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Do You Know The Flowers Language From A to Z?

Updated on May 9, 2011

Do You Know The Flowers Language?

Flowers language go way back in medieval and Renaissance culture. It also originally came from the Victorian age as means of communication, allowing individuals to express their feelings by use of various flowers and floral arrangements to send coded or secret messages.

Each flower carries its own significant meaning and the study of the "meaning of flowers" is an actual science known as floriography. It is commonly thought to reveal subtle, secret, passion and any message or meaning when sending or receiving different types of flowers.

Flowers have been adored and admired by many for centuries, for their beauty, colors, fragrances, symbols of; love, romance, energy, strength, upliftment, tranquility, royality, Inspiration, religious superstitions etc.

Are You Sending The Right Type of Flowers?

People send flowers to loved ones, friends, associates etc. everyday all over the world. Are we really choosing the right flowers to express what we want to say? Or are we giving the wrong meaning and sending off the wrong impression to the recipient?

Not because you like a certain type of flower or flowers color means you are giving the right flowers or flower arrangement.

Flowers can draw someone closer to you, or further away from you if you're not sending the right message across.

Examples of Wrong Types of Flowers to Send

  • Don't send a Day Lily to someone you've been dating, because it means you want to break up or don't send a slip of willow, it means that the person is too arrogant for your taste.
  • If you want to say have a good day to someone, show gratitude, wish them all the best or to show some sort of appreciation, thanks for your help etc. you don't send that person red roses, then you will give off the wrong interpretation to the person by the roses you send, because red roses mean true love.

Here are some Examples of the right Types of Flowers to Send;

  • Acacia Yellow flowers: means Secret Love - This is perfect to send to someone you secretly love and admire.
  • Carnation, Yellow - means Disdain, you have disappointed me and rejection, so if you want to tell someone how disappointed you are, this is the flowers to send.
  • Bellflower: means Thinking of you - send this flowers to let friend, parents, grandparents or even your sweetheart, know you're thinking of them.
  • Coreopsis: means Love at first sight - If you see someone you love at first sight, send them Coreopsis, not red roses.
  • Hydrangea - Means Gratefulness, vanity, thank you for understanding, frigidness, heartlessness, a boaster, pride and appreciation. If you want to express any of these words, then send them Hydrangea.

These are just a few examples of flowers language.

Remember let flowers language do the talking for you ;)

Below I have put together the language of flowers from Abecedary to Zinnia for you to convey whatever you want to say and to be certain that the next time you give a flower bouquet or flower arrangement you will be delivering the right message.

A - Flowers Language

Abecedary - Volatility.

Abatina - Fickleness.

Abor Vitae - True friendship.

Acacia - Friendship, concealed love, chaste love, platonic love and beauty in retirement.

Acacia, Rose or Acacia, White - Elegance.

Acacia, Yellow - Secret love.

Acanthus - The fine arts.

Acalia - Temperance.

Achillea Millefolia - War.

Aconite (Wolfsbane) - Misanthropy.

Aconite, Crowfoot - Lustre.

Adonis, Flos - Painful recollections.

African Marigold - Vulgar minds.

Agnus Castus - Coldness, Indifference.

Agrimony - Thankfulness, Gratitude.

Allium - Strength.

Allspice - Compassion.

Almond (Common) - Stupidity, Indiscretion.

Almond (Flowering) - Hope.

Almond, Laurel - Perfidy.

Aloe - Grief, Religious superstition.

Althaea Frutex (Syrian Mallow) - Persuasion.

Alyssum (Sweet) - Worth beyond beauty.

Amaranth (Globe) - Immortality, Unfading love.

Amaranth (Cockscomb) - Foppery, Affectation.

Amaryllis - Pride, timidity, beauty, pastoral poetry and dramatic.

Ambrosia - Love returned.

American Cowslip - Divine beauty.

American Elm - Patriotism.

American Linden - Matrimony.

American Starwort - Welcome to a stranger, Cheerfulness in old age.

Amethyst - Admiration.

Anemone (Zephyr Flower) - Sickness, Expectation.

Anemone (Garden) - Forsaken, expectation, refusal, sickness, abandonment unfading love and sincerity.

Angelica - Inspiration.

Angrec - Royalty.

Anthurium aka Flamingo flower and boy flower - Hospitality and lover.

Apple - Temptation.

Apple (Blossom) - Preference, Fame speaks him great and good.

Apple, Thorn - Deceitful charms.

Apocynum (Dog's Vane) - Deceit.

Arbor Vitae - Unchanging Friendship, Live for me.

Arborvitae - Everlasting friendship.

Arbutus - Thee only do I Love.

Arum (Wake Robin) - Ardour.

Ash-leaved Trumpet Flower - Separation.

Ash Tree - Grandeur.

Asparagus - Fascination.

Aspen Tree - Lamentation.

