I Met Her And Was 2 Years Chat With Her Over Net, I Want To Gain Her Belives In

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    WhatToDo...posted 7 years ago

    I Met Her And Was 2 Years Chat With Her Over Net, I Want To Gain Her Belives In Me And Get Her Back!

    we met over internet (exacly over a game WoW) and at first she had a BF that she left few months later and she was with him for 3 years.. after she left him i couldnt be there for her but i was talk with her to get her relaxed and calm down... we kept talking each day and had fun knowing each other and sudenly decided to say "lets be together" even if its over internet, to meet in RL, she lives in diferent country then me, we both felt something to each other since then but problem is after some time argues and problems started, funny thing is that she is 21 and im 17, in november this year 18

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    WhatToDo...posted 7 years ago

    so i couldnt travel to her place alone without being 18 years old, and she had problem first scared and later money, she didnt wanna borrow money from her friends so she tryed to get a job for get money and come here... argues and problems were'nt just about rl but also about game that she was take serious as my rl act that i didnt get on start... 1 year later she got 1 job and left it 2 days later cuz of some argue with me that i didnt w8 her on net when she got back night after job cuz i was tired and sadly i falled a sleep .... cuz she got job for me... now that 2 years passed she finaly got a job but kept argue with me how i kept doing some stuff that i wasnt supose and telling she wanna leave and that she wanna have some1 there and forget about me at all like i didnt exist hmm and yday she was on a date and after it came tell me that and she felt horrible... i was talk to her about all how i wanna her how i didnt show her all what i got and honestly that i started change problems that i did before but she kept saying no and she again goes out today on date telling me i should get some better GF then her here cuz i can have "100 times better GF then her" but things is i dont wanna that and i wanna just stick to plan and meet her show her last i have and if she wont wanna have me then... then i guees it will be it... i just need help what to do atm and if u have any questions ask me ill try explain, i honestly love her and i wouldnt leave her no matter what eh sad

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    Info Bucketposted 7 years ago

    What to say???? I have the same experiance as your's, but she doesnt said me that she is leaving me......but she is offline everytime. And she is not my lover, more than it she was my sincere friend.....