How Do you start talking to someone you find attractive, but dont know?

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  1. Ms.Lavae profile image60
    Ms.Lavaeposted 14 years ago

    How Do you start talking to someone you find attractive, but dont know?

    Ok so i've always wondered what techinques others use to get that hot guy/girl that they've been eyeing for a while.

  2. stricktlydating profile image83
    stricktlydatingposted 14 years ago

    Really, all it takes is a friendly "Hello".  Followed by a casual question... Then flirt away! Smile, act interested in what the other person's saying.

    If you're really feeling flirty "Hello sexy, nice to see you hear again!".

    If the other person is interested they will also try and continue the conversation with you.

  3. profile image51
    SwanneyLeeposted 14 years ago

    Its really a simple process, tell that person you like what you see and you would like to get to know what you looking at. Be your self. Converste, listen, observe and evaluate. You know you, so find out if that person fits who you are. This is coming from a man so take heed. You are a beautiful women, and my imagination tells me you have a wonderful body so match that with a pretty smile, charming personality, and great conversation. Just make sure you ask the right questions, What are you looking for from this person, what are they loking for from you. its has to be a physical attraction cause that is how love develops, thru the flesh, its true. but if its only a physical thing than let be known. See what type of attraction this person has for you. and go from there.

  4. WRKennedy profile image60
    WRKennedyposted 14 years ago

    My advice to you is treat them as a person first before you let them know how attractive you find them.  Don't lose your confidence.  Don't apologize for the way you look.  Just flash that smile you have in your avatar picture and find something you two have in common to talk about.  If that goes well, you can look them in the eyes, find an excuse to touch them, all that stuff you already know.

  5. ShyneIV profile image58
    ShyneIVposted 14 years ago

    Everything listed above works perfectly. I would add another wrinkle to them though: a good wingman/wingchick. It works.

  6. StarB12 profile image60
    StarB12posted 14 years ago

    Well...this can go plenty ways. I never have been able to tell a guy flat out that I am crushing or feeling them (I have superfluous pride). So I schemed ways to get what I needed from a guy without saying those magic words...thus keeping my pride and praise! smile

    For me, here on campus I see A LOT of sexiii guys that I may or may not want to say something to. Howwwwwever, the latest attractive guy that I saw was walking by me and I said:
    "Hey Sexy!"

    Now this may be a little stupid or infantile due to age acceptance stuff but at 19 this helped me in plenty ways. He smiled in return and said "Hey to you too!". (May I add that his smile was longer than Bourbon Street and we were in the middle of campus where everyone hangs!!)That smile showed me that I can make that approach I wanted and he excepted this as well without thoughts of me being a, well you know..........a slut bucket. I'm not saying to go hollering at the next fine man but at least make some type of gesture or attention grasping method to show him that you are interested.

    What did this solve, you may ask. Well it gave him the impression that I may have an *eye* for him, therefore accelerating anything that may come forward for us in the future....all because of a greeting.

  7. profile image50
    blong72posted 14 years ago

    I agree with a few others here. Be yourself and be friendly showing genuine interest in the person. I wouldn't gush too much at first showing all your cards. Makes you seem less of a challenge. Just show genuine interest in getting to know the person. The rest of that other stuff can come later.

  8. zzron profile image58
    zzronposted 14 years ago

    Just relax and be yourself. Smile and make good eye contact, show interest in the other person and casually give them a flattering compliment on their eyes, hair, clothes etc.... but be sincere. This should get the ball rolling. Maybe before parting you could suggest or ask for another get together sometime, lunch, dinner, a movie or something you feel the other person would enjoy, something non threatening in a public setting that would give you both the opportunity to talk and get to know each other. Make it light and fun and for a bonus tip, let them know you like to hold hands and chances are they do to and if things go well, a good time will be had by all.

  9. torifries profile image55
    torifriesposted 14 years ago

    being with a friend really helps, hopefuly without intimidating the person tongue


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