Aster (China) - Talisman of love, afterthought, elegance, daintiness, symbol of love, contentment and patience.

Asphodel - My regrets follow you to the grave.

Auricula - Painting.

Auricula, Scarlet - Avarice.

Austurtium - Splendour.

Azalea - Temperance, love, romance, take care, temperance, fragile, passion and first love.


B - Flowers Language

Babies Breath - Innocence, pure of heart, happiness and festivity.

Bachelor's Buttons - Single blessedness, celibacy, felicity, delicacy and anticipation.

Begonia - Beware, I am fanciful, Deep thoughts.

Balm - Sympathy or Social intercourse.

Balm, Gentle - Pleasantry.

Balm of Gilead - Cure, Relief.

Balsam - Ardent love

Balsam, Red - Touch me not, Impatient resolves.

Balsam, Yellow - Impatience.

Balsamine - Impatience

Barberry - Sourness of temper.

Barberry Tree - Sharpness.

Basil - Hatred.

Bay Leaf - I change but in death.

Bay (Rose) Rhododendron - Danger, Beware.

Bay Tree - Glory.

Bay Wreath - Reward of merit, Glory.

Bearded Crepis - Protection.

Beech Tree - Prosperity.

Begonia - Beware, a fanciful nature.

Bee Orchis - Industry.

Bee Ophrys - Error.

Belladonna - Silence.

Bellflower - Thinking of you.

Bell Flower, Pyramidal - Constancy.

Bell Flower (small white) - Gratitude.

Bells of Ireland - Luck

Belvedere - I declare against you.

Betony - Surprise.

Bilberry - Treachery.

Bindweed, Great - Insinuation.

Bindweed, Small - Humility, Coquette and busybody.

Birch - Meekness.

Bird of Paradise aka Crane flowers - magnificence, joyfulness, paradise, faithfulness and splendor.

Birdsfoot Trefoil - Revenge.

Bittenweet; Nightshade - Truth.

Black Poplar - Courage.

Blackthorn - Difficulty.

Bladder Nut Tree - Frivolity, Amusement.

Bluebottle (Centaury) - Delicacy.

Bluebell - Constancy.

Blue-flowered Greek Valerian - Rupture.

Boras Henricus - Goodness.

Borage - Bluntness.

Box - Constancy.

Box Tree - Stoicism.

Bramble - Lowliness, Envy, Remorse.

Branch of Currants - You please all.

Branch of Thorns - Severity, Rigour.

Bridal Rose - Happy love.

Broom - Humility, Neatness.

Buckbean - Calm repose.

Bud of White Rose - Heart ignorant of love.

Bugloss - Falsehood.

Bulrush - Indiscretion, Docility.

Bumblebee Orchid - Industry.

Bundle of Reeds, with their Panicles - Music.

Burdock - Importunity, Touch me not.

Buttercup - Riches.

Buttercup (Kingcup) - Ingratitude, Childishness.

Butterfly Orchis - Gaiety.

Butterfly Weed - Let me go.


C - Flowers Language

Cabbage - Profit.

Cacalia - Adulation.

Cactus - Warmth.

Calendula - Grace, grief, jealousy.

Calla Lily - Magnificent beauty, transition, regal, pure love and growth.

Calycanthui - Benevolence.

Camellia Japonica, Red - Unpretending excellence.

Camellia Japonica, White - Perfected loveliness.

Camomile - Energy in adversity.

Canary Grass - Perseverance.

Candytuft - Indifference.

Canterbury Bell - Acknowledgement, Gratitude.

Cape Jasmine - I'm too happy.

Cardamine - Paternal error.

Carnation - Fascination, devoted Love, distinction, divine love, woman love.

Carnation, Green - Secret symbol of the followers of Oscar Wilde.

Carnation, Mauve - Dreams of fantasy.

Carnation, Pink - I'll never forget you, you're always on my mind, a woman's love and a mother's love.

Carnation, Purple - Capriciousness, unreliability, whimsical and changeable.

Carnation, Red - Deep romantic love. my heart aches for you, admiration, alas for my poor heart, friendship, pride and fascination.

Carnation, Striped - Refusal, "No", Sorry I can't be with you.

Carnation, Solid Color - "Yes", Affirmative.

Carnation, White - Sweet, lovely, innocence, pure love and faithfulness.

Carnation, Yellow - Disdain, you have disappointed me and rejection.

Cardinal Flower - Dittitutim.

Catchfly - Snare.

Catchfly, Red - Youthful love.

Catchfly, White - Betrayed.

Cedar - Strength.

Cedar of Lebanon - Incorruptible.

Cedar Leaf - I live for thee.

Celandine (Lesser) - Joys to come.

Cereus (Creeping) - Modest genius.

Centaury - Delicacy.

Champignon - Suspicion.

Chequered Fritillary - Persecution.

Cherry Tree - Good education.

