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Floating Candle Bowls For Weddings

Updated on April 1, 2013

Clear Glass Candle Bowls for Floating Candles

There are many types of glass floating candle bowls for weddings. My favorite is the crackled glass floating bowls with wide openings. They tend to give a look of mystery and life without taking away from a elegant wedding feel.

If you prefer the clear glass with a classic touch there are also some fun things you can do with them that will make a wedding center piece interesting. Either by the candle used or the decor put in the bowl.

When choosing a candle bowl make sure you know how many you need, how big you need it, and what shape you want. If buying a lot at one time for an event, try buying in bulk to reduce costs.

How to Paint on Glass Candle Bowls

You can easily create a personal art piece for a wedding by using a little paint. Go all out if you have the courage or just add a little detail to make a one of a kind piece.

  1. Before painting make sure your bowl is clean and dry. Avoid using glass cleaner because this will mess with the paint. Instead use soap and water. Then make sure it is completely dry before continuing.
  2. Prop bowl up so you can easily paint without moving things around over and over again. Setting the bowl up on a higher object on the table similar to the size of the base will allow you to paint more freely. A small thick book usually works great.
  3. Mix Acrylic Paints together to make the color of your choice on a paper plate. When painting make sure to observe how much paint is on your brush at one. The thickness of paint can really show up on glass, use it to your artistic abilities. Mix paint with a little water to thin paint as needed. Although avoid adding to much water or paint will run making it hard to paint on glass.
  4. Make sure to rinse brush well in water and dry on paper towel when switching colors.
  5. Let paint stoke dry before brushing over with it again with different color for layering.
  6. Try to paint in small details rather then painting large areas at a time. Small areas of paint dry better then large when on glass.
  7. Use rubbing alcohol on a cotton swipe to remove mistakes.

Buy Glass Floating Candle Bowls In Bulk

If your planning to do more then one area with floating candles you may save a lot of money by buying the floating candle bowls in bulk. They topically come in sets of four, ten, eight, twelve and eighteen. However there are some sets that can be sold in even bigger bulk.

Cheap Glass Foating Candle Bowls

Glass candle bowls do not have to be expensive. Cheap does not have to look plain or tasteless. You can use the candles to create a memorable look or you can decorate the candle bowl itself to customize it to the wedding centerpiece you desire.

Buy Used Floating Candle Bowls on eBay - Get Cheap Prices When Buying Used Wedding Decorations

When weddings are over or when party planners are don with the decorations they use many will want to sell what they no longer need. Even if a new husband and wife wants a few of the candle holders they used they probably do not want to keep all forty or even more if their wedding was big.

Tips on How To Use and Decorate Floating Candle Displays - Learn How To Use A Floating Candle Bowl In A Wedding Center Piece

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