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Top First Date Tips for MEN

Updated on June 12, 2014

Best first date tips for guys and gals

First date tips are something that many guys and gals can use. Even when you have dated a lot and for a long time, there are some basic first date tips that people tend to forget (or never knew), that lead directly to a lot of disastrous first dates.

In this lens we go over nine of the first date tips that will give the best chance of turning a first date into a successful one. These may seem like common sense, but it is surprising how often people go astray with even these common first date actions. People seem to have a propensity to put too much into a first date, or perhaps even worse, to put to little into it. The reality is like the middle bears porridge...just right.

...So here are some "just right" first date tips to give you a hand up on doing your utmost to make all your first dates successful ones.

Top 9 First Date Tips

Perfect First date
Perfect First date

Have a Backup Plan

First Date tips #1

We all hope our first dates go like something out of this 1950s romance movie photo. The perfect mix of excitement fun and romance.

You may make plans that will sweep her off her feet and make her fall madly and deeply in love with you at first meeting.

At least, that is always the plan, right? But best laid plans of mice and men will go astray. Never assume that your date plans won't go astray, either.

For this reason it is always important to have a backup plan. If you plan on going for a walk after dinner, think of an alternative in case it rains. In fact think of some place to go if your reservation somehow falls through. Good planning when things go wrong will show confidence and coolness, which are both very attractive traits, actually far more important than "where" you go or "what" you do.

Make your First Date a Short Date - First Date tips #2


If you want to interest somebody it is best to leave them wanting more. If you make a good impression..but keep the date going to long, you can risk turning a goo impression into a bad one. Pplus you do not know if you will be compatible with the other person. Planning a day long event is a recipe for disaster if the two of you really do not connect.

If things go really well you can always extend the date on the spur of the moment. (see #1 Backup plans). But expect and try to keep the first date short to keep them wanting more.

Should you be on time for your first date?
Should you be on time for your first date?

Be on time for your Date

First Date tips #3

I have heard people give advice to intentionally be late for your first date. The idea being that you are showing YOUR worth and value because your time is simply more important than that of the lady you are dating.

Sometimes this might work. But more often than not, it will work against you.

Treating your new date with disrespect is not the signal to send out.

There is nothing worse sitting around waiting for a date to show up. When you have a relationship, being late from time to time can be excusable, but in a first date you are setting a horrible impression and pouring more stress onto an already stressful situation. Simply don't do it. Be on time.


Pyschology behind doing a frst date the RIGHT way!

First Date Fun
First Date Fun

Give your date an idea of the "dress factor"

First Date tips #4

It is always a good idea to give you date an idea of the general setting. If you are going to dinner at a five star restaurant and your date dresses for dinner at Sizzler, they might be a little upset.

(that could be another first date tip: NO dinner at Sizzlers)

Conversely, if they are expecting something fancy, and you keep it casual, this can also cause undue stress. You have something called a phone. Use it and let your date know "roughly" what you are doing, at least.

Keeping you date a surprise can be fun and exciting, but too much of a surprise can lead to her feeling very awkward.

Be "appropriate" with compliments

First Date tips #5

I am sure you have been on both types of dates. The one where you date cannot stop with complimenting you. Overcomplimenting is obviously insincere and might be worse than saying nothing. But then again, it is tough when your date leave you no idea if they are enjoying themselves.

So be honest and sincere with your compliments. 1-2 are great. When they drop out every few sentences, they are worthless.

Drink Responsibly - First Date tips #6

First Date Romance
First Date Romance

I shouldn't have to go into this one. Drinking in moderation CAN loosen you up and relieve a little stress. On the other hand the line between "just enough"and "too much" can be razor thin. If you are going to drink drink responsibly. Ever single "first date disaster" story I have ever heard started out, "So there we were having a few drinks...."

Learn to listen...yet keep the conversation flowing

First Date tips #7

Dating is walking a tightrope. You want to get your date talking and comfortable as much as possible, but you also want to let them know about you. Often people have the harder time really listening. If you practice listening, but also share to keep the conversation really flowing, you should be able to find that good balance between talking and listening.

Dressing for a first date
Dressing for a first date

Present the "best" you

First Date tips #8

A first date does not need to be a fashion show. But looking your best is important. Take the time to groom yourself, dress appropriately to your venue, and take extra care forr all your normal hygiene issues. You can be charming, witty, good looking and do everything perfectly on your date but if every time you open your mouth your date smells the horrible stink of rotting carcass from bad breath...your first date is DOA.

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Keep First Date Expectations Reasonable
Keep First Date Expectations Reasonable

Don't expect "too" much from a first date

First Date tips #9

One of the best first date tips I can give is to simply not expect, "too" much from a first date. Many guys go on the first date expecting to "hook up". Many girls go into a first date expecting to be swept off their feet in romance.

While both surely "can" happen, that is generally not the idea of a first date.

Most first dates are not going to be incredible, "love at first sight" affairs. It just doesn't work that way. They are inherently awkward affairs. These meetings are more about making sure you can tolerate someone rather than the romantic affairs from movies. It is only in peoples skewed perspectives that they remember first dates of thew past with their significant others as being perfect affairs.

Think of a first date as an interview. It is just an attempt to weed out the loons and the crazies. If you are compatible, go on a second and third date. There is no need to achieve a certain "amount" of success. You just want to see if the two of you like each other enough to spend time getting to know each other better. It is easy to "overestimate" the importance of this first date. Just keep it simple.

Do you have your own First Date Tips?

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      Maradams1021 4 years ago

      These dating tips are required and it is a MUST!

      in addition bring for the boys, bring your date to a place

      very romantic, make that date very special that she will never forget.

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      stella_mcartney 4 years ago

      helpful tips to make dating experience count

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      I think these are great tips. Great and useful lens!

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      FindMeASoulMate1 5 years ago

      Best tip for a first tip - drink responsibily!

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      livingfrontiers 5 years ago

      Be yourself! If they can't handle it...then it is a good thing to find out early