Cherry Tree, White - Deception.

Chesnut Tree - Do me justice, Luxury.

Chickweed - Rendezvous.

Chicory - Frugality.

China Aster - Love of variety.

China Aster, Double - I partake your sentiments.

China Aster, Single - I will think of it.

China or Indian Pink - Aversion.

China Rose - Beauty always new.

Chinese Chrysanthemum - Cheerfulness under adversity.

Christmas Rose - Relieve my anxiety.

Chrysanthemum - Abundance, loveliness, fidelity, wealth, cheerfulness, you're a wonderful friend, optimism, rest, truth, long life and joy.

Chrysanthemum, Red - I love.

Chrysanthemum, White - Truth.

Chrysanthemum, Yellow - Slighted love.

Cinquefoil - Maternal affection.

Circaa - Spell.

Cistus, or Rock Rose - Popular favour.

Cistus, Gum - I shall die to-morrow.

Citron - ill natured beauty.

Clematis - Mental Beauty.

Clematis, Evergreen - Poverty, clever, pretense, ingenuity and intellectual.

Clotbur - Rudeness, Pertinacity.

Cloves - Dignity.

Clover, Four-leaved - Be mine.

Clover, Red - Industry.

Clover, White - Think of me, I promise.

Cobaea - Gossip.

Cockscomb Amaranth - Foppery, Affectation, Singularity.

Colchicum - My best days are past.

Coltsfoot - Justice shall be done.

Columbine - Folly.

Columbine, Purple - Resolved to win.

Columbine, Red - Anxious and trembling.

Convolvulus - Bonds.

Convolvulus, Blue (Minor) - Repose. Night.

Convolvulus, Major - Extinguished hopes.

Convolvulus, Pink - Worth sustained by judicious and tender affection.

Corchorus - Impatient of absence.

Coreopsis - Always cheerful.

Coreopsis - Love at first sight.

Coriander - Hidden worth, Lust.

Corn - Riches.

Corn Bottle - Delicacy.

Corn, Broken - Quarrel.

Corn Cockle - Gentility.

Corn Straw - Agreement.

Cornflower - Delicacy.

Cornel Tree - Duration.

Coronella - Success crown your wishes.

Cosmos - Is a symbol of modesty.

Cowslip - Pensiveness, Winning grace, Grace and beauty.

Cowslip, American - Divine beauty, You are my divinity.

Cranberry - Cure for heartache.

Creeping Cereus - Horror.

Cress - Stability, Power.

Crocus - Abuse not.

Crocus, Spring - Youthful gladness.

Crocus, Saffron - Mirth. Cheerfulness, gladness and abuse not.

Crown Imperial - Majesty, Power.

Crowsbill - Envy.

Crowfoot - Ingratitude.

Crowfoot (Aconite-leaved) - Lustre.

Crown Imperial - Majesty And Power

Cuckoo Plant - Ardour.

Cudweed, American - Unceasing remembrance.

Currant - Thy frown will kill me.

Cuscuta - Meanness.

Cyclamen - Diffidence, Grace and beauty.

Cypress - Death. Mourning.


D - Flowers Language

Daffodil - Regard, unrequited love, uncertainty sunshine, joy, cheerfulness, chivalry, happiness, respect, you’re the only one, the sun shines when I'm with you, rebirth and new beginnings.

Dahlia - Instability, dignity, elegance, forever thine, good taste and pomp.

Daisy - Innocence. loyal love, gentleness, I'll never tell, purity, faith, cheer, simplicity, love that conquers all.

Daisy, Garden - I share your sentiments.

Daisy, Michaelmas - Farewell.

Daisy, Party-colored - Beauty.

Daisy, Red - Beauty unknown to possessor

Daisy, Wild - I will think of it.

Damask Rose - Brilliant complexion.

Dandelion - Rustic oracle, coquetry, faithfulness, happiness, love and oracle of time.

Daphne Odora - Painting the lily.

Darnel (Ray grass) - Vice

Day Lily - Coquetry or You want to break up.

Dead Leaves - Sadness.

Delphinium aka (Larkspur, Lark’s Heel, Lark’s Claw and Knight’s Spur) - Means big hearted, fun, airy, boldness, pure love that is not forgotten, if you're not older and wiser, presumption and courage.

Dew Plant - A Serenade.

Dittany of Crete - Birth.

Dittany of Crete, White - Passion.

Dock - Patience.

Dodder of Thyme - Baseness.

Dogsbane - Deceit. Falsehood.

Dogwood - Durability.

Dragon Plant - Snare.

Dragonwort - Horror.

Dried Flax - Utility.


E - Flowers Language

Ebony Tree - Blackness.

Eglantine Rose (Sweetbrier) - Poetry, I wound to heal.

Elderflower - Zealousness, Compassion.

Elm - Dignity.

