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Ten Romantic First year Anniversary Gifts with a Paper Theme

Updated on March 27, 2013

Original and Romantic 1 Year Anniversary Gifts

The traditional first year anniversary gift is a paper gift. These days paper gifts can be defined by a wider range of things and it includes: tickets, coupons and objects made out of paper.

A modern twist is to give a clock instead as a symbol of dedication and looking forward to spend time together. Both the traditional and the modern gifts are very nice options to limit your search within. It gives you some useful boundaries. In this article I've tried to list various original and romantic options that will blow your loved one away. Hope you like them and have a great anniversary.

1. Love Coupons

First Year Anniversary Gift: Love Coupons

These love coupons make a lovely and thoughtfull paper gift. The coupons range from promises to drop everything and make passionate love to a non-stop full body kiss. In total there are 44 coupons and they were designed by Gregory Godek who is America's leading authority on romantic love and has over 2 million books sold. For a wider range of choices of love coupons see my other article.

2. Boudoir Photo Shoot


Boudoir Photo Shoot

Lately many girls and women love to do a boudoir photo shoot and get a selection of pictures that are "husband only". With a specialized photographer you will be guaranteed a gorgeous shoot. This is a lot of fun to do with a few close girlfriends and your husbands or boyfriends will be amazed with this gift.

Marriage Certificate

A marriage certificate is a beautifull reminder of when you two tied the knot. It fits in perfectly well with the paper theme of the first year anniversary and will look great once framed and on the wall of a home office or other quiet spot. Every time you look at it you will be reminded of what a marriage means to you and how much you love each other.

Paper Gift: World Map

A beautifull vintage world map is a gorgeous gift in itself. It will look great in a study or office but it gets even better if you book a trip to a destination that you two will enjoy a lot or that means a lot to you both and use the map as a placeholder gift with the destination marked! Your loved one will be really excited you can be sure of that! Well, unless you pick some really cold place... Don't pick a reallly cold place. Pick a nice exotic beach location and have the time of your life.

Modern First Year Anniversary Gift

A modern trend is to give clocks as a symbol of the first year anniversary. The ideas for paper gifts were running out with the younger generation. I mean who has any paper around these days? Everything is digital right? So the symbol has been updated and now a clock is a very stylish 1 year anniversary gift. I especially like this deco model that has a little bit of a retro look to it. If you read my articles more often, you know I'm a sucker for retro. And it's very minimalist at the same time. If you don't like it, just pick a clock you love! Or better yet your partner loves... That's the whole point after all.

6. Private Dance Lessons


Dance Lessons for the Two of You

Another great gift to get for your one year anniversary is a set of private dance lessons. You get to spend quality time together and indulge in a new and exciting activity that is also quite romantic. At least as soon as you have the basics figured out. Some guys will be a little shy initially but if they get into it they often find out they really love this.

Paper or Magazine Subscription

Nowadays people don't subscribe to the real paper anymore. It's a shame really because it's not just about consuming the news and background articles about current events but reading a paper is also an experience. A common experience, that you get to enjoy every day. But for me nothing beats reading the financial times while drinking coffee on lazy saturdays while my girlfriend is reading whatever she loves(I'm sure it's really interestings). Diffferent people like different papers and magazines. Pick one your loved one often buys for himself and get him a subscription for a year. He or she will love it.

Tattoo Bible

This gift is not for everyone. If you don't like tattoos and don't like them on your partner don't get this book. On the other hand there are people who love nothing more then getting beautifull and meaningfull tattoos. Then this is a book you may want to consider. It can be very romantic to browse tattoo books or magazines together and think about tattoos you could get. Perhaps a pair that is matching in some way? Get inspired and really think about it... Don't rush it though.

Fair Trade Bracelet

This is a fair trade healing heart bracelet. How cute of an anniversary gift is that? It's shows great ethics and care for the world and good taste in jewelry. For a girl with the right style this is an excellent gift. If she is very much a vogue, gucci, fashion girl this might not be the best choice but if she is more down to earth. Loves to support charity and wears fashionable clothes with some color this can be a winner.

10. Tickets to a Special Event

The last paper gift I want to draw your attention to is to get a pair of tickets. You can go together to something your loved one really enjoys. Whether that's a Broadway musica., a Knicks game, Radiohead concert or whatever... See if you can get tickets for something special. Because you will go together it will be very special. Check if you can get a babysitter first though, if it's necessary. There are always tickets on sale to special events, so this will not even break the bank.


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    • profile image

      Cindy 3 years ago

      Those are great ideas and here's another for you. makes a perfect first anniversary gift because it actually blends the traditional together with the modern and is a highly sentimental and personalized gift that your spouse will love :)

    • emilynemchick profile image

      Emily Nemchick 4 years ago from Phoenix, AZ

      I'm coming up on my first anniversary - thanks for the tips, great hub!