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A Flawless Way to Meet Women

Updated on December 25, 2011

The Approach

Since the dawn of time, every man has seen himself as the greatest man to walk the earth. His combination of charm, intellect, bow-staff skills, and computer hacking skills make him the ultimate union of brains and brawn. He is the infatuation of every woman. Well, he would be - if only they would take the time to get to know him...

And what can a man do to get a woman to give him that time?

The typical "expert" on meeting women would tell this honorable man that he simply needs to go out there, act like a jerk and look like a fool, and eventually he will woo the right woman. Pretend to be someone you're not, and the women will love you!

But wait, aren't you already the man that other men want to be? Your Warcraft character is at 78. You can juggle 5 balls at a time. You have the worlds best mom who taught you how to be a champion in the kitchen. Why do you need to pretend?

You don't! The right woman will be crazy about your mad skills - you are confident of that. If only there was a way to start that initial conversation without looking like a fool...

It's scary, after all. If she has a boyfriend, you get rejected. If she doesn't like your type, you get rejected. If she is with friends who don't like your type, you get rejected. It's a lose-lose tragedy! If she's just a jerk, then you get shot down embarrassingly. If she's a nice person but has a boyfriend, you still get shot down AND you've made her feel terrible about herself because you forced her to feel like a jerk.

Is there any way to initiate that first conversation without making things uncomfortable for both of you?

Yes. We just need an approach that will:

  1. Reveal your classiness.
  2. Give the woman a polite way out.
  3. Create a situation where a rejection benefits, rather than hinders, your opportunities to meet other women.

Is this possible? Could such a suave form of introduction be just a few lines of text away?

Would I be arrogant to say "Yes"?

The Honesty Method

You notice a beautiful woman across the room. She's charming, entertaining, perfect. How do you talk to her?

In the past the process would have gone like this:

  1. You stare at her for 30 minutes from across the room making awkward eye contact.
  2. As you finally approach her you come up with an excuse: "another guy just started talking to her", "she's not my type", "I'll try again tomorrow", "I wet my pants", "I _______ (insert excuse here)" and simply walk away.
  3. You go home confident that the woman of your dreams will one day man up and start a conversation with you - which mind you, is exactly what the woman is looking for.

This embarrassing awkwardness is no longer necessary. Why? Because you are about to learn the Chocolate Honesty Method. In just a few moments you will be able to initiate a conversation with the women of your dreams - without looking like an idiot or forcing them to appear to be jerks.

Here's how it works...

The moment you notice a woman you would like to meet, you confidently approach her - assured she won't reject you because you won't be giving her that option.

She sees you from a distance and thinks "Oh great, another dude hitting on me!" She has had to deal with this all day and she is sick and tired of these annoying trying-to-be-jerks-to-attract-women-but-actually-giant-pansy's. Fortunately, today, this won't be you!

As you near her you smoothly pull out the chocolate bar (Reese's, Hershey's, etc) that you have with you and say, "Excuse me, I just saw you from across the room and it brightened up my day. I wanted to give you this chocolate to say thanks." While completing this line you reach out with the chocolate bar and hand it to her or place it on a surface close to her and finish by saying, "Have a great day".

You then immediately turn around and start suavely walking away. If she has a boyfriend, or just isn't interested, you keep walking - knowing that your compliment made her day a little better and she will quite likely tell her friends about that great guy who didn't try to hit on her, but rather gave her a delicious chocolate delicacy.

However, provided she's not dating, she soon realizes that you're the man of her dreams - you're a gentleman and you provide for her chocolate needs - and you're leaving right now! This causes her to panic - why didn't this guy hit on me? Where is he going? Why is he so confident? What can I do to get more chocolate?

Then she shouts out, "Wait, stop!"

At this point, you turn around slowly, and say in and extended, deep voice, "Yes.....?"

Now she has to initiate part of the conversation! This gives her the ability to decide if she wants to talk to you. If she decides that she does, she gets to put some effort into the relationship as well - making things equal from the start.

There are now two things going for you. Not only are you a gentleman, but you can now tease her throughout the conversation for picking you up! You were simply being nice and giving her candy.

Because you were honest from the beginning, if you actually start liking this girl and she starts liking you, you don't have to tell her that you made up stories about yourself. You can be honest all the way through. Just make sure you don't accidentally make the mistakes I've made by reading What Not to Say to Women (From Personal Experience).

With this information I hope that you can go out there, have some fun, and start searching for the right woman rather than any woman. However, once you find her, make sure to read up on How to Know if a Chick Flick is "Guy Worthy" to make sure you keep up appearances around your new lady.

Learn more about humor and women by checking out The Alphabet of Humor: A is for Awkward.

The Step By Step Process

To conclude, let's go over the process one more time:

  1. Approach the woman with confidence
  2. Hand her a piece of chocolate while complimenting her
  3. Turn and start walking away - IMPORTANT!
  4. If she doesn't stop you, keep walking
  5. If she does stop you, slowly turn, smile, and reveal your awesomeness

Classy guys don't have to be jerks or fake to attract women. Be honest, state your intentions, and always treat women with respect. Follow these steps and pretty soon you won't need to buy chocolate ever again! Women will be giving it to you.

If you need more tips, read The Alphabet of Humor: C is for Character to discover how to find your style of humor. Now go be a ladies man.

Have you used this approach, or do you have any other great ways to attract women while being completely honest about yourself (and maybe having some fun)? I would love to have you comment about it below!


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