Enchanter's Nightshade - Witchcraft, Sorcery

Endive - Frugality.

Epigaea repens - Welcome

Eucalyptus - Protection.

Eupatorium - Delay.

Everflowering Candytuft - Indifference.

Evergreen Clematis - Poverty.

Evergreen Thorn - Solace in adversity.

Everlasting - Never-ceasing remembrance.

Everlasting Pea - Lasting pleasure.


F Flowers Language

Fennel - Worthy all praise, Strength

Fern - Fascination.

Ficoides, Ice Plant - Your looks freeze me.

Fig - Argument.

Fig Marigold - Idleness.

Fig Tree - Prolific.

Filbert - Reconciliation.

Fir - Time.

Fir Tree - Elevation.

Flax - Domestic Industry, Fate I feel your kindness.

Flax-leaved Goldy-locks - Tardiness.

Fleur-de-Lis - Flame, I burn.

Fleur-de-Luce - Fire.

Flowering Fern - Reverie.

Flowering Reed - Confidence in Heaven.

Flower-of-an-Hour - Delicate Beauty.

Fly Orchis - Error.

Flytrap - Deceit.

Fool's Parsley - Silliness.

Forget-Me- Not - True love, memories, hope, remembrance, faithful love and remember me forever.

Forsythia - Anticipation.

Fox Glove - Insincerity.

Freesia - Innocence, spirited and trust.

Fuchsia - Confiding love, good taste and amiability.

Foxglove - Insincerity.

Foxtail Grass - Sporting.

French Honeysuckle - Rustic beauty.

French Marigold - Jealousy.

French Willow - Bravery and humanity.

Frog Ophrys - Disgust.

Fuller's Teasel - Misanthropy.

Fumitory - Spleen.

Fuchsia - confiding love, good taste and amiability

Fuchsia, Scarlet - Taste.


G - Flowers Language

Garden Anemone - Forsaken.

Garden Chervil - Sincerity.

Garden Daisy - I partake your sentiments.

Gardenia - I love you in secret, you're lovely, secret love, purity, refinement, joy and good luck.

Garden Marigold - Uneasiness.

Garden Ranunculus - You are rich in attractions.

Garden Sage - Esteem.

Garland of Roses - Reward of virtue.

Gentian: You Are Unjust.

Germander Speedwell - Facility.

Geranium - True friend, folly, stupidity, folly, comfort and gentility.

Geranium, Dark - Melancholy.

Geranium, Ivy - Bridal favour.

Geranium, Lemon - Unexpected meeting.

Geranium, Nutmeg - Expected meeting.

Geranium, Oak-leaved - True friendship.

Geranium, Pencilled - Ingenuity.

Geranium, Rose-scented - Preference.

Geranium, Scarlet - Contorting, Stupidity.

Geranium, Silver-leaved - Recall.

Geranium, Wild - Steadfast piety.

Gillyflower - Bonds of affection.

Ginger - Strength, safe, pleasant, warming and comforting.

Gladiolus - Is a symbol of generosity, sincerity, you pierce my heart, strength of character, remembrance, infatuation, splendid beauty, give me a break, admiration and I am really sincere.

Glory Flower - Glorious beauty.

Goat's Rue - Reason.

Golden Rod - Precaution, Encouragement, treasure and good fortune.

Gooseberry - Anticipation.

Gorse - Love in all seasons

Gourd - Extent, Bulk.

Grape, Wild - Charity.

Grass - Submission, Utility.

Guelder Rose - Winter, Age.


H - Flowers Language

Hand Flower Tree - Warning.

Harebell - Submission, Grief.

Hawkweed - Quicksightedness.

Hawthorn - Hope.

Hazel - Reconciliation.

Heath - Solitude.

Helenium - Tears.

Heliotrope - Devotion. faithfulness.eternal love.

Hellebore - Scandal and calumny.

Helmet Flower (Monkshood) - Knight-errantry.

Hemlock - You will be my death.

Hemp - Fate.

Henbane - Imperfection.

Hepatica - Confidence.

Hibiscus - Rare beauty, delicate beauty consumed by love.

Holly - Foresight.

Holly Herb - Enchantment.

Hollyhock - Fecundity, female Ambition, liberality and fruitfulness.

Honesty - Honesty and fascination.

Honey Flower - Love sweet and secret.

Honeysuckle - Generous and devoted affection, Sweetness of disposition, the bond of love, generous, devoted affection, happiness and sweetness.

Honeysuckle Coral - The colour of my fate.

Honeysuckle (French) - Rustic beauty.

Hop - Injustice.

Hornbeam - Ornament.

Horse Chesnut - Luxury.

Hortensia - You are cold.

Hosta - Devotion.

Houseleek - Vivacity and Domestic economyindustry.

Houstonia - Content.

Hoya - Sculpture.

Humble Plant - Despondency.

Hundred-leaved Rose - Dignity of mind.

