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For the Mom-to-be - Gift Ideas for Baby Showering

Updated on August 31, 2012

Being a mom-to-be isn’t easy. The life of these ladies are going through drastic changes, both mentally and physically. They all deserve some pampering. Below are some gift ideas for mom-to-be. Could be some ideas for baby shower as well!

1. Diaper Cake

Diaper cake is a very practical gift and yet sweet and looks very nice! Each newborn baby would need around 6-8 pieces of diapers per day until they are around 2 year-old. You don’t even have to do rough calculation to know that diapers are one of the main costs of new parents.

You can make your own diaper cake by rolling up diapers together with ribbon decoration, or you can buy them in gift stores or online.

Diaper Cake for a Boy
Diaper Cake for a Boy

2. Personalized Baby Gift Set

Every individual is unique, ever since they were conceived in their mom’s worm. A personalized baby gift set, which can be compromises of personalized baby burping cloths, baby rompers, baby bibs, and baby socks, to anything that you can think of. You might want to put the name of the baby on them. And if you do not know the name yet, why not put some personalized message about the baby’s mom and dad? Use your humor to make mom-to-be smile.

3. Swaddle wrapping cloth

Newborn babies are used to the tiny space in mom’s belly and that’s exactly why they are so relax if you wrap them (well, swaddle them) quite tightly in a soothing cloth. Many parents find swaddle wrapping cloth one of the best ideas in keeping their babies calm and relax.

There are many swaddle wrapping cloths available, from major baby product brands to some individual organic brands. Search around to see which one suits the mom-to-be.

Swaddle Wrapping Cloth
Swaddle Wrapping Cloth
Pregnancy Massage
Pregnancy Massage

4. Weekend Getaway Gift Coupon

What is lovelier than getting away for a romantic long weekend before welcoming a new family member on-board?

Depends on the mom-to-be’s situation, you might want to check carefully what is the expiry date of the gift coupon so they can use it even awhile after the baby’s born.

You might also consider gift coupon for spa, sauna, wellness or pregnancy massage for the mom-to-be.

5. Mom Necklace, bangle bracelet, charms

Jewelry for the mom-to-be can also be something special to remind them their precious pregnancy memory. There are mom necklaces, bangle bracelet, charms and other mom-featured jewelries available in the market. You can also have them personalized.

Mom and child Necklace
Mom and child Necklace

6. Baby Closet Dividers and baby clothing hangers

For sure the fast growing newborn baby needs a lot of clothing in different sizes to catch up with its growth. To make sure baby clothing are sorted with order, baby closet dividers come in perfect. These dividers help indicating the sizes of the baby clothing, avoiding chaos in mixing up clothing sizes.

Cute baby clothing hangers are also of top priority for moms to keep baby clothing in order. There are already so much things to take care of for the baby, why not use some good sorting system to help the mom-to-be a little bit during this chaotic period?

Baby Closet Dividers
Baby Closet Dividers
Lovely Baby Clothing Hangers
Lovely Baby Clothing Hangers

7. Breastfeeding cover

If the mom-to-be opts for breastfeeding, a breastfeeding cover is perfect for her and the baby. With the cover, one can feed their babies literally anywhere without flashing their nipples in public. These covers come in many different patterns and designs nowadays.

8. Prenatal Wellness set

Needless to say, the mom needs a lot to pamper for the physical changes that she is going through/ has gone through during the whole process of pregnancy. There are many wellness products tailor-made for pregnant woman. Strength mark reducing, firming, uplifting, you name it. These are true treats for any mom-to-be.

9. Baby Growth Apps/ Diary

Baby growth diary used to top the chart for baby showering gifts. With the dominant of smart phones, baby growth apps could be another option. Of course, hand writing can always bring back the deepest memory.

10. Baby First Hand/Footprint Art

Baby grows so fast, that if you do not make some records of its growth, you’ll forget how small their footprint was when they were born. Baby’s first hand and/or foot print arts are precious gifts for mom-to-be. You can record the exact hand and/or foot size of the baby and use it as decoration. Many clay print art products are available and very easy to use.

Baby Handprint Clay Decoration
Baby Handprint Clay Decoration

No matter what baby shower gifts you are picking for the mom-to-be, health of the mom and baby is the most important thing. Hope that everyone can enjoy their pregnancy process and share the happiness of being a mom with their friends and family!

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