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Patriotic Wedding Ideas

Updated on February 8, 2018
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Online wedding planner for over 10 years. My goal has been to show everyone the best way to plan their wedding without breaking the bank !

Best Ideas For An Americana Themed Wedding

If you are looking for a fun wedding theme, then an americana or a Fourth of July Wedding is for you ! Why not plan a whole weekend arounbd the holiday. This theme is great for millitary folks or anyone who enjoys this holiday.

Generally this wedding theme would be more casual than most. It might be held outdoors, in a barn or in a tent. It might include a lighter, more barbeque type of foods.

But even indoors this theme can just be plain fun ! This theme evokes wildflowers, daisies and sunflowers. while you might thinks of gardens and outdoors, this theme can be translated into an indoor setting very easily.

Think Lemonade and a buttercream cake with a vintage cake topper ! Think penny candy and lots of fun ! This theme is one that your guests will long remember !

Keep Your Patriotic Theme

Just Don't Overdue It

Keeping your patriotic theme in mind, you will want to start with crisp white in your linens, chair covers Add some accents in silver. You might want to use silver chair sashes, for example. The best flowers to be used for your patriotic wedding decorations would be either carnations, daisies, roses or orchids.

Your favors might be a white votive candle with silver stars inbedded in them. You could put them in white tulle with a red, white and blue ribbon.

Patriotic Wedding Tip 1

Why not put your bridesmaids in red, white and blue dresses? Make them cocktail length. They will photograph perfectly

Patriotic Wedding Décor

  • Flowers of the season, in red, white and blue, may include roses, delphinium, daises and orchids. Ask your florist for flowers that are both in season and fit within your theme
  • For table decorations, you might use blue tablecloths with large white pillar candles wrapped in red ribbon
  • Fill large Mason jars with red, white and blue jellybeans.
  • Adding some bunting to the festivities is great fun, but remember not to over due it. You might want to use it on a cake table, or a gift table. You could definitely use it on a candy buffet table.
  • Mason jars with red,white,blue led lights
  • Chinese lanterns with red white and blue stars glued onto them

Soft colors in your wedding bouquet compliment your patriotic themed wedding
Soft colors in your wedding bouquet compliment your patriotic themed wedding

Americana Buffet

Delicious Option No Matter What The Location

An Americana Buffet is the perfect choice for your theme. Think about the foods that are purely American. It could be as simple as hot dogs and burgers for the fun feature plus salads and roasted corn.If you are having an outdooe event , plan a bonfore with a somemores station

Or you could lean towards a more formal buffet with ham, turkey, london broil, sweet potatoes, and or salads. The menu should depend on your biuget and the number of people that are attending.

Pies are the perfect dessert for patriotic weddings
Pies are the perfect dessert for patriotic weddings

Patriotic Wedding Tip 2

Use small flags in your centerpieces. 3-4 small flags will add ambiance and color to your reception

Traditional Wedding Cake

Think Buttercream or Strawberries

The wedding cake for your Americana/4th of July Wedding could be as simple as a traditional buttercream wedding cake or yellow cake with stawberry filling . For your theme you could go with a vintage topper or a more patriotic theme. It's all up to you.Traditional white icing gives a good base for your decoration in your theme. Add red, white and blue flowers in either icing or real flowers. Arranged artfully, they will be a wonderful statement of your style.Flag draped cakes are another option for your wedding cake. It add distictive color to your cake, keep the table that the cake is on relatively plain. Let the cake stand out for itself !

Wedding Cake Alternative Or Add On

Americana Desserts

There is no law that says you have to have a wedding cake, but most brides really prefer to have one. But consider your Americana theme and think about other desserts in addition to or in place of a traditional cake. You might consider pies, cobblers or cookies in lieu of or additional to your cake. Ending with your special desserts and coffee is just plain comforting. Consider the location of your wedding and the climate when you are considering your desserts

Patriotic Pinwheels and Favors - Wedding Fun

Use these pinwheels as decoration or as wedding favors-your choice. I like the idea of lining a walkway with these and having them going when the bridal party arrives. Or having the bride walk down a beach wakway with them spinning.

Patriotic Wedding Wand - Great Favor-Easy To Do

Patriotic Wand
Patriotic Wand

This is the most simple, but exciting favor ever ! It would look outstanding for your photos ! These are made up with a dowel, an eyelet and some ribbon. Click on the picture to get more directions

Patriotic Wedding Tip 3

Use red geraniums in pots as your centerpiece. Add a couple of small flags and some white ribbon. These are comfortable centerpieces that you can plant afterwards in your new home

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      Lovely wedding ideas.