Hyacinth - Sorrow, sports, games, rashness and play.

Hyacinth, White - Unobtrusive loveliness.

Hydrangea - Gratefulness, vanity, thank you for understanding, frigidness, heartlessness, a boaster, pride and appreciation.

Hyssop - Cleanliness.


I - Flowers Meaning

Iceland Moss - Health.

Ice Plant - Your looks freeze me.

Imperial Montague - Power.

Indian Cress - Warlike trophy.

Indian Jasmine (Ipomoea) - Attachment.

Indian Pink (Double) - Always lovely.

Indian Plum - Privation.

Iris - Message, faith, hope, wisdom, valor, my compliments, passion, your friendship means so much to me and promise in love.

Iris, Blue - Faith and hope.

Iris, German - Flame.

Ivy - Fidelity, Marriage, Dependence.

Ivy, Sprig of, with tendrils - Assiduous to please.


J - Flowers Language

Jack-in-the-pulpit - Is the seventh Wedding Anniversary flower symbol.

Jacob's Ladder - Come down.

Japan Rose - Beauty is your only attraction.

Jasmine - Amiability. amiability, wealth, grace, and elegance.

Jasmine, Cape - Transport of joy.

Jasmine, Carolina - Separation.

Jasmine, Indian - I attach myself to you.

Jasmine, Spanish - Sensuality.

Jasmine, Yellow - Grace and elegance.

Jonquil - I desire a return of affection, violent sympathy, desire, love me and sympathy.

Judas Tree - Unbelief and betrayal.

Juniper - Succour and protection.

Justicia - The perfection of female loveliness.


K - Flowers Language

Kennedia - Mental Beauty.

King-cups - Desire of Riches.


L - Flowers Language

Laburnum - Forsaken, pensive beauty.

Lady's Slipper - Capricious beauty, win me and wear me.

Lagerstræmia, Indian - Eloquence.

Lantana - Rigour.

Larch - Audacity and boldness.

Larkspur - Lightness, levity, open heart, fickleness and ardent attachment.

Larkspur, Pink - Fickleness.

Larkspur, Purple - Haughtiness.

Laurel - Glory.

Laurel, Common, in flower - Perfidy.

Laurel, Ground - Perseverance.

Laurel, Mountain - Ambition.

Laurel-leaved Magnolia - Dignity.

Laurestine - A token, I die if neglected.

Lavender - Distrust, constancy, love, devotion, happiness, success, luck and distrust.

Leaves (dead) - Melancholy.

Lemon - Zest.

Lemon Blossom - Fidelity in lore, Discretion.

Lettuce - Cold-heartedness.

Lichen - Dejection and solitude.

Lilac - Emotions of love, beauty, pride, youthful, humility and confidence.

Lilac, Purple - First emotions of love.

Lilac, White - Youthful Innocence, memories.

Lily - Devotion, beauty, majesty, honor, purity of heart, wealth, pride and innocence.

Lily, Day - Coquetry.

Lily, Imperial - Majesty.

Lily, Orange - Desire, passion

Lily, Scarlet - High-souled aspirations.

Lily, White - Purity, Sweetness.

Lily, Yellow - Falsehood, Gaiety.

Lily of the Valley - Trustworthy, humility, sweetness, return of happiness, purity of heart, you've made my life complete, love's good fortune.

Linden or Lime Trees - Conjugal love.

Lint - I feel my obligations.

Lime Blossom - Fornication.

Live Oak - Liberty.

Liverwort - Confidence.

Licorice, Wild - I declare against you.

Lobelia - Malevolence.

Locust Tree - Elegance.

Locust Tree (green) - Affection beyond the grave.

London Pride - Frivolity.

Lote Tree - Concord.

Lotus - Purity, chastity and eloquence.

Lotus Flower - Estranged love.

Lotus Leaf - Recantation.

Love in a Mist - Perplexity.

Love lies Bleeding - Hopelessness, not heartless.

Lucern - Life.

Lupine - Voraciousness, Imagination.


M - Flowers Language

Madder - Calumny.

Magnolia - Love of Nature.

Magnolia, Swamp - Perseverance.

Mallow - Mildness, Consumed by love.

Mallow, Marsh - Beneficence.

Mallow, Syrian - Consumed by love.

Mallow, Venetian - Delicate beauty.

Manchineal Tree - Falsehood.

Mandrake - Horror.

Maple - Reserve.

Marigold - Pain and grief.

Marigold, African - Vulgar minds.

Marigold, French - Jealousy.

Marigold, Prophetic - Prediction.

Marigold and Cypress - Despair.

Marjoram - Blushes.

Marvel of Peru - Timidity.

Meadow Lychnis - Wit.

Meadow Saffron - My fast days are fast.

Meadowsweet - Uselessness.

Mercury - Goodness.

Mesembryanthemum - Idleness.

