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five minutes of bliss

Updated on November 19, 2015

coffee and cigarettes dines with me. it only evolve around us three, we just sit there and keep each others company but then suddenly, you appeared in my consciousness you see, and just messed up everything inside me.

it started with a glance, followed by a surge of being in awe, the feeling of being caught up and being sucked in, inside a wave of delusion. As you make your way, like a movie in slow motion i watch your every step, every wave of your hair, every consuming bounce of your subtle breast that burns me up like a an innocent teenage boy that has not been corrupted by lust. l tried look away but then the process of sinking it in takes flight i just can't help it. i could not resist,

A second look occurs, and then there it was the feeling of attraction starts to take hold. i can't stop staring, beneath your blunt expression your face exudes an aura of temptation that i could not defy, it consumes me it consumes me

And as luck would have it you glance at my direction, and suddenly my eyes gleamed up as you stare at me for about a milliseconds. And in that infinitely abbreviated moment my thought commence into a rush of thousand questions of what if's and high hopes of maybe just maybe you would realize my existence maybe you would connect in my innermost thought. but, you never did, you just looked away as if i didn't exist.

My thoughts became empty the color inside my mind spilled and turns into a lifeless grey of anonymity. and my build up emotion came crashing down on me.

and my 5minutes of bliss got away in that cup of coffee


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