Why do some people think men and women have different sexual desires when it tak

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  1. beachbuggy5 profile image60
    beachbuggy5posted 13 years ago

    Why do some people think men and women have different sexual desires when it takes two to tango?

    A married man cheats on his wife with cyber porn, but, the one he cheats with is a woman?  Aren't they both hypersexual? It seems that there is always an excuse for married men to justify their infidelity by society saying things like "it's the nature of the beast".  Some women are "beasts", too!  Shouldn't we all hold ourselves accountable to our spouse?  After all, we CHOSE to be faithful till death do us part.  Isn't it kind of convenient to blame it on "we're just wired differently".  It all seems like vain excuses...no matter how hard science tries to prove it otherwise.

  2. Sun-Girl profile image59
    Sun-Girlposted 13 years ago

    Yeah, i believe that men and women are of two different sexual desire because its just they way God created human being. Men are of higher sexual desire because they are easily moved by what they see but women is by touch. And men is always in their nature to cheat, they can't do without cheating except by lots of self discipline.

  3. beachbuggy5 profile image60
    beachbuggy5posted 13 years ago

    Thank you for your reply Sun-Girl.

    I like how you categorize men as being more "visually stimulated" as compared to women who respond more to tactile.

    I believe that a Schwarzenner/Weiner Sydrome will only continue to be viral if society keeps finding ingenious ways to justify bad behavior.

    It doesn't make sense how men are labeled as "sexually lacking self control" because they are "genetically programmed" that way when the one they're being sexual with is a woman!

    If you share the same faith (I respect all)...Didn't God create us both equal...man and woman. Wouldn't that make us both prone to hypersexuality and at an increased risk for violating our marriage vows?

    Why can't we tell it like it is and say some men and women are simply hypersexual and need to practice more self control when in a relationship? 

    Do you think the expectations of society and how men evolved has given them a free pass to bad behavior?  I do! I believe the married woman needs to tell it like it is, "this is WRONG... so grow up and stop it with these crazy excuses like "it's all in the Levis (genes)!"  Thanks for listening.  smile

  4. dashingscorpio profile image80
    dashingscorpioposted 13 years ago

    Sexual drive is not “universal”. It is rare when a couple has the same “natural” sex drive.
    Most “new relationships” start off on fire but after awhile one person is likely to fade some.
    Your appetite for sex may be stronger than one person and less than another person.
    There are some women who are married to men that have a lower sexual drive than they do.  Sexual desire also declines in some individuals for various reasons including menopause for middle age women, enlarged prostate for middle age men, body image issues, loss of self-esteem, or no longer feeling attracted to their mate.
    A recent study indicated 15-20% of all marriages are “sexless”.
    (It only takes one person to shut down sex in any relationship.)
    The one with desire is likely to “explore other options” rather than go through a messy divorce. Some people don’t believe lack of sex or bad sex is a legitimate reason to divorce. I recently wrote a hub on this very subject. “Sex: Is bad sex a legitimate reason to end a relationship?” http://hubpages.com/hub/badsexendsrelationships
    It takes COURAGE to end a relationship especially when it’s (not all bad).

    There are some physical differences in men and women that cannot be ignored. The most sensitive area of a woman’s sex organ is tucked away while the most sensitive part of a man’s sex organ is outwardly pressed against his underwear or inner thigh. (Scientist have stated that boys/men ages 15-45 think about sex every 52 seconds!)

    Another thing we cannot ignore is men are willing to spend $1000s of dollars hourly to have sex with a woman or throw their hard earned money at the feet of stripper in a “Gentlemen’s Club”. If women were “equally desirous” of sex as men there would either be no such thing as prostitution or women would be paying men to have sex.

    What I find fascinating is why people always ask men or women why they cheated.
    They already know whatever response is given to them will be deemed as “unacceptable”, considered “a B.S. excuse”, or a “selfish reason”. Why do we ask “why” when we could care less about the answer? Asking such questions is nothing more than an invitation to give an “explanation and justification”.

  5. Levertis Steele profile image74
    Levertis Steeleposted 12 years ago

    Women have been taught not to express their sexuality, but act like ladies. Women were taught not to pursue men unless they want to look like desperate whores. Women were taught to wait for men to make the first move toward courtship or they will be called "fast." Women are just as libidous as men, but they have been taught constantly to refrain, even though the media has taught the opposite and rule in some cases.

    Men, in general, were not taught to be so restrained. "You better not get any girl pregnant" or "Learn the meaning of 'condom.'" "I'm not taking care of any babies, so, you had better be careful with these girls," adds Mom. Fathers do not normally say to their sons, " "Wait until marriage for sex, son, no matter how fast the girls are. Just take a cold shower and wait for marriage. I did."

    Too many parents are not instilling early in their sons the importance of fidelity in marriage and the family. Too many boys do not see good examples, or any examples, in the home. Boys are not always told to refrain from sex until marriage. They are not being taught adequately that infidelity in marriage is wrong and causes many problems. Young married couples do not seem to have the drive and determination to work hard to make a marriage work, as was done in their grandparents' past.

    If the wife has a low sex drive after giving birth, very few respect postpartum depression or lack of readiness after birth. Very few seek professional intervention when it doesn't seem to go away. A woman may bleed for several weeks after giving birth. Some men think that they have a good reason to cheat as long as they do not get ridiculous and go overboard. The lack of respect for the institution of marriage as has been portrayed in the media has been hammered into minds for decades. The media rules idle and weak minds.

  6. ackman1465 profile image60
    ackman1465posted 12 years ago

    Because.... once the music starts, and you find yourselves on the dance floor... SOMEBODY has to lead, and SOMEBODY has to follow.....

  7. Gregoryy profile image60
    Gregoryyposted 12 years ago

    Sexual desires are not purley based on gender. Testosterone may not be the only factor that increases libido.Even though males often have higher testosterone than females, female have more nerve endings so they may feel things more. Some men have lower sex drives then some women. Libido can change over time as well, and some people express their libidos in diffrent ways. Lifestlye, exercise habbits, and stress levels can alter the libdo. For example a man in his 30's who is obese, smokes a lot, does not exercise, and has a stressfull life, may have a lower libdo than the women in her 30' who is lean, exercises daily, eats nutritious foods, and has a low stress life. Males do not always think about sex or how could they concentrate on SAT's, Sports, Lifting Weights, Reading the News Paper. Women do not always think about sex either. Males and Females are not equal we have various hormonal levels, brain cells, chromosones and other diffrence, but we do deserve the same basic human rights.


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