Mezereon - Desire to please.

Michaelmas Daisy - Afterthought.

Mignionette - Worth, your qualities surpass your charms.

Milfoil - War.

Milk vetch - Your presence softens my pains.

Milkwort - Hermitage.

Mimosa (Sensitive Plant) - Sensitiveness.

Mint - Virtue, Suspicion.

Mistletoe - I surmount difficulties.

Mock Orange - Counterfeit.

Monkshood (Helmet Flower) - Chivalry, Knight-errantry.

Moonflower - Dreaming of love.

Moonwort - Forgetfulness.

Morning Glory - Affectation and love, Love in vain.

Moschatel - Weakness.

Moss - Maternal love.

Mosses - Ennui.

Mossy Saxifrage - Affection.

Motherwort - Concealed love.

Mountain Ash - Prudence.

Mourning Bride - Unfortunate attachment, I have lost all.

Mouse-eared Chickweed - Ingenuous simplicity.

Mouse-eared Scorpion Grass - Forget me not.

Moving Plant - Agitation.

Mudwort - Tranquillity.

Mugwort - Happiness.

Mulberry Tree (Black) - I shall not survive you.

Mulberry Tree (White) - Wisdom.

Mullein - Good-nature

Mushroom - Suspicion.

Musk Plant - Weakness.

Mustard Seed - Indifference.

Myrobalan - Privation.

Myrrh - Gladness.

Myrtle - Love.


N - Flowers Language

Narcissus - Egotism.

Nasturtium - Conquest, patriotism and victory in battle.

Nettle, Burning - Slander.

Nettle Tree - Concert.

Night-blooming Cereus - Transient beauty.

Night Convolvulus - Night.

Nightshade - Truth.


O - Flowers Meaning

Oak Leaf - Bravery, Strength.

Oak Tree - Hospitality.

Oak (White) - Independence.

Oats - Music.

Oleander - Beware.

Olive - Peace.

Orange Blossoms - Innocence, eternal love, marriage, fruitfulness and your purity equals your loveliness.

Orange Flowers - Chastity. Bridal festivities.

Orange Tree - Generosity.

Orchid - love, refined beauty, wisdom, thoughtfulness, refinement, luxury, strength, rare beauty, magnificence beautiful lady, mature charm and long life.

Osier - Frankness.

Osmunda - Dreams.

Oxeye Daisy - Patience.


P - Flowers Language

Palm - Victory.

Pansy - merriment, you occupy my thoughts, loyalty and thoughtful recollection.

Parsley - Festivity.

Pasque Flower - You have no claims.

Passion Flower - Religious superstition.

Patience Dock - Patience.

Pea, Everlasting - An appointed meeting, Lasting Pleasure.

Pea, Sweet - Departure.

Peach - Your qualities, like your charms, are unequaled.

Peach Blossom - I am your captive, long-life, generosity, and bridal hope.

Pear - Affection.

Pear Blossom - Lasting friendship.

Pear Tree - Comfort.

Pennyroyal - Flee away.

Peony - Good life, healing, happy marriage, prosperity, compassion, shame, bashfulness, happy life and good health.

Peppermint - Warmth of feeling.

Periwinkle, Blue - Early friendship.

Periwinkle, White - Pleasures of memory.

Persicaria - Restoration.

Persimon - Bury me amid Nature's beauties.

Peruvian Heliotrope - Devotion.

Pheasant's Eye - Remembrance.

Phlox - Unanimity, Agreement,

Pigeon Berry - Indifference.

Pimpernel - Change, Assignation.

Pine - Pity.

Pine-apple - You are perfect.

Pine, Pitch - Philosophy.

Pine, Spruce - Hope in adversity.

Pink - Boldness.

Pink, Carnation - Woman's love.

Pink, Indian, Double - Always lovely.

Pink, Indian, Single - Aversion.

Pink, Mountain - Aspiring.

Pink, Red, Double - Pure and ardent love.

Pink, Single - Pure love.

Pink, Variegated - Refusal.

Pink, White - Ingeniousness, Talent.

Pitch Pine Blossom - Philosophy.

Plane Tree - Genius.

Plum Blossom - Beauty and longevity.

Plum, Indian - Privation.

Plum Tree - Fidelity.

Plum, Wild - Independence.

Polyanthus - Pride of riches.

Polyanthus, Crimson - The heart's mystery.

Polyanthus, Lilac - Confidence.

Pomegranate - Foolishness.

Pomegranate, Flower - Mature elegance.

Poplar, Black - Courage.

Poplar, White - Time.

Poppy - Fantastic Extravagance, dreaminess, eternal sleep, oblivion and imagination.

Poppy, Red - Pleasure Consolation.

Poppy, Scarlet - Fantastic extravagance.

Poppy, White - Dreams, modern, peace, my bane, my antidote.

Poppy, Yellow - Wealth, success

Potato - Benevolence.

