Why do men feel the need to be superior & show no sensitive emotions ?

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    woahthereposted 17 months ago

    Why do men feel the need to be superior & show no sensitive emotions ?

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    dashingscorpioposted 17 months ago


    I suppose one has to define what exactly "superior" means within the confines of a relationship.
    Are we talking about (physical strength)? Earning more money? Being assertive? Having a "take charge" attitude....etc
    The truth of the matter is we live on a planet with over 7 Billion people. Odds are there are millions if not billions of men who are NOT "Alpha Males". There are however many women from different cultures who apparently are drawn towards men who want to take charge, be in control, provide & protect, while never showing any fear or weakness.
    The "Alpha Male" is rarely seen as the guy who can't find a girlfriend!
    It's always the "nice guys" who are portrayed as "losers" sitting on the sidelines of life in movies, novels, and TV shows trying to figure out how to attract women. Oftentimes some of these guys end up in the "friend zone" as a shoulder to cry on as the women they secretly desire to date tells them how much of a (jerk) their boyfriend is.
    These types of women would rather date the guy in the photo above with hopes he will "change" than a guy who looks like Bill Gates.
    A lot of women tend to admire men who are (admired by other men).
    The "leader of the pack", captain of the football team, or "playboy".
    Maybe this is a motivation for some guys to attempt to be dominant or strive to be king of the hill, In fact many men believe if they become rich enough, famous enough, or powerful enough they can have "any woman" they want regardless of what these men look like.
    Some men emulate the actions of other men they admire especially if they're unhappy with their own circumstances.
    Last but not least many guys are taught during their formative childhood years what being a "real man" is . Someone might have told them as a child to "Man up!" or "Boys don't cry!" and it stuck.
    They were taught to be "the head" of the house or whatever.