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In the name of love part 1

Updated on December 26, 2012

I just don't know how I got into this but I must say that it is one of those interesting true life stories that can be made in a movie. I may write a book on it in future but it better to share it as a post, at least for now.

Clinton has a very good friend called Charles (the guy) who is also his next door neighbor in New York. Charles later moved to Chicago where he got a new job however he retained his apartment in New York. He has a girl friend called Kate and they have been dating for over six years. Clinton Knew Charles when his relationship with Kate was about three years. So Clinton did not know how they really started. Charles's girlfriend lives in New York and she works in the company Clinton works but in a different section so both of them may not see each some days in office because of the nature of the company.

Charles was the one that introduced Kate to Clinton as his colleague and his friend. Their relationship moved on smoothly and was enviable that Clinton loved it and wished that it will last forever especially as the guy promised to marry her in future because he loves her so much.

Before the guy left for Chicago, she usually visit him and they would invite Clinton over to hang out with them, chat, play games among others and it was fun. They have the tradition of calling each other each day to know how things are moving. They can call three to five times or more each day and they maintained it even when the guy left New York. Clinton saw their relationship as an example of a perfect love relationship.

Then suddenly, Clinton started seeing Kate being so close to another guy that works in her section in the office. He wondered what was going on and how close they can get. Then one day he saw her and the other guy holdings and he suspected that something may be behind those hands but he did not really what it was.

She saw Clinton and greeted, "hello!" "Hi!" he replied and that was all. He knew that his friend trusted her and do boost about the trust so he did not want to get involve or to dig deeper to find out what was happening.

He thought all was well until his friend visited New York.

Charles started “Clinton, I called my girl from Chicago one day as usual and she said she needs a break in our relationship. I thought it was a joke so I came to New York today and rushed to see her in the office and she repeated it. I just don’t know what is happening and what is wrong."

"Did you ask her what the problem was?” Clinton asked.

"Yes I did but she said it’s nothing. She just wants a break. I suspect that another guy maybe somewhere because that is not my girl. She has never done this before. I know that guys do want her but she said she can handle them so I don’t know what to think."

Clinton kept quiet because he realized that what he suspected may be the cause. Then Clinton said, "Just ask her what is the problem or she tell you how long she wants the break so you know what to do. I know that you are dying inside." "Yes I am dying because I love her and anyone that knows us won’t believe this is happening." "Okay, maybe I can talk to her if I find time to see her tomorrow in the office" Clinton suggested. "I would love that if it would help."

Clinton already knew what the likely cause of the problem is but he was willing to ask her however he did not see her the next day at the office.

Charles told him as he came back after work, " she was her today and it seems she getting back to her senses because even though she did not call off the break she said, she cried yesterday after I left her office and she did not know what is happening or why she is doing this. I just kept calm and listened…" he was still talking when she called to tell him how the day went for her and Clinton recalled that it is their usual tradition so maybe things are getting back to normal. But who knows since the break is still on.

Clinton later thought about the whole incident and realized that it is possible that Kate asked for a break because she thought or was afraid that he would tell his friend about her suspected affair in the office and she suspected Clinton may know of it. Then since Clinton kept quiet so far she decided to come back with style maybe either to keep it secret and continue dating both guys or to decide which of them to let go. She may even think Clinton do not know about the affair that was why he did not tell his friend. But Clinton main problem and question is should he tell his friend what he suspects is the problem or does he just continue to pretend and watch things unfold. After all he does not want to be the one to completely end such a once enviable relationship.

Then what will his friend think or do if he finds out that he knew something but refused to tell him.

The story is still unfolding as I write and it is interesting to see how it ends. But what will you do if you were to be in Clinton's position?


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