Prickly Pear - Satire.

Pride of China - Dissension.

Primrose - Early youth, Eternal love.

Primrose, Evening - Inconstancy.

Primrose, Red - Unpatronized merit.

Privet - Prohibition.

Purple Clover - Provident.

Pyrus Japonica - Fairies' fire.


Q - Flowers Language

Quaking Grass - Agitation.

Quamoclit - Busybody.

Queen's Rocket - You are the queen of coquettes, Fashion.

Quince - Temptation.


R - Flowers Language

Ragged Robin - Wit.

Ranunculus - You are radiant with charms.

Ranunculus, Garden - You are rich in attractions.

Ranunculus, Wild - Ingratitude.

Raspberry - Remorse.

Ray Grass - Vice.

Red Catchfly - Youthful lore.

Reed - Complaisance, Music.

Reed, Split - Indiscretion.

Rhododendron (Rosebay) - Danger, Beware.

Rhubarb - Advice.

Rocket - Rivalry.

Rose - Love passion and perfection.

Rose, Austrian - Thou art all that is lovely.

Rose, Blue - Mystery, attaining the impossible, love at first sight.

Rose, Black - Death, hatred, farewell, rejuvenation or rebirth

Rose, Bridal - Happy love.

Rose, Burgundy - Unconscious beauty.

Rose, Cabbage - Ambassador of love.

Rose, Campion - Only deserve my love.

Rose, Carolina - Love is dangerous.

Rose, China - Beauty always new.

Rose, Christmas - Tranquillize my anxiety.

Rose, Coral - Desire, passion.

Rose, Daily - Thy smile I aspire to.

Rose, Damask - Brilliant complexion.

Rose, Deep Red - Bashful shame.

Rose, Dog - Pleasure and pain.

Rose, Guelder - Winter, Age.

Rose, Hundred-leaved - Pride.

Rose, Japan - Beauty is your only attraction.

Rose, Lavender - Love at first sight.

Rose, Maiden Blush - If you love me, you will find it out.

Rose, Multiflora - Grace.

Rose, Mundi - Variety.

Rose, Musk - Capricious beauty.

Rose, Musk, Cluster - Charming.

Rose, Orange - Desire, passion

Rose, Pink - Grace.

Rose, Dark Pink - Gratitude.

Rose, Light Pink - Desire, passion, joy of life, youth, energy.

Rose, Red - True love.

Rose, Red and White Together - United.

Rose, Red and Yellow Together - Joy, happiness and excitement.

Rose, Single - Simplicity.

Rose, Thornless - Early attachment, Love at first sight.

Rose, Unique - Call me not beautiful.

Rose, Violet - Love at first sight .

Rose, White - I am worthy of you, eternal love, silence or innocence, wistfulness, virtue, purity, secrecy, reverence and humility.

Rose, White (withered) - Transient impressions.

Rose, Yellow - inner joy, light, happiness, apology, the beauty of a long prosperous marriage, friendship, true love, decrease of love, jealousy, try to care, freedom, slighted love, its also means; shows I care, gladness, intense emotion, dying love, extreme betrayal, infidelity, welcome back, remember me, broken heart and passionate thoughts.

Rose, York and Lancaster - War.

Rose, Full-blown, placed over two Buds - Secrecy.

Roses, Crown of - Reward of virtue.

Rosebud, Red - Pure and lovely.

Rosebud, White - Girlhood.

Rosebud, Moss - Confession of love.

Rosebay (Rhododendron) - Beware, Danger.

Rosemary - Remembrance.

Rudbeckia - Justice.

Rue - Disdain, Regret.

Rush - Docility.

Rye Grass - Changeable disposition


S - Flowers Language

Saffron - Beware of excess.

Saffron Crocus - Mirth.

Saffron, Meadow - My happiest days are past.

Sage - Domestic virtue.

Sage, Garden - Esteem.

Sainfoin - Agitation.

Saint John's Wort - Animosity, Superstition.

Sardony - Irony.

Saxifrage, Mossy - Affection.

Scabious - Unfortunate love.

Scabious, Sweet - Widowhood.

Scarlet Lychnis - Sunbeaming eyes.

Schinus - Religions enthusiasm.

Scotch Fir - Elevation.

Sensitive Plant - Sensibility, Delicate feelings.

Senvy - Indifference.

Shamrock - Light heartedness.

Slip of Willow - Too arrogant for your taste.

Snakesfoot - Horror.

Snapdragon - Presumption.

Snowball - Bound.

Snowdrop - Consolation or Hope.

Sorrel - Affection.

Sorrel, Wild - Wit ill-timed.

Sorrel, Wood - Joy.

Southernwood - Jest, Bantering.

Spanish Jasmine - Sensuality.

Spearmint - Warmth of sentiment.

Speedwell - Female fidelity.

