's all over....

(Another big one for satan)

But Wait!

I do remember something .

It was Him who died for me!

As I recall, secured my pardon!

Jesus died to set me free!

Now I know the truth is Christ!

though my whole life's been a lie.

I accept you, Lord, my Savior

as it's my turn now to die......

With his execution only hours away now, Andy tries desperately to think about something else. His fondest memories was of that week at VBS. He remembers talk about a man dying for his sins. He thought. How could that be? Who would do such a thing? It was just a few days ago his cell mate was saying much the same thing. He said that we were all sinners separated from God. It was His amazing Love, he said. He came to earth as a human to suffer and die for our sins and to restore our fellowship. He said that If we will believe in our heart and confess Him with our mouth He will save us. The one thing he told him that really stood out was that He rose from the grave and is alive today in heaven.

Andy, pondered on all these things. He bowed his head and simply asked God to open his eyes to the truth. Just then an awesome feeling of peace came over him!

Suddenly he could see. God opened his eyes. As he believed in his heart he cried out to God to save his soul! God responded! The jailer opened his cell door. It was time......

(Satan is defeated! God is Victorious !!)

God never gave up on Andy. But you just gotta ask yourself "wouldn't it have been much better to have cultivated God's love into his life from his youth"? Simply just going to church may have made the difference. As it turned out, Andy made it to Heaven but missed out on a life of serving an awesome God because 'his parents didn't care'.

CHANGE - To my grandchildren: Will, Abby, Andrew and Lily

Six decades plus I've been around.

I've seen the change and heard the sound

of evil people in the news

but never recognized the clues.

They started many years ago

to take away and over throw

the life of freedom we all love,

the gift of Grace from God above.

They talked of love and peace and change

to get the votes to rearrange.

When all the time their real intent

was to take away our government.

Affirmative Action, a disgrace to all,

as it lowers the bar causing business to fall

Judged by our merit; not our color or creed

Dr. King preached to many about this real need.

No Child Left Behind is a similar pain.

Kids aren't any smarter; they're just all the same.

Slower kids set the standard and hold back the rest

so they all make the same grade when put to the test.

We're taught evolution as fact in our schools.

With God out of the picture, we'll all become fools.

God's word says creation and His Word does not fail.

But political correctness may land you in jail.

"Redistribute the wealth" is a plan Barak wrote

in disguise as our health care, crammed down our throat.

With Biden, Pelosi, Reed and the like

committing this treason far left from what's Right.

"Chi" Town politics in Washington at work

with transparency on C-Span by a partisan jerk.

Reading his speeches with eloquent talk

Never even intending to walk the walk.

Abort means Abort, but they call it free choice.

When it concerns unborn babies who don't have a voice.

When a country that's founded on freedom for all

murders its children, yes, we're in for a FALL.

For you NSA guys reviewing my works

As key words suggest danger alerting you jerks.

I guess a red flag has gone thru the roof

when an American citizen reveals the real truth.

The United States was once the "Rock."

but is now the world's "Laughing Stock."

Her dignity is near deceased.

The cost? The Nobel prize of peace.

I must apologize and say

to my kids and grandkids, if I may.

The change was subtle as could be

but now it's clear, I plainly see.

Don't be deceived by what you hear

but walk with God and never fear

He'll lead you down His righteous path

While liars reap His Holy Wrath

One day we all will see His face.

We'll take a knee and plead our case.

He'll say "well done" or "depart from Me,"

and this will start Eternity.


written by Bill Housley


The Bengazi Murders

As Obama watched the violence build

at the US Embassy,

Four men, now heroes, bravely fought

In a place called Bengazi .

Expecting help would come real soon

cause it's not too far away.

But the order came, all "Stand Down"

when there should be "No Delay."

Four Americans fighting to their death

to defend the USA

while our leadership in Washington

Decides to run away

Yes, my fellow Americans,

each one, a Hero's death, for sure

This ex Marine salutes them

and is praying for a cure!

A cure for all the ignorance

in America today

Of all the monumental failures

What else can I say?

