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Flirting Tips: Top 10 Flirting Tips for Men

Updated on July 16, 2010
Flirting is an Art
Flirting is an Art

Do you want to flirt? You like Flirting? You think about it but don't know where to start??? Do you hesitate to flirt?? Are you confused about how to flirty successfully.??

IF so then read these 10 Flirting tips of all times.

1) Tell Her A Good Story .. Read it Funny Story:

Okay so the first and basic thing that you can do to "break the ice" is tell her an interesting story that has a funny end. This will surely make her laugh and make her feel comfortable. Now how to tell her a good story or what type of story to tell her ??

Tell her something funny that happened to you in school or when you went for your first interview for a job. Tell her about an interesting incident that happened to you when you visited some place . You know you can get the conversation going after that .!!

2) Giver Her A Complement:

Tell her how beautiful she looks today or how good those new sunglasses look on her.

Just complement her and move on never over emphasize your compliment or she may take it in another way.

3) Avoid Nervousness: Be Confident

Lets Get it Straight . You cannot flirt if you don't have confidence. You need to have confidence in yourself to  Flirt, if you feel nervous and shaky infron of girls then you cannot flirt effectively and will make a joke out of of yourself. Try to boost your Confidence with some Confidence building exercises and then try flirting. It may take some time but it would bring good and bonus rewards in the future.!!

4) Use Your Secret Weapon : A Pleasant Smile

Smile is a powerful tool when it comes to flirting. Your Smile Speaks a lot about you.

Your facial expressions say a lot about you. So have a pleasant smile when she looks and not just stand there with a blank face.!

5) Projecting Confidence : Know Your Body Language

Just like your facial expressions your body language says a lot more about yourself. If your confident from inside then your body language should also be positive . You should Project your likeness and confidence through your Body Language.!

6) Don't Go Overboard

One Thing you don't want to do is going over board or using the direct approach. You cannot just directly tell her that you want to have her . Just be yourself and try to make things comfortable for her. This will work more for you.

7) Know The Inner  "Her"

Women Usually tend to talk indirectly which is what most men don't pick. You have to learn how to analyze the signals that she give. If you can get it rite then you are half done.

8) Read Her Expressions 

When meeting her or talking to her try to analyze her gestures. See her facial expressions and act accordingly. You can know in an instant if your conversation is boring or interesting by looking at her facial gestures. You don't have to be a genious or a "Player" to know this. Its Common Sense.

9) The Eye Contact:

An occasional eye contact with your girl when doing work or just giving her that killer look when passing her by may give u a sudden boost. Works best if you want to get attention of a particular girl whom you don't know well.
P.S : Don't start staring at her & Do not Drool!!!!

10) Create Curiosity

There is a great chance that by increasing her curiosity she will surely want more of you. So ask her a curiosity driven question like: " I find something very attractive in you but can't figure out what it is"!!..

It all starts from here.. If you can flirt successfully then you can have all the after flirt pleasures that you look out for. Flirting is a basic tool for a guy and unless you have a good hold on this tool you won't be able to score on her.!!


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    • profile image

      Uncrackedballs 4 years ago

      awesome advice. I can really relate to most of the stuff you posted here.

      not to spam or anything but I do hope you try and checkout my advice site I put up. I'm still starting out so it's really great if you guys can check it out (

    • profile image

      Elena 4 years ago

      Very nice article

      I believe in online dating

      I have found my love here, Just sharing

    • howtogetthegirls profile image

      howtogetthegirls 4 years ago from Global

      Really good article, especially liked the bit about telling her a story and creating curiosity. All girls like a bit of mystery.