Speedwell, Germander - Facility.

Speedwell, Spiked - Semblance.

Spider, Ophrys - Adroitness.

Spiderwort - Esteem not love.

Spiked Willow Herb - Pretension.

Spindle Tree - Your charms are engraven on my heart.

Star of Bethlehem - Purity, Hope.

Starwort - Afterthought.

Starwort, American - Cheerfulness in old age.

Static - Lasting beauty, sympathy, remembrance and success.

Stock - Lasting beauty.

Stock, Ten Week - Promptness.

Stonecrop - Tranquillity.

Straw - United.

Straw, Broken - Rupture of a contract.

Straw, Whole - Union.

Strawberry Tree - Esteem and love.

Sumach, Venice - Splendour, Intellectual excellence.

Sunflower - Pure and lofty thoughts.

Sunflower, Dwarf - Adoration.

Sunflower, Tall - Haughtiness.

Swallow-wort - Cure for heartache.

Sweet Basil - Good wishes.

Sweetbrier - Simplicity.

Sweetbrier, American - Simplicity.

Sweetbrier, European - I wound to heal.

Sweetbrier, Yellow - Decrease of love.

Sweet Pea - lasting pleasure, blissful pleasure, thank you for a lovely time, I think of you, departure, delicate pleasures and goodbye.

Sweet Sultan - Felicity.

Sweet William - Gallantry.

Sycamore - Curiosity.

Syringa - Memory.

Syringa, Carolina - Disappointment.


T - Flowers Language

Tamarisk - Crime.

Tansy (Wild) - I declare war against you.

Teasel - Misanthropy.

Tendrils of Climbing Plants - Ties.

Thistle - Nobility.

Thistle, Common - Austerity.

Thistle, Fuller's - Misanthropy

Thistle, Scotch - Retaliation.

Thorn Apple - Deceitful charms, Disguise.

Thorn, Branch of - Severity.

Thrift - Sympathy.

Throatwort - Neglected beauty.

Thyme - Activity, Thriftiness.

Tiger Flower - For once may pride befriend me.

Traveller's Joy - Safety.

Tree of Life - Old age.

Trefoil - Revenge.

Tremella Nestoc - Resistance.

Trillium Pictum - Modest beauty.

Truffle - Surprise.

Trumpet Flower - Fame.

Tuberose - Dangerous pleasures.

Tulip - Elegance, grace, symbol of the perfect lover and fame.

Tulip, Red - Declaration of love.

Tulip, Variegated - Beautiful eyes.

Tulip, Yellow - Hopeless love.

Tulip, Tree - Fame

Turnip - Charity.

Tussilage (Sweet-scented) - Justice shall be done you.


V - Flowers Language

Valerian - An accommodating disposition.

Valerian, Greek - Rupture.

Venice Sumach - Intellectual excellence, Splendour.

Venus' Car - Fly with me.

Venus' Looking-glass - Flattery.

Venus' Trap - Deceit.

Vernal Grass - Poor, but happy.

Veronica - Fidelity.

Vervain - Enchantment, Sensibility.

Vine - Intoxication.

Violet - modesty, faithfulness, virtue, understated beauty, simplicity, affection, innocence and you're in my thoughts.

Violet, Blue - Faithfulness.

Violet, Dame - Watchfulness.

Violet, Sweet - Modesty.

Violet, Yellow - Rural happiness.

Violet, White - Modesty.

Virginian Spiderwort - Momentary happiness.

Virgin's Bower - Filial love.

Viscaria - Invitation to dance.

Volkamenia - May you be happy.


W - Flowers Language

Walnut - Intellect, Stratagem.

Wallflower - Fidelity in adversity.

Water Lily - Purity of heart.

Water Melon - Bulkiness.

Wax Plant - Susceptibility.

Wheat - Wealth and prosperity.

Wheat Stalk - Riches.

Whin - Anger.

White Jasmine - Amiableness.

White Lily - Purity and Modesty.

White Mullein - Good nature.

White Oak - Independence.

White Pink - Talent.

White Poplar - Time.

White Rose (dried) - Death preferable to loss of innocence.

Whortleberry - Treason.

Willow, Creeping - Love forsaken.

Willow, Water - Freedom.

Willow, Weeping - Mourning.

Willow-Herb - Pretension.

Willow, French - Bravery and humanity.

Winged seeds (any kind) - Messengers.

Winter Cherry - Deception.

Witch Hazel - A magic spell.

Woodbine - Fraternal love.

Wood Sorrel - Joy, Maternal tenderness.

Wormwood - Absence.


X - Flowers Language

Xanthium - Rudeness, Pertinacity.

Xeranthemum - Cheerfulness under adversity.


Y - Flowers Language

Yarrow - War

Yew - Sorrow.


Z - Flowers Language

Zephyr Flower - Expectation.

Zinnia - Thoughts of absent friends.



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