Our government's mentality;

here's what they think of us:

"Let's put illegals on free rides

and Vets under the bus."

The US Constitution;

we're all under that same law.

It provides us all protection;

court enforcement is the flaw.

God Bless our unborn babies

who don't have a voice;

depending on their Mommies

to make "LIFE" their choice.


and the list goes on and on:

The FBI and the AHCA

and of course the Pentagon

Political Correctness

is our Government's new normal.

Deception,lies,and cover-ups;

yes, we're all in serious trouble.

This trouble could begin the end

of life for big and small.

But rest assured, God's in control

and His Grace is free to all.

Death and Hell is a sure thing

if in the World you believe.

But put your Faith and Trust in Christ

And a Crown of Life receive.

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A Christmas mystery

To my grandchildren: Will, Abby, Andrew and Lily


On Christmas Day He left His Throne.

As a gift of love He came.

In Bethlehem a King is born

as the Angels praised His Name.

Born in a stable, cold and dark

just as the Prophet said.

All wrapped up in grave clothes

with a manger for His bed.

God Almighty, but human too

He grew into a man

firmly focused on our needs

and His Father's Sovereign Plan.

He lived a sinless righteous life;

preparing for That Day

when He would freely give His life

so you might ,one day, say,

"I love you, Lord, with all my heart.

Here I am, A sinner.

Please cleanse me in Your Righteousness

and declare in me a Winner."

"A winner over all those things

that You suffered for and Gave.

by Faith I claim Your Victory

and promise to behave."

" Jesus, help me to be Pure

in body, mind and soul,

that I might be a blessing,

that Love would be my goal."

"Lord, please lead me as I live

this life that only I can give

to others, freely, for Your sake,

now that I know just what's at stake."

"Cause, no matter what I gain in life

right up till That Day,

when all I am

is not what I have,

but what I gave away."



written by Bill Housley


A Country's Downfall


From complacancy to apathy

towards the system we all trusted.

Now that Big Brother's in control

we're all fixin' to be busted!

The IRS, our new Gestapo

or you might call it KGB.

Its purpose? Feed the monster

while starving you and me.

The sad but funny thing about it

and it makes me want to cuss!

We will slowly commit suicide.

because the enemy is us!!

Khrushchev said it years ago;

that we'd be conquered from within.

We've thrown our morals out the window.

Now we're paying for our sin!

Global Warming is their silly reason

to bring all governments together.

Falsely claiming "science says,

'we'll all die from changing weather"

Looking through our greed and lust

makes it difficult to see

those events that threaten freedom

and steal our liberty.

I hate to say it, Grand Kids,

you're in a Fix, to say the least,

with a debt that's now unpayable,

"The Trillion Dollar Beast."

It seems "Political correctness"

is the new law of the land.

Our Constitution's under fire

because our heads are in the sand!!

Our country's broke and we're at war;

a debt of trillions owed.

Terrorists within our borders

rigged and ready to explode!

What some schools teach our children

I'm not sure how to take:

"Be tolerant and never judge

or be burned at the stake!"

God's blessed us like no others

all down through the years.

It's time to take our country back

and wipe away His tears.

We must all together look to God

for Him to strengthen you and me.

He's been there waiting all this time.

our faith in Christ will set us free.


America the beautiful,

we've backed up far enough.

It's time to take our country back

It's time to get real tough.

As a child I do remember,

each day we'd pray at school.

Today you're risking jail time

If you break that unwrote rule

Evolution's just a theory

and it's hard to understand

Why give it so much credit

when it's just a Godless scam!

You can never mention Jesus!

It may convict them of their sin

and remind them of their evil thought

and condition that they're in!

So it's ridicule and now rejection;

but it's us who'll suffer loss.

He's been there at least once before,

like when we nailed him to a cross.

God's blessing on this country,

it shows in many ways.

Now in the wake of His rejection

we've seen our better days.

He came;He died;He rose again.

He still loves us all the same.

He purchased our forgiveness.

Praise God! In Jesus Name!

This whole earth is groaning

like a woman's labor pains.

It won't be that much longer till

He returns and finally reigns.

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