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5 Free Date Ideas to Take your Love Out

Updated on March 1, 2013

Fun Cheap Date Ideas

It's hard to keep coming up with unique and fun dating ideas. On top of that you might have to go on quite a few dates before meeting your new boyfriend or girlfriend. These ideas are fun and original ideas to do on a date and they are free as well. You can spend some money on them but not that much. However first and foremost they are fun! So you don't look cheap or anything these are just cool things to do. Go ahead and try thes out and let us know how it went. Best of luck to you all.

bike date
bike date

Go on a Bike Ride

Going on an adventurous bike ride can be a really good date. Pack some nice foods to eat during your breaks on the road and visit a landmark or a very nice area around where you live. You could also pack a picnic blanket and picnic foods. If you don't have a picnic blanket visit my My page with picnic blankets for a great selection to take on your date.

Nighttime Hike

A nighttime hike can be an exciting date. She has to trust you ofcourse to go along with this one but I assume she does since she agreed to go out with you in the first place. The date will be much better if you go somewhere with a view and take a bottle of wine and some glasses along. It can be a good idea to bring a waterproof blanket to ly on while stargazing or it might not be as romantic as it sounds. Again if you don't have a blanket visit this page for good options My page with waterproof blankets

Free tours

Very often even small cities have local museums or local artisans who offer free tours of their production plant or place with the possibility of sampling or buying something at the end. This can be a fun date experience where you learn something new or taste something really good that's made locally.

Picture taking contest

If you both have digital cameras it can be a really fun date to go out and take pictures of things you encounter. It's like a spiced up walk and you learn a lot about eachother. You can make it into a game to see who comes up with the best pictures at the end. You are very likely to lose but that's ok. I've actually been on dates like this and it was great fun and ended well.

flea market date
flea market date

Visit an Outdoor Market or Flea Market

In my life I haven't dated a girl that didn't like flea and outdoor markets. I have no idea why but they seem to be totally into these events. It's outdoors , there is a lot going on and you can talk to her so I think it can make for a great date. Only drawback is if she finds something she loves that's huge and heavy and you end up having to carry it...

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