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Friends for a Lifetime

Updated on June 27, 2015


Who do you call friend? How do you pick your friends? Do you have friends for a lifetime or for a season? If you terminated a friendship, why did you do so?


It is so interesting to read the definition of a friend. A friend is someone who you trust, know, and should stand as a comrade. Now in our society the actions of “friends” can become so suspect. As a society we have even termed the word “frenemies” to depict someone pretending to be your friend but does not have your best interest at heart. Many acquaintances are mistaken for friends at one’s peril.

Lose Friends

The reasons I have dropped friends in the past have been for the following reasons.

  1. Lack of Moral Character. While no one is perfect there are just some things that get under my skin that cannot be ignored and exposes lack of morality within a person. You know, the type of girlfriend that is dating someone’s boyfriend/husband. That reveals that you don’t care about anyone except yourself and thus you will NEVER have the opportunity to meet any man I date because you have low self-esteem and no boundaries-and I will not put that person in a position to have the opportunity to harm me. Besides, I can’t stand cheaters-lack of integrity-liars. Not a fan in any way. That includes liars, you know people that meet other people and run down a bunch of untruths to inflate their importance and all you can do is stare at them.
  2. Carrying Yourself in an Inappropriate Manner As A Lady. This can be a variety of things that I just can’t tolerate. If you have to act out the Drake rap song and go 0 to 100 real quick-not for me. While you can let your hair down and have fun, table manners are always appropriate, and you should know how to conduct yourself properly in any environment. Not to judge, to each their own, but if you are loud mouthed promiscuously dressed and possess a foul spirit when interacting with others-we have nothing in common. The friends you choose to surround yourself with should complement you and represent somewhat who you want to be or reflect who you are to others.
  3. People Comfortable Going Nowhere In Life. Again, to each their own, however I’ve worked very hard all my life to try to accomplish something. I’ve gone to school full-time and worked full-time to attempt to take my career to the next level. Les Brown, Joel Olsteen, Oprah, and Tony Robbins help to inspire me to keep moving forward. My sheroes: Hilary Clinton and Michelle Obama. My ancestor’s sacrifice at the expense of blood and the desire to have my parents be proud of their little girl would make it impossible for me to sit on welfare, uneducated/unread, or run after men laying on my back in order to try and secure material possessions. There no way for me to relate to “gutter thinking” of buy me a purse and “dating for dollars.” A prostitute is a prostitute if she walks the street all day or stays inside the house-same thing. Iron sharpens iron. People moving forward attempting to move forward, sharing ideas, encouraging next movement is the circle I appreciate. Commonalities.
  4. Casting In the Shade. If I discover spending time with you somehow casts me in the shade consistently-bye.
  5. Dishonest/Deceitful. If you are deceitful or dishonest. Done. Being a good person is not up for debate.
  6. Parasitic Relationships. You know people who want to get together, order 50 things on the menu, and then offer to split the check. No. Views your accomplishments as resources for their benefit while they do nothing to put effort towards improving their lifestyles. Hey I know Susie so I can stay at her place on vacation. I know Steve so he can drive me around when I’m on vacation. I know Luke so he can give me a free airline ticket. Interesting.

True or False. Birds of a feather flock together.

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Bad Company

Friends You Need

The Huffington Post published an article that mentioned the 5 type of friends you should have.

5 Types of Friends Worth Keeping Forever

1) Friends who make the effort.

2) Friends who are genuinely happy for me when something good happens.

3) Friends who are upbeat.

4) Friends who are up for anything.
5) Friends who are authentic.

The friends that are worthy of keeping for life are the ones with whom you share similar lifestyles, goals, and values. People who have some type of religion and/or moral consciousness. People who are honest and have your best interested at heart. They are honest enough to tell you the truth in an effort to help you to be a better person or help you reach great success. They are the ones that encourage and are happy for your achievements, in essence they are your biggest fan. In life you have few true friends. There are some people that come in your life for reasons, seasons, and lifetimes. People reveal who they are to you, all you have to do is observe the behavior. Reciprocity should be a principle in practice, not theory when it comes to friendships. While I’ve let go of people in the past not to hurt but to move forward it’s easier to leave when there is nothing there-that goes for relationships too.


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