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How to Get Your Best Friend Back (i.e., repairing a friendship)

Updated on January 29, 2018


Ah, your friends. They show up when you need them and even when you don’t need them they appear anyway. Not really a disappointment either. There are great times and bad times. Most people can’t fathom an opportune time to have a confrontation that may result in a break up. Can you really break up with your one and only set of companions, whom are trusted entirely too much. Those patrons of your life can be priceless. Everyone should have a buddy to mingle with and share the duties of companionship, right? Until that one moment, when everything becomes chaotically null; like dominoes, the souls begin to move and become curious about moving on to another level-without each other.

Break up time. The unbelievable notion of separating the relationship that cupid shouldn’t be able to touch. The harmonious beings depart from each other, in spirit, and become lost in the thickness of unbelief. How do you get this bond back? How do you get someone back? Make it return! Did that technique work? Maybe “we” should purchase a bouquet. We are going to treat this moment as if it were Valentine’s Day. Attack!!!

Repairing a friendship. Sometimes it’s just not that easy to win a love without intimacy, but that is what a best friend is about; repairing a friendship-Care and companionship, without sex. The relationship saver is the phone; the relationship saver is online social media devices. Your buddy can’t run away from his phone. Another suggestion is to attempt to play a physical sport. Stay away from board games. Too many opportunities to pocket some of those fake dollars and deny a good deal on the property that he needs, next to the light company (repairing a friendship).

A vacation is a challenge of the wits. Maybe a good stay on a ship, together, will spark the oomph of care juice needed to get the engine pep up. The objective is repairing a friendship. Find that hidden exe. file that will activate the rest of the program that comes with. Keep trying; some may attempt to insult the other in a panic. Don’t waste it! Another attempt: Intentionally purchase a how-to-book or create a cover that says, “How to Get Your Best Friend Back-for Dummies”. The ultimatum is that you want your freedom back and you may not have it back without that trained security blanked; your best friend. Good luck with that.


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